Last Shot: A basketball story (Updated 9/22/22)

Sorry about that, it should be fixed now

That screenshot belongs to one of my games that was glitching, it should be fixed now

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Try it again now

I tried again and it worked! Thank you


good job m8

I’m trying to push small updates to get back into the rhythm. I’m going to try and build my stamina back up and then get back to the 1k+ updates very soon.


I’ve been reading this story since your first update. I’ve got a few pointers. Introduce a new RO and don’t let the coach be an option. Maybe take the story in a direction where the mc goes through emotional problems and the coach is there for them in a caring and importantly a professional way. I just cringe at the thought of crushing on a person who is teaching and guiding me. Plus the feud with maccari is confusing, he is nice the first time and during the win but is cold at the time of the drill.

The Maccari thing is probably a code issue. I’ll take a look at it when I get back into town, but he’s supposed to have two different reactions based on whether you’ve been a bit of an asshole or not.

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