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Oh, yes Matt Damon in the “Great Wall” (very fitting film for the Trump era by the way). :rolling_eyes:
Some of the diversity gap can likely be explained by the money distribution problem, since quality productions tend to be horrendously expensive and most financiers tend to be quite risk-averse and tend to stick to what sold well in the past, unless and until it in fact no longer sells well, capital doesn’t give a hoot about diversity unless the people make it.
That said for some of the recent productions Hollywood could definitely have done with some more cutie Asians, I mean if you’re going to profit off their culture might as well steal their actors too, though of course that may not necessarily help Asian-Americans since almost all young (30 and under more or less) Asian actors seem to speak flawless English anyway.


To be honest if there’s anything that spans eras it’s Hollywood whitewashing :unamused:


Oooooh a movie thread.

We saw La La Land in the theater recently. Loved it. Love Emma Stone. Loved the first few up tempo numbers and how the music slowed down in the movie as things got more serious.

We saw Hell or High Water via Netflix last weekend. We were underwhelmed. It was unquestionably “good” and well made, and Daniels was freakin’ awesome. Cinematography was gorgeous. Sorta Steinbackian with the dusty pitiful desert towns. But at the end of the day, I just thought it was good, not great.

Looking forward to seeing Logan soon after its release. Per Rotten Tomatoes, it’s getting extraordinarily strong early reviews.


Which is a shame since the three greatest Asian movie producing places are, or used to be, in some way or another Western outposts, Korea, Japan and Hong-Kong and, like I said, these days young actors there speak better English than I (or maybe even most 'Muricans) do anyway.


Which is a shame, because a lot of films that use caucasian actors to the detriment of Asian and Arabic characters (like Gods of Egypt) seem to flop economically.


And if those movies represented a more significant share of the total market financiers would probably sit up and take notice, but they don’t and so they won’t.

@Vertigo anyway, judging by what Wikipedia has to say it is hard to chalk of Gods of Egypt as a total loss, of the kind that makes financiers sit up straight and take notice, sure it wasn’t super profitable but it didn’t make a loss either, particularly given the company’s limited financial exposure on that project.


Ah, looks like I misjudedged the movie’s earnings, I was sure it was more like forty million. But I’m not so sure doing terribly would move a lot of producers at first, Hollywood adapts slowly. I’m pretty it’d change if a whole batch of films didn’t do well. Or if a poc led film won awards.

Edit: The list: first, who I want to win, and second, who I think will win. If it’s one and the same, then it’s in synch. I haven’t seen all films, since a lot aren’t out in my country, so take it wih a grain of salt. I’ll add more in the future. I really liked Arrival, but didn’t enjoy Hacksaw Ridge as much.

Best Picture: Moonlight/La La Land
Best Director: Damien Chazelle
Best Actor: Denzel Washington
Best Actress: Emma Stone
Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali
Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis
Best Original Screenplay: Yorgos Lanthimos/Kenneth Lonergan
Best Adapted Screenplay:Arrival/Moonlight
Best Animated Feature: The Red Turtle/Moana
Best Foreign Language Film:***
Best Documentary Feature: I am not your negro
Best Original Score: La La Land
Best Original Song: City of Stars/Audition
Best Sound Editing: Hacksaw Ridge
Best Sound Mixing: Arrival/Rogue One
Best CInematography: La La Land
Best Costume Design: Allied/La La Land
Best FIlm Editing: Arrival/Hell or High Water
Best Visual Effects: Doctor Strange/Rogue One

*** I wish the Ministry of Culture from Brazil had nominated Aquarius, which is a strong film that had good chances of winning. But I’m going with The Salesman.


So, I was wondering, what do you people think about the closing of IMDb’s community boards?

I think that it is a huge loss for those who like discussing movies. Yes, trolls had taken over some movies’ boards. Yes, as (almost) any place in the internet this days, IMDb’s users were not very nice and could be highly disrespectful. But come on, where do we go now? It had become the reason for my going to IMDb like 95% of the times.

Anyhow, I watched John Wick 2 a few days ago. Great movie. A bit more over the top than the first one, but great nonetheless. Perfect actions scenes, probably the best I have seen.

For the Oscars… my choices would be as follows (I haven’t seen all movies, so take this however you want, and I will also leave some categories out):

Best Picture: Hacksaw Ridge
Best Director: Mel Gibson
Best Actor: Andrew Garfield \ Denzel Washington
Best Actress: Natalie Portman
Best Supporting Actor: Dev Patel
Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis
Best Original Screenplay: Manchester by the sea
Best Adapted Screenplay: Arrival
Best Original Score: La La Land
Best Sound Editing: Hacksaw Ridge
Best Sound mixing: Hacksaw Ridge
Best Production Design: Arrival
Best Cinematography: Silence
Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Suicide Squad
Best Costume Design: In this category I would put Ben Affleck’s Live by Night.
Best Film Editing: Arrival
Best Visual Effects: Rogue One


So, yesterday I went to the movies to watch the second chapter of John Wick. Why?

