Legend of the galactic heroes


So I haven’t really touched anime or manga since I was 19 besides popping my head out once in awhile for Berserk and seeing what the hell Attack of Titans is. I had a friend recommended me this once months ago. But I’ve been very disheartened with anime for a long time is it worthwhile to get invested in this hundred plus episode show? Also should I start with the manga?


I don’t think there’s a manga.

I haven’t watched it either, but most of my friends claim it’s in the top 3 of all time.


TBH, I think it went up one place coz Japanese Kids kept having Seizures from Dai-Guard :frowning:


I did some research afterwards it’s based on a series of novels. Which explains the high quality of Storytelling and it was adapted into all I got hour and a half long I think I’ll be able not mistaken and then it turned into the hundred ten episode OVA. And there mangas made in between. So after the long animated series and made a few other areas that took inspiration from manga mind you the money if not crazy long it’s only a couple volume. No honestly I would start with the novels because that how I roll but I can bet money there not in English.


Well if it makes you feel any better there’s an anime and manga series based on a much longer light novel series called Legend of the Lengendary Heroes. It’s high fantasy, has action, drama, comedy, politics, the best friendships, mystery, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and even the filler episodes are part of the plot in some way. But most wonderfully most of the novels have been translated into English somewhere on the net.

There’s also Baccano! Whose manga is only a few chapters and whose anime is AMAZING but only 16 episodes long. The novel series is several books long though and most (if not all already) have been translated into English on various blogs and sites.

After that is it’s sort of sequel, sort of spin-off Durarara!! It’s manga and anime are longer and are just as good but the novel series is also written by Narita who is one of my fave authors.

Just a list of anime and manga series based on their light novel counterparts in case you wanted to get into anything else.


Legend of the galactic heroes not light novels it’s a full-blown novels series about to this is a high and science fiction drama being written in Japan back in the eighties. Some of have been official translated


If you want manga adapted from actual novels, then I’d recommend you check out the Kyugokudo series. The first book in the series, Ubume no Natsu/The Summer of Ubume, was adapted into a manga. You can find the translated manga if you search it up on the internet. Ubume no Natsu was also adapted into a movie of you’re interested in that


Awww thank you buddy!!


You are more than welcome dear.