Let's Talk About Movies!


Hey , I was wondering.
Do any of you happen to know a good Steampunk movie? I’m becoming more interested in the retrofuturistic/steampunk aesthetic but I don’t think I’ve found anything in films yet.
The closest thing that I can think of is Treasure Planet.


Out of the movies Google showed me, the only thing that I have seen is The Golden Compass. It does have some steampunk aesthetics and themes, but it’s mostly fantasy. It’s a good movie if you disregard the books it was supposed to adapt. Otherwise, it’s just another bad book-movie adaptation.


depends on what your looking for, I can list some off the top of my head.

League of extraordinary gentleman is really good since it has a vamp, hunter, American spy, jeykl and hyde and the invisible man and it appeals to me but I am ‘unique’ so it may seem different to others.
Steamboy- post war film based around the power of steam.
The boy who saw the wind- not seen it myself, but apparently very good and its anime.
Van Helsing- [._______.] awesome…
Windaria- its okay, but I haven’t seen it outside Japanese subs.
Thelomeris- ummm…you decide.
War of the Worlds: Goliath- giant metal robots and basically the first transformers.
Mutant chronicles: if my bro likes it, expect gore.
Akira- Bikes, psychics and spies; whats not to love?

half of these are anime, because I love the stuff, and some I have not seen personally but have really good reviews from my friends (unofficial reviews) so you will have to decide for yourself.


Blade Runner always seemed quite steampunky to me, except the Victorian aspect. Also, Hugo and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Hey, thaks!
I’ll might take a look to some of those.
I really liked Akira but I am not so sure if that is the style I was going for.

I saw them both and I really liked Hugo.


my style is anime, that is what I always go for! que triumphant pose with a volcano erupting in the background


If we’re talking about anime, then the first one that came to my mind is Last Exile. If you want something more modern, then I heard that Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is pretty good. Only saw a couple episodes but it’s definitely looks decent from what I’ve seen

OT: I wanted to go see Your Name/Kimi no Nawa last weekend but I have exams this week so I couldn’t. I will definitely go see it this weekend tho


I… think a few of the films we said here are cyberpunk, but I’m not sure.

I mean, considering steampunk is a pretty niche genre, I doubt there are films that fit it one hundred percent. And I only have one suggestion: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. It’s old, kind of weird, has some political elements, and it’s much more 20s futurism than steampunk, but I think it’s worth it. @MockTurtle


Today, I watched a video and was reminded of our December-ish talk about Passengers, so I decided to bring it here. I have some reservations and disagreements with a few of Nerdwriter’s videos, but it makes for an interesting debate.


Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
It was amazing!


Saw it too, thought it was good despite the disappointing changes to his dad


I never really read the comics, so I had no idea what the deal with his dad is or whatever. Movie was awesome btw. Felt more serious than the first film, some jokes seemed raunchier, but I like it.

Oh, and the last trailer that was shown before the movie began? Thor: Ragnarok. Everyone was hyped af. I’m still peeved at people who leave the cinema during the credits tho…


Did you see they snuck the Grandmaster from Thor Ragnarok into the credits? I thought that was a neat touch.

Also the appearance of the Watchers makes me wonder if Marvel and Fox have sorted out a better deal regarding the stuff Fox owns. I’m still hoping that Marvel gets to finally make a Fantastic Four film and do it right.


Well, I am excited for Blade Runner 2049. Great cast, fantastic director, excellent production team, amazing cinematography, and respectful of the style/story/etc of the movie it continues. Where the heck do I sign in? :joy:


Guardians of the Galaxy made me cry! loved it though. What disturbs me though is the fact that Ragnarok is Loki’s son in norse mythology…what the hell does that mean?! are we going by marvel facts or mythological knowledge in that film?!


Wait, I’m confused, is Ragnarok a person in Marvel? Cause in mythology Ragnarok isn’t anyone’s son, Ragnarok was an event. Well technically it’s a series of events


they were? what have been reading then? obviously the wrong thing. I suppose Ragnarok is the fight that Thor is in for the whole film then


Pretty much, in mythology Ragnarok is kinda like Revelation for Christians. Fenrir (Loki’s son, a wolf) got released, swallows the sun, gods punch each other in the face, major gods die, everything is submerged, a new world form, humanity starting again with a couple. But then again Ragnarok just means “Fate of the Gods” in old Norse so Marvel could take some liberty with it. Plus I didn’t see a sun-swallowing wolf in the trailer so they’re definitely not sticking to mythology. Maybe you’re confusing Ragnarok with Ragnar Lodbrok, the legendary Viking figure


yup, I am confusing it! double check my course book.


i also saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I enjoyed it. I didn’t really like the power of friendship and sibling love and hugging, but Disney will be Disney so I could ignore it. Aside from that I think it’s a pretty good movie, Chris Pratt is still very handsome but also approachable (this is a meme in case someone dont get it), kinda disappointed Batista didnt powerbomb anyone in this movie. Also i can’t believe Vin Diesel got even less lines in this movie than he did in the other one, at least he didnt mumble lul