Legacy (Updated 11/15/20)

The world of Valmora is one of magic, monsters, and marvel. It is a land where elves, dwarves, and humans live together in peace and prosperity. It is a place where lords and ladies live luxurious lives in the estates of their forefathers, brave and bold adventures seek out fame and fortune around every corner, and mages dwell within their opulent towers. The dragons of old may be dead, but terrifying beasts still roam, and the Orc clans of the Deadfall Wastes grow more aggressive by the day. It is a world of rolling landscapes, buried secrets, a deep history, and danger lurking in the darkness. Yet, for the vast majority of souls that live here, it is a world no larger than their own plot of farmland.

You are one such soul.

A simple farmer, your world is no larger than the quiet town of Glenrover that has been your home since you were born. The lives of lords, mages, and heroes are as foreign to you as the surface of the moon. You have your land, your life, your friends, and your obligations. It is a simple life perhaps, but it is the only one you have known.

Yet the winds of fate rarely lay dormant forever.

Valmora is changing. Gone are the days of your forefathers when a soul worked the land of their lord simply for the right to exist. Gone are the restrictions of the peasantry. Gone are the abusive powers that had once so oppressed those like you. This is a new world of opportunity, one unshackled from the confines and prejudices of the past. It is a world where you, a humble farmer, can make something of yourself. You may not be an adventurer, you may not be a noble, but you have a chance to make an impact, to change your family’s entire heritage, and leave something behind when you are gone.

A chance to leave a Legacy.


Legacy has been my pet project for about the last six months. It takes place in a pretty standard medieval fantasy setting, but rather than playing as an adventurer or a lord, you play as a simple farmer. The story is deliberately made to focus on the smaller, more personal elements of an individual’s life, not massive world-shattering achievements. If you want to save the kingdom: you will likely be disappointed. However, if you want to work your way up from nothing, build relationships, explore multiple careers, and leave an impact on the people and places closest to you: I think you will enjoy it.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary.
  • Play as straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual.
  • Become a famous bard, wealthy merchant, honored soldier, or a successful farmer.
  • Romance a total of four+ characters (Still in early stages)
  • Get married, have children and raise them as you see fit. (WIP)
  • Achieve the favor and blessing of one of the four members of the Divine Pantheon.
  • Walk a righteous path of light, or wander into the darkness.
  • Uncover mysteries and unique encounters along every career path.
  • Avenge the memory of those you have lost.
  • Leave a Legacy

Currently, I’ve written the first two chapters of probably six. Including code, they clock in at about 130,000 words, though a single playthrough likely sees around 20%-25% of that. I suspect that the completed work will be in the ballpark of 400k. It’s ballooned up to a lot more than I originally intended, but I suppose that’s kind of how writing interactive fiction goes. I intend to write and update as much as my schedule allows.

Desired Feedback

I’d welcome just about anything.

Any type of low-level feedback such as pointing out coding errors, awkward writing, disjointed sections, or the like are all deeply appreciated. I’ve gone over everything a few times, but I’m only one set of eyes and I’m confident that I have missed plenty of things. Don’t worry too much about the placement of commas and the like, but pointing out misspelled words is totally fine and appreciated.

High level feedback is also great. If you have any thoughts on how the story, setting, characters, plot, or mechanics are presented, I would absolutely love to hear them. Specifically, a lot of this game revolves around the buying power of money and creating an economy that feels reasonable. If you think something seems overpriced or underpriced, I’d really love that feedback as I continue to try and balance those things going forward. If you have general thoughts, critiques, or suggestions on anything else, I am all ears! So far, this thing has existed in my own little sphere of isolation so the more outside feedback I get, the better.

I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it!

The demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/gamerseden/legacy/mygame/

Tumblr: https://legacy-wip.tumblr.com/


So we going to be conscripted into a lords army at some point.

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Should Ellonia find itself at war, levies from every major duchy would be raised. Whether or not war will occur, or if you would be one of the (un)fortunate souls selected to serve in that levy, well that’s something I’m going to stay quiet on.

I will say that war has a place in the narrative, but it is not necessarily the focus.

Farmer, bard, merchant, and soldier.


What career paths can we take.

