Last Monologue: Your Super Villainous Tale! (New Poll on Post #140 re: social scenes)

How many powers can the villian have?

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As it stands, you can choose 2 powers, but I did include the option to pursue a 3rd power in the upgrade menu (although it requires more funds than are possible to accumulate yet). I’ll figure out in the next months whether or not to actually allow players to grab a third power. I need to be careful not to make the game too complicated, but I don’t think it would complicate things very much codewise. Plus, it could lead to a pretty cool scene.


Pardon another poll, but these really help me with game design.

What did your MC choose to do on the Putty side mission?
  • My MC left, leaving Funds and reputation at the status quo.
  • My MC attacked the Circus, giving up Funds to keep MC’s reputation stronger.
  • My MC robbed the bank with the Circus, prioritizing Funds over reputation.

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(Also, I anticipate that the “leave option” will be by far the lowest picked because it provides the least amount of contact. Any suggestions for content I could provide to players deciding to leave? Perhaps a scene where you practice some maneuvers at your base, letting you earn 1 Plot Armor or something like that?)


I’ll be honest, I only fought the circus because I wanted to smash some people into putty… So to speak. The relationship hit and the lack of any cash was a bummer but the rep increase and The clobbering we’re worth it


Will the story be short or will it be similar to community college hero in content


I don’t know. It’s an issue I probably need to get feedback on now, though.

When I started writing the game, I planned to go long but not wide or deep; I thought maybe a 250k-word game (bigger than CCH2) could do justice to your MC"s long journey. But things have changed. Now with 30 Powers/Skills, 3 different Allies paths, 5 different Origin paths (which I haven’t even mentioned yet), it’s clear the game is going wide, too. Combining long with wide really boosts the potential word count, so I need to reconsider my approach.

The 1st Module will end up being about 50k words, meaning that 5 Modules would equal roughly 250k words total, very close to my original estimate. However, with the slow pacing I’ve established, and the promise of covering decades of your adventures, I just don’t see how I can cover your villain’s entire story in 5 Modules.

So yes, another poll. I think it’s an important one too, as I need to figure this out before jumping into Module 2. There’s also the matter of CCH3; I’ll need to return to it at some point.

Which approach would you prefer I take for this game?
  • I think you should release the game in 250k-word chunks, with IAPs, like Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. That way it can continue for as long as it needs to.
  • I think you should quicken the pacing and do away with some of the planned width (like Origin story arcs) to make a single, 250k-word game more possible.
  • I would consider supporting you on Patreon if that enabled you to take your time and release the game as one huge, single game of 500k+ words.

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I don’t know if I sound annoying but personally I feel like CCH3 would give more revenue and passive income as you work on Last monologue so CCH3 would be a much higher priority.


No, it’s not annoying. I don’t mind input about big picture stuff at all, as long as it’s given in a thoughtful way.

It’s never clear to me which games will do well and which ones won’t. The CCH series has done well imo, but the thing with a series is that, yes, you have some built-in audience for each subsequent release, but you also have some folks who have already bowed out and will never jump back in. And you probably suffer more attrition with each release. I guess that’s my way of saying that Monologue could easily outsell CCH3. A lot of folks are willing to give a new series a chance.

Anyway, assuming I get similar poll feedback from my email list, I think my current plan is to push ahead and finish Part 1 of Monologue and submit it to Hosted Games by the end of the year, and then work on CCH3 until it’s done.


The update is live.

The Gold Fox mission scene swelled to 11,000 words. Geez. It’s not super long, but very wide, with a ridiculous number of scenes unique to each available power, as well as sword/gun for humans. Hopefully the main decision in the mission is a tough one; it’s similar to the decision in the Putty mission.

As always, please point out any bugs!

My plan is to jump into the Sizgollok mission and hopefully finish that by next Friday, but I’m not sure I can do another 11,000-word week. :sweat_smile: We shall see!

And after that is done, I’ll fix any bugs in Module 1 and then move into Module 2.


Gotta say, Gold Fox definitely isn’t my type of sidekick. I tested all routes with her that I could with my regular build (energy tech speedster).

