Legion of honor


Who wants to go on adventure with me as a Napoleonic soldier from 1792 to 1815 at the same time keeping our heads in tact avoid skewing each other on a sword over a mistress or a wife, and cross are fingers to see if you could save the empire.
We can do the game over messenger or Google chat whatever you guys feel comfortable with. If not I’ll chronicle of solitary game.


You know, I would be down for that. But I have never played it. Maybe I could just lurk during the first playthrough to get an hold of it, or something like that?


Oh, is this a role-playing-over-messenger game like that werewolf on Telegram?
Something like that?

P.S. Uh, yea there’s “Card Game” word written on it : /


I’ve never played it and don’t have the game or anything of the sort on my end, but if you’ll tell me what to do I’m down. I’ve got free time and it sounds interesting


So guys it’s a card game at a role-playing game. This guy is far better at explaining it them I am and mind you when I played it it was with the solitary rules added


Worst case scenario guys I will do a recording of solitary game from beginning too end if you like to have idea

this is a great example how you can make a narrative out of it



sorry, I can only play Magic, YGO, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Vanguard and LOW. though I am willing to learn something new.

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Again too off topic and too specific. There are other forums to do things like this.