Leas: City of the Sun (WIP - Final Demo) - Updated March 28th 2024

@Sailingshells Not sure if I asked this before or not. But is there poly?

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Hi @Zarkrai, thanks for the question! There is no poly route in this game currently.

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For anyone following here but not on tumblr, I’d love to know your preference on the poll below :revolving_hearts:

~ Should I change the game’s spelling of Fey to Fae? ~

  • Yes (use Fae)
  • No (continue using Fey)
  • It doesn’t matter.
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For anyone curious why I’m asking: I grew up with the conventional spelling “fey” in books, but personally preferred “fae.” For Leas I went with that convention, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of books using the fae spelling, so I’m curious what your preference is :slight_smile:


My preference here is you do as you like in the non-real world setting you’ve built for your story. Convention, in this case, is not necessarily tradition. Especially when it comes to uncommon words like that.


It’s honestly irrelevant. The important thing is that you keep consistent. Or, alternatively, that you DON’T keep it consistent between characters if you want to showcase regional differences. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that could be interesting. Make it where the city or region that the MC lives in uses “Fey” and either have people in other districts or certain species (like Elves) use “Fae”. Unless it’s already does that to some extent.


Using both in some ways is interesting, but not everyone will know that they’re the same thing. And in a fantasy world, it’s possible that they’re different things. I think it would add unnecessary confusion

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I agree…I think you should chose the one that makes you happier :blush:. We will like it anyway and are along for the ride.

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Thank you all for the replies and votes! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

I’m leaning towards changing it to “fae” after seeing most people either don’t feel strongly about it, or seem to prefer I use the spelling I like better. These results were in line with what tumblr said too, so it’s interesting to see things are pretty consistent between platforms. And I think the alternate spellings idea is really cool, but might be too much to implement on top of all the other stuff I’m working on. I do like it as a headcanon idea! Especially in regards to language changing over time and being affected by local dialects. I’d kind of picture Leas using “fae” and Dalusin using “fey” :thinking:

It’s so cool to see people are still interested in the game. Thank you for being patient with me as I write it! Current status is I’m still on track to start beta testing in July or August ~


Another question for players who want to weigh in :seedling:

Would you still want to play future Leas games if your MC and RO start a relationship in book 1?

  • Yes, I’m 100% interested in seeing how the relationship develops in future games
  • No, I’m not as interested in games after that
  • Maybe, but future games would have to be very interesting to get me to play
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Absolutely, if it’s handled well. Some games (especially outside the IF space) make the relationships really boring after the characters get together. But that’s a pretty easy trap to stay away from


Awesome, thank you! :smile: Looks like the poll heavily agrees with you