It was all okay. Blowing up an Aston Martin is kinda anticlimactic, even when compared to the other sidekicks. I know Fox is older, and they’re all about sending messages, but it was just too small scale for me, even taking in consideration that we’re a new villain. I really don’t know any character that would put up with her modus operandi unless they were instantly crazy for Fox or are similar in character. Otherwise, it kinda falls flat for anyone else, like my character.

No biggie, she fits her archetype, and that’s the point of having three different sidekicks to choose from, but I suppose, in my opinion, it’s still a little disappointing from the other perspectives, too. Maybe someone playing her style of villain would get way more outta the mission, but not for me. Being able to just slip inside the car and drive away to sell it and abandon Fox outta nowhere was pretty hilarious, but beating up some powered Joker wannabes was way more fun than this.

Can’t wait to see the demon’s route!


@SilverSwordSlayer I hope that way (way, way) down the line, some uber powerful characters are reminiscing about the simpler times when they were attacking city councils, freeing zoo animals, and blowing up cars.

Can I get feedback on two things?

  1. Can anyone suggest any awesome demon names? I sorta hate the demon name I picked (from a demon name generator) and I want to change it. The only real requirement is that it be non-gendered. And if it sounded super evil that would be great. Okay, that’ the easy one. Onto the harder one.

  2. I guess this could be troubling for some, so I’ll put it in spoiler tags, but basically it’s my idea for the side mission scene for the demon side mission. It’s basically your introduction to them. So the ‘mission’ ends up being the demon recruited you to help the demon kill their present host. The demon calls this “shedding,” like a snake sheds its skin. They want you to use your powers/abilities to kill the host body in the most glorious/gruesome/possibly public way possible, and then the demon will inhabit a new body. Since you’ll be violently slaughtering an innocent person (in some detail), I didn’t know if this was going too dark. The Demon says you’ll get some cred and even offers you some $. But this is probably a lot more ‘evil’ than robbing a bank (Putty) or blowing up a car (Gold Fox) so I figured I’d solicit some feedback. Is it too much? Just like with the other side missions, you’ll be given the choice to leave and train at your base, but helping the demon will be the only to gain Funds/Legend Points on this path.


In answer to #2, I don’t think that’s too much. I realize your games frequently go with a lighter tone, and this is certainly lighter than many villain MC games… but you’re still a villain. It’s… not something my MC would want to do, but that’s just my MC, not everyone.


I’d just pick a nickname, honestly. “Demons never reveal their true name” is an old staple at this point, so having a demon going by something like ‘Shade’ or ‘Frost’ or ‘xxWeedLord420xx’ or whatever alias they prefer always works, and it avoids the trouble of trying to pick a name that sounds inhuman without sounding ridiculous.

As for the second, maybe just give a warning when you pick them like “Are you sure about this? Demons are capital-E Evil and they may want you to kill innocents, kick puppies, and burn down orphanages. If you’re not cool with that you should pick one of the others. [I’m fine with that, I hate puppies/On second thought…]”.


I agree with others in saying people should know what they’re getting into when they decide to cooperate with a Demon of all things. It’s like when people complained about the violence the MC wrought in Demon: Recollect. Shock-horror! Think of the children!

If you still wish to keep things a bit more PG, you could instead make the mission involve the player kidnapping the new host for the Demonic “shedding” ritual to take place instead of having the MC actively participate in any un-aliving.

As for a demon name, I am an absolute sucker for Balthazar. However, that might be a tad too male-y. If you don’t mind some borrowing from the ancients then Baal sounds NB enough for today’s sensibilities.

  1. Engoria
  2. Russkilik
  3. Warinzi
  4. Fatalisk
  5. Aik
  6. Kilskreeonk
  7. Yorynthnir
  8. Geksoliss
  9. Igorib
  10. Zerrynthortsk
  11. Fonkul
  12. Woarintyrst
  13. Hekskotyl
  14. Quaxok
  15. Vaneyul
  16. Qwar
  17. Ulyx
  18. Hobgot
  19. Wasolp
  20. Pixitar

hey great story can’t wait to see more keep up the great work.

