Last Dream - A Hindu - Buddhist mythological fantasy adventure (W.I.P. updated Jun 30th)

Yes I think so :slightly_smiling_face: It’s great that you made us have a choice of changing gender and all dear :grin:

I think adding more romance options would increase people But also have a choice at experiencing diffrent people in relationships :relaxed:

I’m very thankfull for your hard work :smiley::raised_hands:

Also I’m so crushing on Hiroshi :joy::revolving_hearts:

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Over all I’ve played 5 chaps of the game :blush:


Hi everybody!

Quick update, I hit 90K words. Soon, chapter 9 will be over, and I’ll make an update with it.

Thank you, everybody, for your support. It means the world to me. :heart:


YESSS! :partying_face:

I finished chapter 9 and updated the files on Dashingdon! :tada:

I changed “female parent” with ‘mother’ .

Well, let me know if you like how the story goes on. Thank you again for your patience!


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Thank you @Nexus_Knight . I will fix this asap.


Huh, when I read your wip it kinda remind me of FFX :thinking: not in bad way but yeah looking forward to read more of this :grin:

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Thanks to @Nexus_Knight I discovered quite a bug in the game. I hopefully fixed it by adding the “implicit control flow” option in the startup file.

Long story short, now it should work fine. I tried it a couple of times and it works for me.

Please, let me know if you experience other issues. And thanks everyone again for your invaluable support! :two_hearts:


@Gilbert_Gallo the save and load system isnt working.

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I am SO sorry!

I forgot to “turn the save back on” when I made last update.

I just fixed it. I hope it works now.

Sorry again folks.


I end the demo ! I just want to know, sometimes there is some pronouns that are both he and her for the same character, I have to say that confused me. Anyway, I really want to read more, who know if we will win or not ?

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Hi @Suzuno_TheNekoGirl thanks for your enthusiasm.

If you can please point out where I wrote wrong pronouns I would really be grateful.

My non native English sometimes is really annoying.


I will try to find them ! I’m not native neither in English that’s why it confused me ^^"

I’m gonna try it, but it’s often with Akira, if that can already help you while I replay it ^^

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Thank you very much. When you want, please send your corrections and suggestions via email to so we don’t bother other people in this thread with a wall of text :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you again ,I really appreciate your help :heart:

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