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Ok, LEGO Batman was pretty damn awesome, and very funny, especially if you like the Batman rogue gallery or know a lot about the character (“I have aged incredibly well.”). I like the over the top and often childish Batman of the LEGO movies, and Micheal Cera’s Robin is cool in how light hearted and helpful he is without being stupid or camp. (It also impresses me to think that guy has now played Flash, Lex Luthor and Robin. Man has a lotta DC stuff under his belt.)

Davison’s Barbara Gordon is well done, though I find Batman having the hots for her weird (too much of a Nightwing/Batgirl fanboy, though I guess he’s way too young here). Ralph Fiennes as Alfred is perfect casting and I loved his roles towards the end. Joker is well done though I wish there was more with the other rogues (though there are reasons why that I don’t wanna spoil here). And not enough Justice League screen time.

If you’re a Batman or LEGO fan (or love crossovers, hint hint) and like super heroes with a lighter hearted touch, you will adore this movie. I’ll get my gritty violent hero fix with Logan, I’m sure.


Ah! I think an immersive film for me was Birdman. When I watched it for the first time, I forgot I was seating in a chair looking at a screen.

I saw Son of Saul recently, and it pulls no punches, I knew that the film makers weren’t changing history when making it. In a sense, it convinced me of its legitimacy, but it wasn’t in the same way as Birdman.


League of extraordinary gentleman*
Hellboy (Live action)
Civil war (Marvel) *
When Marnie was there *
Spirited away *
Eragon *

My top movies I have seen recently, ones with stars by the sides are being argued about heavily in my online social group (kill me, the politics went wrong and now we are having nerd battles)


So, I just finished watching The Lobster, by Yorgos Lanthimos, and it is… something. If you don’t mind some bizarre dark comedy, I think seeing it is alright.


Black Rain 1989: watch that sexy shit!


So, my mother wanted to watch Allied and I went along, despite thinking it’d be a bore. I guess I had my prejudices from seeing the trailer (and seeing it so much it bothered me, because the cinema wouldn’t stop playing it).

But it was better than I expected. It’s not something I’d care to rewatch. While I’m pretty sure there are plot holes, it brings nice things to the table.

Take the scenery for one. Robert Zemeckis gets some flack for using a lot of special effects, but it’s worth it. All the locations in the film are charming and unique and cool, most of all. It convinces why people in the 60s thought Britain was a charming lil’ isle, with the hills and forests and grey skies. Zemeckis is, all in all, a good director and most of the time, he has a steady hand.

It also uses a good editing (something missing from many actions films nowadays, like Suicide Squad), and some deliberate, tense pacing from the more action scenes (missing from Suicide Squad as well). That one scene where the protagonist sneaks into Vichy France was one of the high points, and it used all its strenghs well. I’m a little biased, considering I like more of that than rampant explosions.

Speaking of France, everypne speaks French in Morocco, which is nice. As a history fan, seeing historical flicks take these jabs and nods toward the time they’re set and the historical figures (Pétain is mentioned once) felt like a treat.

The leads are all right, Pitt looks a bit younger and, I’m sure critics have noticed, Cottilard feels like some Ingrid Bergman. Surprinsingly, the chemistry falls well. I mean, Brad has some high and low points through msot of the film, but Marion keeps herself well, even though I think some of the spicier scenes fell a bit flat.

So, that’s what I thought. Went in with no expectations, and while there were things I didn’t enjoy, I got out with an alright watch. Nice when that happens.


So thoughts on the Oscars? I doubt I’ll watch given that I assume it’ll be La La Land winning everything (even though pretty much all the other films on the list are way more interesting) and that every speech will turn into a ‘We Hate Trump’ rant. That will get old quick. Anyway, Lion should probably win Best Picture. Also this sums up stuff nicely…


I post my guesses here every year.


I’m rooting for Moonlight,Hidden Figures and Fences but I don’t trust the academy to give those movies and the people who contributed to them what they deserve :unamused:


I was looking for a sci-fi movie to watch yesterday, when I heard about Passengers (2016). I read the synopsis and became so majorly irritated that I decided to read all the spoilers, because it sounded like such a trainwreck. I’ve never hated a movie this much before even watching it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

[spoiler]Some people are on a century-long journey to an exoplanet. They’re hibernating, but for some reason the MC wakes up and is unable to go back into hibernation. He develops a stalker-crush on a hibernating woman and decides to wake her up too, even though it means that she’ll grow old and die before they reach the exoplanet. Her dream of reaching the exoplanet is crushed and she’s forced to spend the rest of the life with just him. She’ll never see the Earth again either (she wanted to eventually return there.) How is this different from kidnapping a woman and forcing her to live in a locked room with you forever?

After some drama, the movie ends with them growing old together on the spaceship, even though they find a way to put the woman back into hibernation (she chooses to stay with the creeper). Somehow this relationship is so unrealistically perfect that the woman is totally fine with never talking to any other person than him ever again.

If I was the woman, I would have tossed the guy out of an airlock at the first chance I got.

I understand that the guy was extremely lonely, but he could have 1) woken up someone who knows how to fix the hibernation chambers, 2) sucked it up and decided not to selfishly doom anyone to his fate, 3) discovered the back-up option (a medical device) that they found at the end of the movie, or 4) killed himself rather than “murdering” another person. I don’t care if it’s human nature to be selfish. “Human nature” doesn’t automatically justify anything.

