Lasting Creations

One of my favorite WIP’s on this website! Really excited to see what comes next ^^.


I’m genuinely honored. It’s a great motivation for me, so thank you. :yellow_heart:


Woah this is AWESOME!! Had me hooked and wanting more :joy:


Thank you! :yellow_heart: The update isn’t far away, I’m working on the chapter bit by bit.


Sooo Chapter 3 is here!

  • You have seven missed calls from your mother. beware What’s going on?
  • Meet the last two ROs, Ange and Ayil. And some of their friends who are going to appear again. Sooner or later.
  • Speak with Marcelle (and maybe tell her about last night?) and spend some time with Acin. Flirting is on the menu. literally
  • Get some new shady information about Rowan and… someone else.
  • An interlude at the end… a gate into another mind. :eyes:
  • Other things: I added character profiles to the menu; wrote a small choice to check (or not) the Creation in the second chapter; changed the wording for the choices about your opinion on Erasers; still playing with stats.

I hope you enjoy the update. :yellow_heart:


Oh shit that plot twist :scream: such a fun chapter! I love how the mystery is being carried out and Ange is making me swoon already, yes my heart is fluttering :heart_eyes: This really is such a great WIP the mood and the lore and your beautiful writing is all so amazing, looking forward to the next update!

Also, I don’t know if this is a coding error or if we just have two very different ideas of short but when we met Ayil it said “she’s just as short as I am” so when I saw her height was 5’8 I was very confused :joy: (although I suppose I could just be misunderstanding how short the shortest height option is lol)

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Thank you for your kind words. That’s just brightened my day, really. :yellow_heart:

Ange is making me swoon already

He would be really smug if he knew, lol. I’m glad you like him.

I checked the code, and everything works as it should; I assume you mean Shiha because there’s no height comparison with Ayil, but yeah, I need to write the height range. I’d say 5’8 is average or even tall, but I’m considering that from the point of a short person.:thinking:I’ll have to make some research…


He, he, he I really like the flirt with Acin.

Plus he dared us ! The next time we’ll get him flustered !

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I really enjoyed the update, looking forward for more :smiley:

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Oh gosh this is why you don’t read updates at 3 AM my bad :joy: :sweat_smile:

@Wolfie Acin is non-binary, so please use they/them pronouns when speaking about them. Thank you! :yellow_heart: I’m glad you like them.

@sanin3211 Thank you. ^)

@spiriter It’s fine! We’ve all been there, lol.