Last Dream - A Hindu - Buddhist mythological fantasy adventure ( FULL GAME. PENDING APPROVAL.)

I loved it and it’s a great story i enjoyed it

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Hi @Amarant !

Sorry if I kept you waiting :slight_smile: Could you please explain your question better? I am not sure how I can help you.

Hi again!
Well, I chose the high corruption and when I open all of my chakras, I refuse to die and return to the start. Is it always like this, or there is a possibility to break free without dying? (Yeah, I don’t want to take a ‘pure’ rout, so I don’t know what happens there.)
And could you please give some tips about how to romance Moanna? I don’t really see any options to do so.

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Did you play all the way through the game after going back to the start because if so does the game change in any way?

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@Amarant, now I get it. Thank you for the question.
I wrote this game to simulate the Hindu idea of “Karma” and “Samsara.”
In this game, Karma is the “big problem to face”, because …

spoiler about Karma

Karma is the monstrous representation of the MC’s past misdeeds that haunt them and the whole world of Loka. If the MC doesn’t atone for their misdeeds, they will be unavoidably drawn into the same old story that repeats itself. Yes, it’s pretty terrifying!

Samsara is the Hindu concept symbolizing the unavoidable wheel of Destiny and reincarnation. The only way to avoid reincarnation (and repeating the same mistakes) is to reach Nirvana with a “pure” heart.

So, the way to finish the game with a “corrupt” route is…

spoilers about the game

You probably already figured it out. There is no way to avoid Samsara by using a corrupt route. You only make it worse. So, to finish the game EXITING Samsara, you must choose the “pure spirit” route. I chose this way because it best simulates these precepts of Hindu philosophy.

@Max_Jones thank you for helping :slight_smile:


Just read this “IF”, honestly imo it’s a simple linear story masquerading as a choice based IF. There are no impactful choices AT ALL as far as I understand. There are almost always three choices and of them at least one or sometimes two of them are just fake choices and even when there’s are choices, they’re just flavour text where the other characters wouldn’t even respond or acknowledge and the NPC/character response is always the same despite the choice. It’s interesting as far as you think of it as just a regular story and not a choice game. I mean, fixed single RO [just with gender choice for MC and RO are the choices here], fixed characters and fixed storyline with fixed responses.

Characters barely respond to the choices if they do at all. All the [three] choices are the same.

And why do you use make pronouns for Kannon most of the time? Isn’t she a fixed female character no matter what? It’s same from female MC.

What gets me annoyed is the fact that majority of choices are only flavour text while the rest are just to mess with stats which are again useless. Most of the flavour text in those texts are almost always contradicting to the the fixed dialogues or actions that follows. For example if there’s a sneaking choice, direct attack action and doing nothing and even if I pick the sneaking choice, there’ll be a flavour text and the next default action is to attack directly.

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I know the story eventually diverges off from it’s FFX “inspiration”, but this literally just copies the dialogue of FFX’s story word for word, with only some differences in character names and setting.

Well I mean, FF is a big franchise so who cares I guess.

Anyway, unfortunately because of this, I still can’t imagine the mc as anyone else but Tidus. We’re locked in to be overly brash, positive and a show-off. The mc acts in ways that we can’t change and it doesn’t feel like I’m playing my character at all.

This IF is essentially “be good guy” or “be bad guy”.

Also I scrolled back and your art just looks straight up like AI art :person_shrugging: eyes fucked, hands unnaturally incorrect, dragon scales breaking off in illogical places, and the stylistic clouds swirling in odd, unfinished directions. These are not human mistakes. This shits embarrassing bro.

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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you, @Empress_Nightmare, for sharing your opinion with us :slight_smile:
My game wishes to simulate the frustrating sensation of the Hindu concept of Samsara.

Spoilers about the game structure

To simulate Samsara, I tried to provide a “fixed script” sensation and implemented a “loop” mechanic, which forces you to repeat the game from the beginning if you make a “wrong” choice. If you repeat the game, you realize you are basically on a “one-way track”: repeating the same mistakes over and over. Eventually, you must make the ‘right’ choices throughout the game to escape your dream prison.
Every choice modifies your stats, which is essential to determining whether you can ultimately exit Samsara.

I’m very sorry for the bad grammar and pronoun issues. I’m not a native English writer, but I’m doing my best to fix them now. I’d like to thank @ChanceOfFire for their invaluable help

@Mused thank you for sharing your opinion with us. :slight_smile: I will try my best to provide better artwork :slight_smile:

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I didn’t want to bring this up when I was reviewing your code, since the game was already approaching publication, but since @Empress_Nightmare mentioned it, I thought I’d raise this anyway.

The overly linear nature of the game could attract significant criticism, even if there’s a ‘concept’ you’re trying to put forward with the game structure. Just be prepared when this hits the stores.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty awful these days, so I’m trying not to comment too much on these forums. I wish you the best of luck with your release.


@Gilbert_Gallo that was my second playthrough just to see if I find it not completely linear story and truly a choice impactful story but while reading it, I had this question both times? Is there actually an RO? And why is MC obsessed with Moanna almost for half of the story?
:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: I thought the thergue is supposed to be the sole fixed RO and yet MC’s actions and dialogues doesn’t give that effect except for first chapter after meeting them perhaps.


Kinda linear but good. I am wondering how you kiss kyoko? It’s greyed out for me

Weird being attracted to Moanna without any input. This MC feels too predefined.

Good luck on release.

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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

@Empress_Nightmare So far, the MC has two possible ROs: the theurge and

Spoilers about ROs

Since the MC is in a dreaming prison, ROs are not ACTUAL ROs but only twisted memories distorted in a dream. Most of the important NPCs represent his Chakras and people from the past.
The same rule applies to the “choices.” Like in The Matrix, the MC is a prisoner with limited options, although he doesn’t realize it.
Sorry if this doesn’t meet your expectations of a branched story with impactful and meaningful choices.

Thank you again for playing :slight_smile:

@JohnKittz Thank you for playing :slight_smile: What you say is odd: you should be able to kiss the theurge without any requirements. Please reload and let me know if it works.

Thank you everyone for your support. slight_smile: We are near completion

EDIT: Now, on Dashingdon, you can find the latest, edited version. Let me know if this feels more like “native English.” :grinning:


Well normally the story is more or less straightforward without the twist… Like that “Prison” I guess this earn a lot of points from me personally because such twist is rare.

If this story is accepted/published and came out on steam I definitely supported by buying it.

Anyway cheers :beers: and congratulations and let’s hope author won’t stop with only this, there is a lot of story waiting to be explored.

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Supporting or not liking isn’t an issue at all, the issue is that this is a linear story despite seeming as a choice based interactive fiction. The story is good enough but that’s the issue, it should’ve been a novel not an IF imo. Still good enough to enjoy once.

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