Let's Talk About Movies!


Anyone here watched the Tupac movie? It seems good, but I would like someone’s review of it before deciding if I am going to see it. :slight_smile:


So I saw Wonder Woman… a month ago, I think. And I liked, I thought some fight scenes were a bit clunky, with the copious amounts of CG and all that (which Marvel handles a lot better), but the story was solid.

I think I could write a lot about it, but in special, I liked how Diana is loving, but that’s never played as something that diminishes her. She goes through a lot, and she still loves. In the world we live in, where politics and whatnot often encourage the worst of people to come loose, I think keeping your heart open is what truly sets her up as a hero. That was nice.


Hey, did anyone watch The Circle? It came out on my country a bit ago and I was… well… it wasn’t very good. it was kinda bad, actually, or so I think. A lot of the story kinda went on different directions (like that Senator we never hear from again) and then doesn’t connect it to the main plot (like John Boyega’s character). And that ending… I don’t get it. Like, the movie raises questions, but they’re questions of confusion.

And while I think it fails as a story, the movie has some interesting insights on modern life, on the outskirts of the story.


That was my feeling. It raises very good questions (to me, not answering is a plus), but the plot, despite starting well, went downhill by the last third of the movie, with the ending seeming more like “well, we ran out of money, lets wrap this up” than a real ending where all the pieces in the table are given a conclusion (Boyega’s character is clearly the best example regarding this,I mean, he is the first to understand the dangers not only of that kind of technology but also of the Circle itself, and he ends up getting used by Emma’s character to bring down the Circle, while being betrayed by her in the sense that she replaced the Circle and continued the crazy path technology was on. The end of the book was better).

And Emma’s character was pretty unlikable. I mean, when a character goes that deep into what is basically a cult, we are expecting some kind of revelation, one moment when reality comes down on her, but no, her parents cut ties with her, she basically kills her only true friend, and hits the bottom, without flinching, only deciding "well, this is the way, but we need to get rid of the Circle and make it even more crazy transparent and universal).

And Tom Hanks is completely underused. I mean, why did they hired him for such a blank character?

So yeah, pretty great questions, weak movie.


Came out of the new Spider Man today and was very impressed! I was expecting it to be just okay, but it was seriously well done, probably one of Marvel’s finest to me. Yep, up there with Guardians.

But, man, Michael Keaton stole the show, even though I’m a bit biased for liking him, I thought he handled the Vulture very well. And the movie gave him space, too, and lines, and a very interesting theme from the early comics and-- jolly, it was great. But I’m not writing any essays of it here… yet.




So, have anyone seen Dunkirk? My friends’ take seem to be “too much form over content, filming expermentality over emotion”, so I am not sure if I’ll see it.


About to watch Dunkirk now


Waiting for Valerhien (or whatever its called, Lol, can’t remember the name anymore! all I know its made by the same person who directed ‘The Fifth Element’ which is why I’m going to watch it) to come out then going to watch it.


Watched Dunkirk yesterday on the big screen!

And… uh, yeah. My take is that it was good, just not that good. All the papers and sites were saying that it was better than Private Ryan, that it was Nolan’s best film to date, that it wasn’t just good or ok, it was world class filmaking.

And… it was very experimental, and also pretty confusing. Maybe because a lot of the actors looked alike and had the same haircut and I kept forgetting who was who. And maybe because they don’t have names as well. Sometimes it felt as if it was more pretty pictures than actual, solid storyline.

But it was also gorgeous-- and beautifully edited. It’s a very Nolan film, and I remember him saying this one was more about tension than being an actual war film. But, I dunno, every crictic liked it and I just thought it was good, but not great.


Mum and I went to see it yesterday, her criticism of it was that they focused too much on the soldiers and not enough on the effort to get the ships out to the beaches. I think it portrayed the horror of war pretty well, and I liked the usage of jumping between stories for the most part, though I never understood how Cillian Murphy’s character went from being on the little boat to shell shocked on the sunken cruiser. The plot lines about the french soldier and Tom Hardy’s Spitfire pilot were my favorites.


So less Private Ryan and more Thin Red Line? If so, pass. Nolan may have permanently dominated Batman, but Interstellar was already a bit too indulgent for my tastes. Sounds like this might be as well.


Thanks for the replies. My friends and parents’ complaints were that it wasn’t emotional enough. We knew nothing of the characters, never got to connect with them throughout the movie, they weren’t emotional enough, and they spent the whole movie without doing a single thing and, in most cases, without truly showing any emotion. And they also complained that the movie didn’t really had any solid plot. All of them thought it was average and ok at best.

Given @Vertigo and @derekmetaltron, and in light of previous feedback, I’m indeed going to pass.

Nolan is a very good director. Insomnia and Memento were really good, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were amazing (the first felt more like a Batman movie, the second one was really good, but it didn’t really felt like Batman), Dark Knight Rises gets a bit less good every time I see it, and it is clearly the weakest of the three and has big problems. Inception was one of the best movies I have ever seen and I quite enjoyed Interstellar, also easily one of my TOP10 movies.

Dunkirk sounds way to experimental and “artistic” for my tastes.


Y’know, we were talking about Dunkirk a few days back, and today Youtube recommended me a video, and guess what! It’s that one scene in Atonement (that romance film based on a book) that takes place in the battle of Dunkirk.

I remember that scene as having a huge impact on me, but I never noticed it was one, continuous shot , definetely worth a look!


I`m fan of Alien, but the last part upset me


I dont watch too many movies, but my favorite movie Ive seen is Inception.


Great movie. They had two of my favorite actors: James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. Amazing actors.

I saw the Atomic Blonde recently, very good movie, surprised me. I was expecting a simple plot with great action, ended up getting solid and surprising plot with amazing action. It certainly has a John Wick (big fan) feeling to it, especially in the action scenes, but there is something else, some very interesting plot and more realistic action. Charlize gets beat up a lot, staying completely cool and badass nonetheless. Really good.

I also ended just now seeing De Niro’s Madoff movie (HBO), it finally passed in my country. Surprised to see De Niro back doing a very good dramatic movie. Worth the time, definitely.


Have a lot of favorite movies but Platoon always my top one. Last ten minutes are the best and were loved to have been there with Sheen’s character. Second is Ghost since me and gf always get tears in our eyes watching the part where Patrick goes to heaven


I don’t know if anyone else uses Google Play for their entertainment but there’s a free movie available (how cool is that?) for a limited time - it’s called Rememory. I haven’t seen it yet but here’s the trailer.

Warning for violence, death and guns in the trailer.


Woo, today I finished Fight Club and… uh… I didn’t like it that much. I thought it was overrated actually.

But! I also went to watch Atomic Blonde in the theater and was pleasently surprised, there were a few things that didn’t sit well with me, but it’s clearly a film with a vision, and I can respect that.

I never remembered him from any of the films he showed up. :slight_smile:, Now I suppose he’s the Atomic Blonde guy to me.