Let's Talk About Movies!


Has anyone here watched Fences? I read the play when I was in high-school so I was pretty eager to watch it.


It’s not out in my country yet. It’s probably going to be after the Oscars, though.

Speaking of that, anyone got some Academy predictions?


I’m guessing it’s going to be La La Land for Best Picture, however I also think that Moonlight could have a chance this year.

For Best Animated Picture it’s going to be Moana or Zootopia. I think that Zootopia is probably better, but it’s usually said that the Academy doesn’t take seriously this category, and they would just vote for the most classic Disney.

Everything related to songs and soundtrack: La La Land

And best visual effects: I’m going to say the Jungle Book.


No love for Kubo and the two strings?


I think that (call me crazy) that TMNT: out of the shadows will be in for either animation or director, but, its extremely unlikely.

I think I will die if Zootopia will be voted for as, hello, talking animals finding out the meaning of friendship despite species? you can just go to my little pony and see a dragon who has a crush on a pony/unicorn/ IDC!

I loved Kubo and the two strings as it is simple yet affective and the stop motion animation was brilliant! favourite film of my year.


Can’t believe Your Name wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Picture. This is why I don’t care about the Oscar, it’s just bunch of white old people voting for their favorite Western movies.


Yeah, I for one don’t really care much for awards in general. I follow them to see if I can find an interesting film, but I don’t really mind who wins and loses. What’s much more important is what the person thinks of a movie, rather than the number of awards.

Y’know, Lawrence of Arabia is a good film, therefore it wins awards, not because it wins awards.

Ah, I have to see Kubo one of these days, I’ve heard some saying it was this smart and well-designed animation. Do you agree?


yup, these a lot of Japanese influences as well as a fluent and basic (yet affective) story plot. I would say however to make the character relations a little less…obvious(?) if you watch it you will see what I mean.


I haven’t seen Kubo yet, but I don’t know.

I have a lot of respect for Laika and all of what they do for stop motion animation, but almost everyone I know who has seen the film has been disappointed in terms of story and character, and it’s kind of strange since they had really high hopes for the movie and they usually like Laika films a lot.

I guess I’ll eventually see it and then I’ll judge it for myself.

And I have to say that I would love it if Zootopia actually wins this year, I found the characters really likeable, the story was both clever and entertaining and I love the insane amount of creativity that was put into the concept and world building.

But yeah, I don’t think that we should base these opinions in the Oscars. I think that at this point, we all know that The Academy is less concerned about quality and more about repetitive characteristics, like it’s about the holocaust, it takes place in Hollywood, it’s about slavery… And studios have realized this, so a new trend of movies featuring this characteristics has risen, not so much concerned about actual quality but more about creating movies that would appeal at the Academy.


Well, yes… absolutely, yes…

I mean just look at this:

The Academy has a great percentage of white men, even within an industry that’s already dominated by white men.


Whilst I think it’s important to have nominations for people of all diversities in movies, like so many things in life I think when people make a thing about it, it often feels like we should be voting for them just because they’re of a certain race, which misses the point because we should be voting for them because they gave a great performance.

But anyway, clearly I don’t know what exactly goes into the voting process of narrowing things down to about six people in a given year.

In unrelated news, it’s the Superbowl I gather, so whilst two teams are chucking a ball about for reasons which are apparently important to some people, lol, it does at least mean we get some sweet new TV spots. This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 one amuses me greatly.


And now Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!

My boy Barbossa’s back, wooh! And Will Turner, neat.


has anyone seen the thor 3 trailer? its funny, but its lagit as it was shown at Comicon last year (2016)


Lol, nice usage of Thor and Bruce there. I hope we get a proper trailer for Thor 3 soon, wanna see how Valkyrie, Hela and Grandmaster have come out, plus Gladiator Hulk, wooh!

Anyway, tickets booked for the first film of 2017 I’m seeing in theatres, LEGO Batman. I am not ashamed, LEGO (and Everything) is awesome. :wink:


Ah, I was thinking of seeing that one. Please tell me how it was.


What´s the most realistic, immersive, yet not-boring film you´ve ever seen?


Hmmm, hard one, well How I live now is up there, but said that already :stuck_out_tongue: . By realistic, does that exclude films based on real events? If not well I can’t pick just one :stuck_out_tongue: but scum, mcvicar and escape from sobibor would be my other picks. Did see a film as a child(so would have been a 1990’s or earlier film) based on a child with epileptic fits which was really good too, but can’t remember what it’s called(any ideas btw?).


What do you mean with immersive?


Jiro Dreams of Sushi, one of the best documentary I’ve ever seen. It present to the viewer the artistry that went into making sushi and the dedication needed to be a master sushi chef.


No idea about actors and what not, saw it when I was like 7 :stuck_out_tongue: . As for the others, scum is a 1970s film set in a british borstal(prison for teens) and explores associated issues(violence, racism etc) . Mcvicar is another 70’s film, and follows some events of John Mcvicar’s(a british bank robber) life, mostly in prison and a prison break attempt. Escape from sobibor is another old film(not sure of era) set in a concentration camp and is about some Jewish prisoners collaborating with some soviet prisoners to try and escape, and generally the conditions of the camp.

I highly recommend them, but they’re very grim though, scum especially is really grim and violent.