Because John Wick kicks ass.

I saw the first one a couple of weeks ago in wait for this one, and it doesn’t let down. Sure, the plot is never the main treat, but Wick is confident enough in what little script there is to make a brief, interesting worldbuilding with a good lead, well played by Keanu Reeves, who gets stoicism without making it look pedantic. John Wick is a hurting man, and he portrays him as such.

And, besides, the action is great. One of the things I like is how the film doesn’t go into the shaky cameras that have dominated western action flicks these past few years (cough Bourne) and offers tense, well coreographed fight sequences, made only better by the play with subtle music and at some point, fights in mirror parks.

This might seem like just a person who doesn’t really mind action movies being blown away by one action movie, and in a sense, it’s true. But John Wick is so confident in itself, so styllish, so cool, and it never falls into the pitfall of becoming one of those hypermacho flicks that are so boring and out of their element.

Now, there were pieces of dialogue that sounded corny, and I think those subtitles that just pop up from time to time got tiring after a while, but as whole, the action is good, the locations are pretty and the stakes are raised, what a good sequel ought to do. Here’s looking to Chapter 3!


I had the pleasure of watching the first one in a theater. After that I watched it a bunch of times in DVD, but that first time was indeed special.

In the first one the plot was “Russian crooks kill Wick’s dog, so, obviously, everyone had to die”. The most simple story possible. But the beauty of it was in its simplicity. John Wick is raw, he is emotionally damaged, completly cut to the bone. And they bloody killed his last link to his wife. The plot suits the character.

This one’s plot was solid. It was successful in its purpose: show John Wick in a vendetta, kicking ass with amazing style.[quote=“Vertigo, post:94, topic:23625”]
One of the things I like is how the film doesn’t go into the shaky cameras that have dominated western action flicks these past few years (cough Bourne) and offers tense, well coreographed fight sequences, made only better by the play with subtle music and at some point, fights in mirror parks

You said it all. I would only reduce the number of Wick’s kills to 2/3 or an half of what it was. But hey, when the only complaint I have of a movie is too much of a fantastic thing, I know it is a great movie.

I can’t wait for chapter 3, especially due to how things ended in this one.


Sad to hear another esteemed actor Bill Paxman has passed away at just 61. Losing two veterans of the Alien(s) Franchise in a short time is gutting after John Hurt died. I hope Alien: Covenant is dedicated to both of them.

“Game over, man, game over!”


Well, I scored 66% on my Oscar predictions. Not enough to win the imaginary pool. :slight_smile: They actually gave Suicide Squad an Oscar?

Edit: or, whoa, make that 15 out of 24. What an impressive botch-up!


Well, that’s that. We didn’t have one big winner, but we had a good selection of picks this year. And Moonlight took the big one.

I still have my reservations about a few awards, but all in all, it was an alright ceremony, especially since we didn’t have as much musical performances as before.


I think alongside the bemusing mix-up , it was fairly balanced in terms of winners. 6 is a decent win for La La Land without going to crazy Return of the King levels. Glad to see Fantastic Beasts got best costumes, it would be stupid to see La La Land win that given most of their outfits are generic. And huge surprise, Zootopia got best animated feature, lol.


Woohoo, I got right most of my predictions! I was doubting between Moonlight and La La Land for best picture, but I’m glad that it’s Moonlight. Also with best animated picture, glad to see Zootopia instead of Moana. Fantastic Beasts and The Jungle Book also got the awards I was hoping for.

I’m pretty happy with the Academy awards this year.


By the way, what exactly happened in the ceremony? Was there some sort of misunderstanding?


The presenters got the card with the wrong category instead of best picture they got the card with the best actress instead.


It’s true there is a diversity problem with the Academy.
The moral of the story is that even when black people win, white people have to win first.

Jokes aside, I find it hilarious when this sort of things happen.


Glad Moonlight won best picture :tada:


As I understand it there are always two copies of a winner’s card, kept at opposite sides of the stage in case something happens to one of them. The pair for the Winning Picture were accidentally given the spare copy of the winning actress card which said ‘Emma Stone, Lala Land’. Thankfully the financial company who makes the cards had two people on site who are the only two who actually know all the winners in advance on site, so they were able to send out the actual card.