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Well I’ve experimented a bit here.

There should be a mechanic, I’m thinking costing money, to heal our sidekick.

If I can afford to enhance my sidekick, I ought to be able to afford medical care too.

Not all stats are equal, I’ve found.

A mystic can have time travel and ice powers and get plenty of options, ditto a mad scientist with robots and mind control.

But other options are rather redundant- flight and speed? Raging and growth? Regeneration and protective force field? Just not as versatile.

And if we double specialize to avoid that, then we fail a lot.

Like my alien regenerating speedster- Only a 40% chance of succeeding on a speed test. With superspeed. While not the end of the world with plot armor points, that’s not great, being both superhumanly fast and largely incompetent at the same time in the same area, at the same time.


found a bug, first option, no brackets chances text

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@Gapaot I’ll have to figure out that bug. It probably has something to do with me recently renaming Skill to Precision.

@Zain_Asghar I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

@stsword I agree that fewer folks will probably double dip into the Speed powers for roleplay or synergy reasons but that ‘40%’ issue you cite won’t last any time at all. Hell, you could possibly upgrade Speed at the end of Module 1, which , as it stands now, would already pump you up to 60% (this is all subject to change, as I need to make sure MCs aren’t OPed by the end of Part 1; it’s possible those stat upgrades may need to be downgraded to 10% bumps). Based on the poll results, I really need to look at a big picture of the game going on for quite a while. Progress needs to slow but steady. I may have to reevaulate stats, checks, upgrades when Part 1 is done, but for now I’m trying to balance it the best I can.

@SilverSwordSlayer Damn that is a lot of names. Thanks!

@TheZod I am actually okay with pushing the line a bit. I mean, certain things are just OUT, no matter what (sexual assault, hate crimes, anything involving kids) as I wouldn’t write them anyway, and the platforms (and Hosted Game) wouldn’t allow them even if someone wrote them. So where is ‘the line’ then in this context? I’m not sure. I suspect a long torture scene might be the line? But yes I think I’ll add a warning to players before they pick the demon route indicating that if they aren’t up for some really questionable shit, they’ll end up training a lot at home on this route.

@KZV Yep, I think the warning is the way to go. And thanks for the tip about demon names. Yeah, I guess I could even make the “real name” thing a mystery that the MC never figures out, it’s just out there. Something like Shade might work for sure. I will think on it.

@geldar Yeah I’m not sure my MC would go that route, either, but I want to offer up different flavors for the routes. I envision the Putty route to be more of a Spider Man vibe, lots of colorful characters but not as intense. I envision Gold Fox to be more of Batman vibe, with a darker criminal underworld, and I envision the demon route to be, well, f’ed up with some supernatural stuff and lots of boundary-pushing (MC should worry that the demon will eventually move to possess the MC).


These polls have been ridiculously helpful, so I’ll keep using them to shape the game.

The basic structure of the game will be a series of Modules, with each Module being set up to include 4 testing choices, each will offer some combination of rewards including Funds, Legend Points, Plot Armor, etc.

But how many of you would choose to temporarily DEVIATE from the ‘grind’ of the Testing Choices to pursue more social interactions, if given a chance?

Let’s say your MC was given the chance to skip two testing choices in Module 2 in exchange for more social time with other villains, heroes, your sidekick, your robots/peons, and even civilians? Your MC would be sacrificing the chance to earn some Funds and Legend Points, but would the chance for fun and interactions be worth it? You could maybe use some Funds to buy a gift or do a favor, or use your Legend Points to score the best table at an underground restaurant catering to more nefarious types? You might strike up a romance or make a new valuable contact, who knows?

  • Nope. My MC is focusing on becoming as powerful as possible and GRINDING it out for every single Fund and Legend Point.
  • Maybe? My MC would grind most of the time, but might explore social scenes once in a while.
  • Definitely! I can see my MC socializing as much as possible even if it slows my MC’s progress. Bring on the networking and romance!

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