Nooooo! It ended too soon! (In other words, I loved it!) One thing I would like to see is a little more choice in how you actually spend the four years. Such as, I played the merchant route, it might be fun to have some say in how and where you trade. Besides that, I didn’t catch a single spelling or grammar error, so kudos to whoever edited your work! One error I noticed though: again, choosing the merchants route, I invested everything into intelligence with one point in strength. However, when you meet the merchant’s guild, you are illiterate. Then you choose a stat boost (I chose intelligence again) and all of the sudden you can read. Was this a bug? Or did time pass and it just wasn’t mentioned?

Overall fantastic game so far! I’ll be following closely
Edit: I should mention my final stats:

Don't want to create a wall of text

Age: 24
Race: Human
Body: 3
Mind: 5
Charm: 2
Silver: 336

Edit 2: Well now that I see it is possible to almost double my profit (looking at you @Beezlebub) now I have to go play again!


Thank you for the kind words and the feedback!

This is something I plan to implement in future chapters. Part Two is really about getting your footing, so it’s a little more limited. Should be more open in the future.

Yeah this is an oversight. I think I know what the problem is so thank you for bringing it up!


Tried to get an optimal max int merchant build going:

Will try an intelligence/charisma mix build next time to play around with the trading stats ( and also to have a higher amount of money when becoming a merchant ) and then do a max body warrior.


I picked the enlisted route… now I want to take back that choice, Darian died :sob::sob::sob:not my friend I’m looking forward for more!


This is very helpful. Min maxing allows me to see the highs and lows of each profession and whether or not their monetary output is balanced. I appreciate it!

Thanks for the support! I hate to say it but Darian dies regardless. It’s a major hook for the rest of the work.


I just did a little bit of fiddling by putting a point into charisma early on so I could get the discount for the extra plot of land and the horse and plough. With a meager diet and by selling my 3 plots I was able to start my merchant career with 307 which allowed me to get advertising/large cart or small cart/nice clothes/advertising of which the latter produced greater returns:

Seems like I can get a fair bit of extra coin early on if I’m willing to trade out a point of intelligence for charisma. Tough choice for me as I’m generally a purist but I think I’ll stick with it as an extra point in charisma generally seems to be pretty useful.


I love games with deep stat systems like this. Very fun to learn them inside and out and be rewarded for that effort. Can tell I’ll be replaying this one for a while.


You and I think alike! I love trying to find optimal playthroughs, balance multiple variables, and see how well I can do. That’s why the game has that stuff in the first place.

The stats and payout equations are something I plan on experimenting with a lot in order to try and nail down a goldilocks zone of challenge mixed with reward. Very happy to have you along for the ride!



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Have to say i’m currently loving this, always been a sucker for games where the description of stats change as they raise or lower. And man did the last scene hit hard, honestly can’t wait to see more of this and wish you the best


Wow I’m gonna be honest here, I wasn’t expecting much from this wip after reading the summary but BOI WAS I WRONG!

I enjoyed the pacing, the world building and the story, I went through the soldier route and when I reached the end of the demo I was desperate for more.

Great work so far, I hope I can read more in the future!


that was a very emotional game :slight_smile:

the last scene were Darian dies was so sad, tho…


@Jeremy_Stumbaugh Thanks for the encouragement, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

@Daxterix That’s very kind of you! I’ll do my best to get more content out as soon as I can.

@Mistyleaf123 Thank you, I’m very glad that the emotional beats hit their mark! Since the story is much smaller in its scope than a lot of interactive fiction I really wanted those emotional moments to feel and hit right. Sorry I had to kill him tho, but it was necessary. Trust me.

@Bananahead_101 I don’t know if I should feel proud or guilty! :sweat_smile: Sincerely, thank you for the compliment and I will try to be less evil moving forward… maybe.

@King2 Thank you!


Howwww dareeee youuuu make me CRYYYY :sob::sob:

Dang I really shouldn’t get emotionally attached to characters :joy: but the writing is great on your part, especially with the emotional bits!


Just out of curiosity…

What job did you pursue?
  • Farmer
  • Bard
  • Merchant
  • Soldier

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Wow that was good. Especially that last scene. I am eagerly awaiting more