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So, the trailer for The Incredibles 2 came out, which is excellent news.

And a few days ago I watched Patton, after not having seen it for quite a while. It’s a good film, and it holds up very well. I’m no professional historian, so I can’t really point out any historical inaccuracies in the movie, but I’m prety sure the High Command of Germany didn’t have an entire unit just to spy on Patton, “the greatest American general!”, as they say.

That’s one of the things that, in a lesser movie, would have stuck out as bad, but in this one, it’s a bit endearing, even if it feels fake. A bit like the friendship between George Patton and Omar Bradley is well done, despite them having just a few scenes together, which I think we can pin on the screenplay, done by Francis Coppola. But it’s George C. Scott who steals the film with that great performance.

And, unlike quite a few American films, Patton doesn’t feel like just a hyper-patriotic flick that attempts to glorify war and make the U.S. as the heroes of every conflict. There’s a bit more to it, even if I can’t really put my finger on what it is. I guess a film about a general that ends with the phrase “All glory is fleeting” must be trying to say something more.


This may not be in the same vein of war movies you enjoy but there’s a Clint Eastwood WWII film about the Battle of Iwo Jima named Flags of Our Fathers. There’s a bit of the patriotism element in it but what makes it really interesting is that Eastwood directed and released another movie at the same time called Letters from Iwo Jima about the same battle but entirely from the Japanese perspective.


Flags was not the best movie, but Letters was a fascinating look at a perspective long neglected by American filmmakers. It’s worth watching both to get the full picture, but don’t expect too much from Flags.


Rewatching Snowpiercer and I just noticed that during the scene in the school car where all the kids are watching Wilford’s movie, the kids do hand-gestures throughout and one of them happens to be…

I mean, isn’t that the dream? Become the dictator over the last surviving members of humanity so you can force them to worship you as the world’s fastest sprinter? Because it’s either that or there’s a train car of school children who don’t know how to dab properly but Wilford keeps making them to drag out a seventeen-year-old meme. I honestly can’t tell which option is worse.


I’m looking forward to the film ‘The shape of water’ coming out in Feb 2018; it looks really good and I am a sucker for those sort of films.


I can’t wait! Del Toro is one of the most interesting directors on Hollywood today, and the critics seem to be looking up.

On other news, I have a story today: a few days ago, when Thor: Ragnarok premiered, one of my friends (sitting in a table and a bit tired) sighted after he said “Y’know, I remember when those movies used to be big events and everyone would go watch them”.

What do you guys think? Are people going less to Marvel movies (or are less enthusiast about them) than before?


Yes. Do you know how empty my local cinema was on the day GOTG Vol 2 came out? heck, it was even placed in the smallest screen with only 25 (might me exaggeration, i don’t count people like a weirdo 0.0) and before the Dr Strange was in the largest with only, like, 30 people scattered around making it feel like my awkward sweet 16 alone in my bedroom!


Well, Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped this morning.

If it gets mediocre reviews, it will kill at the box office.

If it gets good reviews, it might shatter records like it broke YouTube’s view counter already.

Loved Black Panther saying, “Get this man a shield.” Cap is my favorite!


Well, lets see if the can pull the PANTHER out of the bag this time with their new film, eh?


I was under the impression that demons were fallen angels, lucifer.ect


Can’t wait to see The Disaster Artist. James Franco looks almost exactly like Tommy Wiseau, hope he get the acting/lack of acting right. Just want to see him nailed the “Oh hi Mark.” And the out of place laughs.

Edit: cant forget about the Cheep Cheep


Depends from whose point of view your looking from i suppose…


Yeah as a non-christian, (ironically i went to a christian school but i never paid attention to the religious stuff.) So im probably wrong and mixing up mythologies.

In terms of the point of demons, pretty sure the main reason for them is to be there as the embodiment of bad/evil and more of symbol than something physical


The ‘problem’ here is that God is a complex entity. No matter what you believe, it’s a fact that the bible was written by dozens of different people who all had their own viewpoints, circumstances and agendas coloring their output. That’s why you can find bible quotes for and against the same thing in the bible. In the Old Testament, God’s firebombing cities and turning people to salt over relatively petty things while in the New Testament he’s taking the moral high ground, and one for the team. Very obviously, the OT is the tribal history of the Hebrews and the God therein their tribal divinity embroiled in a war of moral determinism with the tribal Gods of other cultures in the vicinity.

Satan only shows up in the bible at all after they’ve been exposed to Zoroastrianism and its dualistic world view. And the whole thing only gets fleshed out thereafter.

So you could say God didn’t create demons, but the Iranians did.


Fun facts everyday (20)


I liked Eye-Patch Thor and Blonde Widow :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sold yet on Blonde Widow (mostly because it caught me off guard), but I think Short Hair Eye Patch Lightning Thor looks totally badass. Ragnarok was surprisingly awesome, and Thor finally seems fresh and interesting and likable now.

And was excited to see War Machine back too! But didn’t see any sign of Ant Man, Wasp, or Hawkeye. (not sure how much help arrows will be against Thanos, but still)


Pretty much the trailer for infinity war in a nutshell


Haven’t watched much movies lately. Two most recent I saw was the newest Ben Hur, and Magnificent Seven.

Ben Hur was alright, but I feel like the expectations behind it ended up limiting my enjoyment of it. Magnificent Seven, I felt was not only a remake thet perfectly captured the spirit of the original, it was also just a good movie in genral.


Anyone else doing a Star Wars Marathon before Last Jedi comes out? I’ve got my tickets for the 18th so I’m going to watch the films in chronological order…

10th Dec: The Phantom Menace
11th Dec: Attack of The Clones
12th Dec: Revenge of the Sith
13th Dec: Rogue One
14th Dec: A New Hope
15th Dec: The Empire Strikes Back
16th Dec: Return of the Jedi
17th Dec: The Force Awakens
18th Dec: The Last Jedi

Then come the new year I’m going to try and see if I can’t catch up with the animated shows Clone Wars and Rebels before the Han Solo movie is out in May. Phew. :sweat_smile: