Leas: City of the Sun (WIP - Final Demo) - Updated March 28th 2024

You’d be wrong. Definitely not all HGs go on Steam.


Huh, really? I never tried to get one that wasn’t. :thinking:

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Leas, a city in the middle of a desert, is indeed full of steam.

Or at least hot air coming from the Wren, Rin and Keo trifecta.

The real question of the day is if Keo keeps the magical bunny … just saying.

. :revolving_hearts:


Some games do come out only on Mobile store.

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Alas, the bunny illusion dissipated when Keo removed its outer layer of magic. MC can express wanting to keep the “fire pets” though. So if you’re bummed about them being illusions rather than pets, just know I’ve already scolded myself about it through the story :laughing: I did get one request to let MC have a familiar, so maybe this could give me some inspiration for that in the next game, if more people express interest.

Thinking more about this, I wonder if there’s a list somewhere about what qualifies/disqualifies a game for steam release.