“b-but everyone would have died if two people hadn’t woken up!”

The guy didn’t know this, and this doesn’t make his motives any less vile. If you kidnap someone and keep her in an apartment building, and she ends up extinguishing a fire that could have burned down the entire building and killed your neighbors, it doesn’t make the kidnapping justified.[/spoiler]

Did anyone see this movie? Did you think it was creepy or romantic? I’ve hate-read some reviews and found out that a lot of people agree with me, but many also think it was romantic. But then again many people thought it was romantic when Edward watched Bella sleep…


That’s the thought i’ve been hearing Chris Pratt’s character was creepy and basically the movie was trash


I was a little annoyed that the trailers hadn’t elected to reveal the fact that Pratt’s character was a bit of a… ahem, Prat, for doing that to Lawrence’s character. But I could see things from his perspective, and I respected the fact that they showed he had really tried to talk himself out of doing it, and felt terrible at first after he did so (though he seemed to quickly try to forget about it). I honestly found it to be a good movie, even if some aspects were a bit cliche. Was nice to see a good movie from Sony for once. Lawrence is thankfully actually acting in this movie rather than the evident doing it for a check type of acting she did in X-Men Apocalypse as Mystique.

As for the idea of why he didn’t rouse a hibernation fixer I would assume they were all in the exclusive crew section he couldn’t reach, but I did think he could have attempted waking up a selection of passengers who might be decent at it, at least.

Also I am grateful the ending had the sense not to show the evident descendants of Pratt and Lawrence’s characters the awoken crew would meet because we’ll all know how much incest that would be suggesting. :grimacing:


I’m rooting for Moonlight,Hidden Figures and Fences but I don’t trust the academy to give those movies and the people who contributed to them what they deserve

If it’s given for solid well done acting/script writing/film making, then sure. If it’s just for the other thing, then no. I know it was stupid that there were no black actors or actresses nominated last year but if it becomes evident that Hollywood is just mercy giving because of guilt, that’s just as bad. Ultimately people should get rewards for how they do, not what or who they are. My ten cents anyway. :slight_smile:


The performances in those movies were pretty good it’s not like I want Hollywood to give awards just because they feel guilty for overlooking black actors.


Exactly. Clearly I don’t know what goes into the process of picking the final slot for best movie, actor, actress and so forth by the guys who have the say, but if it’s for the decision of who gives the best performance and the like and not anything else, that’s great. It’s bad form for people of any ethnicity (not just black) to be ignored, but equally bad form for any idea we’re picking them just because they are black or whatever.

Ultimately it’s awesome to be nominated for anything in the Oscars, so there’s that. And as you said I think Diesel Washington, Olivia Davis and the like are all great actors and if they get it for that, awesome.


Honestly I don’t know what I would have done in Pratt’s situation. I mean If there was an extensive library I’ll be good for a while but if you’re alone for that long on a space ship sooner or later you’ll start losing your mind.


Aww, and I was so looking forward to watching it… Pratt and Lawrence are some of my favorite actors right now, and I was quite hyped to see them together in the same movie. But eh, whatever, I’ll reserve my final judgement for the film until I finally see it myself.


I watched it and… well, it could have been a lot better. But I went in willing to forgive a lot. It still wasn’t very good, despite being a very interesting that could go on more directions rather than the traditional love story.

Pratt’s character… well, the film kind of tried to explain his behavior and it at least addressed it. But I think the reason it didn’t work was because we don’t really see his character suffer. Sure, the film paints the broad strokes on his loneliness and gives him a solitude beard ™, but the editing doesn’t help it. It all feels like a montage, and if the film had spent more time on the unbearable-ness of his situation, maybe he’d be in a better position.

I also didn’t like how Lawrence’s lady was a writer who spent more time jogging and swimming than doing any actual writing or quoting writers. For someone who works with words, she seems to have a hard time gauging what to say… but I gess that’s much more of a personal peeve of mine.

If no one minds, I’ll post my predictions on how would win and who I think should win.[quote=“Havenstone, post:72, topic:23625, full:true”]
I post my guesses here every year.

Nice seeing your picks, Havie. I reckon you might be right on more than a few.


Re: Passengers. I think my biggest problem with the film is that based on the trailers I did not expect to watch Chris Pratt creep on Jennifer Lawrence. It looked like a disaster movie in space where the two leads fall in love and save the day. I’ve liked Chris Pratt since he was Andy on Parks and Rec and I resented Passengers for making me not like his character for the first time ever.

On the other hand, I saw it with my sister and her opinion was “yeah it was wrong but it’s Chris Pratt. I’m down.”

I appreciate that they at least tried to make it seem like a complex moral quandary, but there weren’t actually any consequences except for JLaw being mad at him for a few minutes.


Or the unforgivability of what he does (whatever his situation), and made either a horror movie or an unforgivable-sin drama out of it, rather than an action romance.

We’ll see. I’ve tended to get between 12 and 18 in past years. So many of them are reasonably “sure things” these days based on bellwether awards earlier in the year, which a quick Google will give you.