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Why would you do that to yourself?


The week after next will be a busy movie week for me. I’ll finally get to see The Disaster Artist and then I’ll probably go watch Star Wars too. I’m not a fanatical Star Wars fan so I’m only moderately excited for it. But I’m super excited for Disaster Artist, that movie is going to be amazing to watch.


Well, I would definitely watch disaster Artist and revenge of the Sith for sure.


Because I can! Honestly I think the prequels are fine and it’s just become popular to hate on them because the masses have come to. The originals are still better sure, but I never understand hate for the prequels outside a dislike of Jar Jar and some bad romantic dialogue. :slight_smile:


Very bad romantic dialogue…


I was actually trying to watch the Clone Wars in chronological order.

(Not that I’d watched it in any other order.)

I found Rogue One–and Force Awakens–super-frustrating because there were too many dependencies on non-movie things. Saw Guerrara in Rogue One and the whole “who the fuck are the rebels in Force Awakens and what’s that planet that blows up,” are examples of my disappointment in them.

I’m vaguely hoping that the Clone Wars (and Rebels) helps make it all make sense, but I’m not actually hopeful.


The Room’s Tommy Wiseau want to make a Star Wars movie. I can already see what the movie will be:
“He is not my father, it’s bull shit! He is not my father, he is nawwwwt!”
“Oh hai Han”


“Oh, hey Chewbaka” (lord help me i hope i spelt that right!)


Me and my gf were watching the sixth movie, the order 66 scene always reminds us of the baptism scene in the Godfather.


I can watch the Marvel series movies endless times. The Transformers series, Iron Man Series, Thor, Avengers,etc. Great ones to watch.


There really should have been a scene where Obi-Wan wakes up in bed and finds a severed arm tucked under the sheets.




I think that’s an increasing need to be willing to delve into the expanded universe more, which thankfully is much easier since Disney trimmed it down, but I agree that it can be problematic for those who just watch the films. I haven’t seen the Clone Wars episodes with Saw yet so I understand.

It’s also the case that the era between ROTJ and TFA is still shrouded in mystery - the Aftermath books and Battlefront 2’s campaign shows off the final fall of the Empire by the Battle of Jakku nicely, and stuff like the Bloodline book with General Leia and the Poe Dameron comic go some way to show the period leading up to Force Awakens, but that’s still an immensely long period to have as unknown.

I’m going to assume once Rebels wraps up that we’re getting a new series set in the aftermath of ROTJ, or at least set somewhere in that time between 6 and 7.


I once watched Revenge of the Sith with commentary and George Lucas said that was the point, and he structured the scene to recall The Godfather’s baptism scene as a homage to Coppola.


I keep rewatching chronicle, man I love the progression of their powers and how they use them. And the awsome relationship between the 3 main guys is so realistic and fulfilling


Its also reminds us of that prisons scene in season 5 of Breaking Bad. Their both great moments in film history. I were love to be a Jedi when Skywalker leads the clones on to the temple.


(sorry to break the ‘Star Wars’ discussion)

I just watched the Baby Driver and gawd is it awesome! Really loved the movie even though Spacey was in it (never been a fan of him and the recent news just reinforces that).
IMO, A must watch movie of 2017!


I just watched Coco with my school and it was beautiful and I cried so much. My college has a focus on animation/film making and game development and it’s pretty small, so when there’s a big movie coming out, the ASB usually organizes a movie-watching trip and they pay for all the tickets

Also, if I’m able to, I want to catch The Last Jedi and The Shape of Water while they’re still in theaters too. I’ve been pretty low on funds and super busy for like at least the past year or so, so it’s been forever since I’ve gone out and seen a movie when my school wasn’t paying for it ;__; My friend saw The Shape of Water earlier today (she found a theater doing an earlier release) before we went to see Coco and said it was really good. Also, I’ll need to figure out where I can watch The Force Awakens because I still haven’t seen it yet :,)


Watched IT…ain’t watching that **** again at night!


Anyone got a idea on what movies they’re catching next year? I have over twenty in mind right now. :grimacing: