Legacy (Updated 11/15/20)

Your Summary or Synopsis is amazing! It got me hooked before I even got to try the WIP.

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Version 1.2 is live! Pretty minor update as I’ve been rather busy these last few weeks.

Update Changes
  • As per request, I have added additional text to make the four year time jumps less jarring.
  • You can now access a “Finances” screen which will show you your expenses and incomes from the last four years.
  • Fixed a host of minor issues you all found.

With this out of the way, I am now diving fully into Chapter Three. However, as I have mentioned before, I expect it to be quite awhile until it is completed. Chapter Two took me over three months to write, and I had more freetime back then as compared to now.

I’d hate to basically disappear for such an extended period of time, but I similarly don’t want to post chapters in incomplete chunks as I think it messes with flow and enjoyment. With this in mind, I think what I may do is post short supplemental material on the world of Valmora every two weeks or so. This would (hopefully) give you all something to enjoy in the long drought period between major updates and also allow me to more fully flesh out the world and take an occasional break from narrative writing.

Regardless, thank you all for your continued feedback and support. I truly do appreciate it.


I love the additions! Especially the text in between the time gaps; it really gives more life to Glenover and it makes the transition drastically less janky. I noticed the ending was enhanced as well, (especially the text regarding your shrine, so sad) so good work there. I would like to see a little more backstory given to Captain Copperheart, even a short encounter would be nice. Especially since he seems like such a stud towards the end.


“I remember the ending though $[firstname},” he says with a weak grin, “Would you like to hear the ending?”

Fine work as always! Even though the changes weren’t drastic game changers, they do flesh out the story as a whole. I eagerly await the next update!

@T_Chaney Ah, got it! Hmm, I guess even in my soldier playthroughs I’m not “soldier-y” enough haha. Time for another run!


Is there going to be a chance for the MC to learn at least a little magic later on?

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was somewhat suprised to see the girl you mee at the village with the cup game couldn’t be seen during when you focus on the intelligence path and couldn’t try and go out and find her during your free time

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There is a chance for the MC to train with Copperheart if they focus almost exclusively on the body stat while in Glenrover. Thanks as always for the support and feedback!

Yes. Don’t expect to be an Archmage anytime soon, and it will likely be a very costly endeavor (both in time and money), but I think it would be a little too cruel of me to drop you into a world of magic without letting you get at least a small taste of it for yourself.

I plan on letting you do just that, I simply haven’t written it yet.

If you choose to fight the goblin raiders at the end of Chapter Two then you will, eventually, be knocked out. You do not die tho. You will awaken some time later injured but alive. If you want however, you can avoid this entirely by running instead of fighting when the attack occurs.


Nice! I’ll be looking forward to it. On a side note, the game is amazing and I hope that you’ll get to finish it.


How do I not die? I always go back to my town and die

I was originally not expecting too much. Maybe just a relaxing playthrough. But I got to say, you have me thoroughly hooked. Eagerly looking forward to more.