Last Shot: A basketball story (WIP updated 1/23/23)

I’m sad to say, that as of tonight. Monday January 23rd that the streetball path of last shot is canceled for the foreseeable future

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It is unfortunate, I just feel the current state of the game requires narrowing the scope. I’ll consider making a streetball spinoff if the game sells well.

hi theres two typos i noticed in the beginning when you hit your shot in the dream it says chearing instead of cheering and when it talks about you getting jumped on the court as a kid it says that the kids were “stringer” which i wasnt sure but i think thats supposed to say stronger.

when describing the coach first time time it says hilights instead of highlights. when you first start your one on one with ben for the team spot it says balll its a small thing just noticed the extra L.

We have a lot of typos

I’m a bit confused at the end of the demo, where it says we missed the championships despite us winning all of our games. Was there a coding issue?

Most likely, I’ll take a look

Can’t wait to be Lebron :laughing: