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Apologies for being slightly off topic here, but this really hits home for and shows the chilling truth of Nazi style fascism in the prosecution of gay people being very much alive and well today, Lenin must be spinning in his mausoleum at Putin’s despicable mess right now, on the other hand I bet Tsar Nicky would be cheering. :anguished: :angry:

This only strengthens my fictional character’s resolve to battle Hitler’s, Stalins and Riga’s narrow-minded, opportunistic intolerance wherever it may be found.:persevere:

United We Stand - Political WIP
United We Stand - Political WIP

The Tsar was actually more inclusive then Lenin and had began more liberal policies in institutions like the military just as things skewed towards revolution. Now, Nicholas’ father was reactionary and that;s another discussion.


Do you think Putin is really homophobic or is this just plural opportunism I believe it could possibly be both. At the same time to you this seems like a foolish political move I mean this is a guy that cut his teeth make in the KBG.


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To my knowledge he hadn’t moved towards decriminalizing homosexuality, he may have tolerated it at Court, among his elite, much like the later Shaj’s of Persia, but out in society I think was another story. I also tend to have trouble separating my monarchs on occasion as they often blend together with the institution of the monarchy, which in the vast majority of cases trends conservative, whenever it isn’t being outright reactionary.

In any case neither Kerensky, nor Nicky before him ever made any efforts to write the homosexuality ban out of the criminal code. Of course both of them were far too scared of and beholden to the Orthodox Church, much like Tsar Putin and his elites seem to be these days.:unamused:


The Orthodox Church at least my knowledge really weird about it and just don’t talk about it. So there quietly against it. But it goes on to of how you interpret Matthews famous line. Which is a little sad the Orthodox Doctrine is there actually in tune with spirituality and the non denomination Protestant movement.


Putin? I simply don’t know enough about the man to tell you, as I’ve never met him face to face, nor have I ever spoken with him, however I have spoken to some of his wealthy yet lower level cronies at our Russian embassy during my time as a political aide and from most of them I definitely did get the impression that they went along more for political opportunism then out of any rabid anti-gay personal sentiment.

I’m not an expert on theology, nor have I ever desired to be, what I do know is that many of its higher level priests and its patriarch are definitely very much corrupt and very anit-gay, whether this is actually in line with a teleological interpretation of the Church’s theoretical doctrines and scripture or not, much like how in the US political Christianity has mostly reduced itself to being 1) anti-abortion and 2) anti-gay. Christ was big on charity to the poor, from what little I do know of Christianity, yet neither that sentiment, nor the turn the other cheek mentality are anywhere to be found in the political leaders of American Christianity today.

Maybe these last posts have been getting a bit too off-topic and frankly depressing for a game discussion though, @Havenstone @Sashira @JimD could any of you move this (starting with my post #568) to its own topic (or fold it with another on discrimination), I didn’t want to create it because I honestly thought this would be too depressing and fringe of a topic for its own thread, but I guess I was wrong.

I guess I should thank Canada and Trudeau and Cata and all the other countries (honestly surprised, semi-pleasantly for once too to see Trump’s USA and May’s Britain on there) for joining Uruguay and us in our toothless diplomatic condemnation.


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I read about Chechnya a few months back, and I don’t think there’s any reason for you to apologise. This is important, and you’re a very politically engaged person, I don’t see an issue in making a post.

I’d just rather see Brazil among the list of countries. I mean, even Albania signed it.

I don’t know Putin, but I think he mostly goes with it because it wins him allies in the Orthodox bloc in the Duma and among the religion itself. I’d bet he’s mostly indifferent towards gay people, and willing to disregard them for political capital – similar to how a few politicians do it in Brazil when it comes to dealings with the evangelicals.


From what I have seen from him and his followers I would say that homphobia is deep in their heart. Everywhere that gross hyper masculinity is homophobia follow. I live in a country where gay people can mary and I still have to stay in the closet because I live in a rural area where you are told from the moment you are born that people who arent straight are either a sin, a sign of weakness or both and russia is a giant version of that. I think Putin anti gay agenda goes a bit further than political gain. He allow something that even the conservative here wouldnt be entirely comfortable with. If something big like that is happening its because the people themselves are letting it happen and it only fit the government agenda.


To be honest I don’t think Lenin would handle that issue any better, but maybe it’s just my hate for Lenin and his revolution showing again.


Like I said I can’t look into Putin’s own mind, the embassy political staff I had the impression they were the stereotypical spineless politicians who go along with it because it is expedient for them to do so.

Lenin himself I think was mostly indifferent and he did decriminalize it, along with all the other, mainly religion driven, so-called “crimes against morality”. The reality is none of the polities of the time, excepting perhaps Weimar Germany were very accommodating to gay men.
Still he did more than Kerensky or Nicky the second ever did. There are certainly people who disagree with that though. However I think neither Kerensky in Russia, nor Chiang in China (a running speculative argument with @Cataphrak) would have been willing or able to reform in such a way that being gay could have been more then just a thing for wealthy men. Again, look at 1970’s Persia, the Shaj and his regime tolerated it perfectly fine among his elites, but for the rest of society, well…


Honestly, as russian I can tell that homosexual orientation are highly reprehended here on both religious, govermental and social levels. I mean, we even have “Law against propaganda of homosexual relationships”. It’s quite ridiculous in content and they trying to do it even more so. One of aspects of my country’s policy I find quite moronic.