Leas: City of the Sun (WIP - Final Demo) - Updated March 28th 2024

@Sailingshells looking forward to seeing what comes next and like that little addition we get to see :smiley:

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Happy to see this open :smirk::crossed_fingers:

A real solid start so far. The world is interesting and the characters are engaging. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

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@Valixon thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the demo!

@Lyle_Schiefer thank you, me too! Fortunately Choice Of made it super easy to reopen :slight_smile:

@erconn thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed the demo!


I’m invested and can’t wait for more,the characters we’re interesting and also the nicknames are cute grumpy and muscles❤


Oh, has the demo been updated?

I had to clear cache so that killed all my saves in every game so I can’t check quickly.

Yeah there is a smidge more content that didn’t have before.

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@ZaxCulprintt thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed the demo

@JBento you probably saw activity on this post as a result of the topic being reopened after it had been automatically closed (I asked the mods to keep it open since I didn’t want anyone thinking I’d abandoned the project). I’m planning to release a more formal update to the demo around late August if all goes well, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Well, first things first I DONT KNOW HOW TO FLIRT WITH KEO AAAAAAAAAAH (or is he just shy?) let’s try again and explore other options

I love when MC has voice and dialogues outside the choices (believe me, I’ve been reading a lot of WIPs that doesn’t have) thank you

Your writting is very good, easy and funny. I was so entranced reading. Thank you.

A little pronoun error

“Never mind? But what about- Oh,” a small smile takes the place of his confusion and he leans back against their desk. “Oh. How interesting,

I’m in love with all RO’s so… Can you spoiler a little thing for me? Since we’ll travel with all 3 of them and probably have romance interactions in front of the other two… Will they get jelly if MC flirts with everyone? :speak_no_evil:


@Barbarazinha Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed the demo :smile:

Thanks for pointing out the pronoun error - I will fix that for the next update!

As to your question: There will be chances for private moments with the LIs on the road! But if MC flirts with one LI in front of the others, it will probably be similar to the moments with Rin and Wren in chapters 2 and 3. So, another LI may interrupt, but just to keep the MC focused on the task at hand. I don’t really enjoy writing jealousy so my approach is to only write “jealous” moments if they’re truly necessary :sweat_smile:

Edit: I forgot to reply to your other question - Keo is the slowburn romance :wink: Their route is more of a longing/slowly coming together type of story, so they’re not going to openly flirt with MC right away like how Rin and Wren do. If Keo was like that, MC would probably already be dating them at the start of the game since they’ve known each other for years already! :joy: I’ll also mention in case it’s helpful that the order of least-slowburn to most-slowburn is Wren->Rin->Keo. Hope that helps!


For anyone following along with this WIP, the demo has been updated! :smiley:




Finally :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::heart:


Looks good! Thank you for the update!


@_Ashley lol I love the gif!! And of course, thanks so much for playing :smile:

@Suzumi I know, right? :joy: The curse of only being able to work on weekends. Thanks for hanging in there!

@Vaelwyn Thanks so much for your comment and for playing! :smile:



That cliffhanger… :exploding_head:

So, we end up stomping in the forest? Find some Elfish fish and all that? Any of them frolick naaaaaaaaaaaked? :rofl:

Man, whats with Rin? City girl hate the forest? Tell me she brough anti-mosquitos…cause I aint gonna scratch her itch! :sweat_smile:

If I do, she’ll stab me! I just know it! If only to unbore herself! Lol

While Wren tell her the signification of stabbing your teamates from one of her ‘Lore Book’ LOL

fun time!


I saw some errors so I’ll post them once I’ll replay :slight_smile: I’m enjoying the setting and I live to annoy MC’s boss.

Feedback and questions:

  1. Would you consider letting us choose genders for bisexual MC’s? Because the genders keep changing every time I restart and it messes with me head :rofl:
  2. Will there be any penalty for choosing to be a ‘jack of all trades’? Most games force you to be a specialist.
  3. Will there be any nsfw content in the future?
  4. Can you fail a stat check in this game? How stat-heavy do you expect it to be?
  5. Face claims for RO’s y/n?

It’s nice to see this continue. Looking forward to the clash with Ashaad!


First, I have to admit that I’m officially biased as your writing and how I would act seems to line up perfectly so I feel very at home in this story.

Anyways disclaimers past, I absolutely love this story and the world its founded on. I wish I could delve into magic a bit more, but that would obviously come at later chapters of the story. Still was a fun ride and the first 2 playthroughs allowed me to pretty much have fun with all the hypotheticals I would immediately want.

You may not be there yet so I’m not going to bog you down but there are a few pronoun mismatches for Rin in chapter 4 that I found(I can hunt up exact screen caps if you’d like) but so far so solid overall. ^.^ Looking forward to more being added and the inevitable final product.