Lets have a debate!


Well, the question game gave me a headache for some reason, so lets have an old fashion debate!
The topic will be, Should dragons be banned from wearing watches?


Two things- One, are we assuming regular clockwork watches, or the kind of pocket watch that keeps time with the discarded limbs of princesses?

And two- Irrelevant anyway, because it would be impossible to enforce. You wanna tell the large scaly firebreathing lizard he can’t wear his favorite royalty powered timepiece?


1.Regular watches.
2. With the help of our wizard and oz, we could stop dragons from wearing watches and save some of money,
(since it costs ALOT to make gigantic watches for the dragons).


Hahahahahahaha i would just give the dragon a pocket watch… but does this dragon wear pants??? Cuz dragon size pants would cost a lot too…:stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing we’re talking about the females, because THOSE are the huuuuge dragons.
So, she can have a pocket watch hanging on her teeth.


Are the dragons paying for these big watches? If so then I don’t see why they should be banned. The people that make the watches would lose out on a lot of business. But if the dragons are being A-holes and forcing people to make them, then yes. Ban them.


Why not just construct a massive temple/shrine/sundial dedicated to them and be done with it lol


Sundial is not very portable even for giant dragons.


That’ s why we establish a series of Stonhenge-like structures across the kingdom spaced apart every 100 miles or so. That way we can easily keep the the Lord of the Realm satisfied as he will be able to tell the time simply by performing routine duty and flying over his lands on patrol.


The sundials are too large in number and would cost more than the watches. Plus, not all dragons would be okay with shrines. If they REALLY want watches, and we REALLY DON’T want them to have watches, then the question we have to ask ourselves is: “What is the cost the dragons will make US pay if we do not allow them their timepieces?”


Although, if we deny dragons their watches they may be late for their hourly countryside burning. On the other hand it could make watch makers some money, that the dragons would just steal back…


Half the money anyway, otherwise the trade dries up.


If dragons started protesting about not being able to watch, let’s hope they don’t become violent.


Don’t worry dragons are nothing I’m a dragonborn… Lol (Skyrim)


Why are we assuming he means wrist watches. My Grandfather had a watch that went around his neck. Looked a bit like a pocket watch would that work for dragons. Then we could charge them to make the watches or set up a diplomatic treaty with them not to kill us because they would be unable to make there own watches because of the way it is designed.


The problem with that would be that if a dragon were to have us make a watch, theres a good chance we won’t exist after we make it, if you get my drift.


Ahh yee of little faith. You do not think I would have thought of a solution to that. What the dragons will not know is we would have planted a bomb in the internal machinery of the neck watch and the moment the dragon kills one person in the village someone press the red button dragon goes boom. Then we can sell the scales on E bay. :smiley:


Unfortunately, my dragon had a wife from the north. You know, the really strong ones that you have to destroy a village to impress? Yeah, that kind. It just so happens that if I were to make a watch for my dragon, I might as well write my will.


Lol… Just hire me… Dragonborn here… ill protect you… :wink:


Can’t wait for skyrim. Although I think that dragonage is somewhat better