Last Dream - A Hindu - Buddhist mythological fantasy adventure ( FULL GAME. PENDING APPROVAL.)

Hi @KimiMoonsicle !

I just double-checked the code, and here’s why during your playtest the option is “grayed out.”


Here's the reason why

This is one of the few “bottlenecks” of the game where your stats genuinely matter.
As I envisioned the story, at this time, your choices have made up the MC personality. In order NOT to accept the Final Summoning, the MC should be DIVERGENT (Non believing too much in Brahma’s tradition), EGOCENTRIC (because otherwise they would think about saving other people first), and PRAGMATIST (Otherwise they would believe too much in ‘alleged theoretical solutions’).
Of course, 2 of them are enough to allow you to select the option (you can be Divergent AND Pragmatist, or Egocentric and Divergent, etc.)
To have the “second option” available, you should be more “Egocentric” and more “Pragmatic.”
Currently, your character is way too “Altruistic” and “Idealistic” to contemplate such a choice. :grinning:
Shortly said, as the game is now, the only way to get that option would be to arrive here with different stats. Your MC should be more Egoist and less Idealist.

What do you think about this?
Is this too restrictive? What would you suggest?

Thank you so much for playing the game and looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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Hi everybody!

We’re more than satisfied with the beta-testing results.

To all the testers: PLEASE PM me and tell me how you wish to be credited.

Thank you, everybody!

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Hi everyone!

I officially submitted the game for approval. This formally concludes our playtesting phase.

Thank you, everyone, for your hard work.

Fingers crossed!


I recommend that you remove the link once it gets approval! :leaves:

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Thank you, @love4tae . I will follow your advice. :smiling_face:

It came across me about FFX ref in Ch3 but damn… I sure hope the ending isnt going to be like FFX

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Hi @G_Kagara :sunglasses: Thank you for playing. I did my best to surprise you. Let me know if you like it :heart:

Man, I was very underprepared for just how much like FF10 this is. I just met Midori and I can’t help but feel THE vibe.

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thats definitely restrictive depend on how high you need the stats go and how many branching available, I’d say above 70 is restrictive since its more of specialization stats it force player to choose certain way to interact with the world and since thats how you put it, it enforce certain choice, while there is many choice they kinda useless since the obvious way is to be selfish, rebellious or cynical.

I would rather the stats depend on the ability than personality, I mean people can be jerk or charitable, kind or cruel, open or shy but can still enforce their will and alter the story this way the MC have some “power” to intervene despite their attitude.

breaking character in special circumstances is natural after all for example someone that normally skittish can be courageous in certain circumstances like driven into corner and someone that usually calm can be emotional sometime if it’s about someone/something they care about.

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I think the game has two route… Good and evil… Its personality dependent… Power doesn’t matter in this case… A jerk can’t be a good guy but they can be strong or weak… That sort of thing

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@Lucky_Icarus I am happy you felt the vibe :slight_smile: Let me know how the hype unfolds.

@G_Kagara and @Sailendranath_Murmu thank you very much for your feedback. I am currently improving the game following HG staff directions.

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Hi everyone!

We got feedback from HG!

Overall, the game is ok. Alas, since my non-native English is a little too complicated, they asked me to edit the text so it is more “accessible” and less “complicated.”

Are any volunteers here to help me with this task? I’d do it myself, but it would be better if you helped me.

Thank you in advance for your precious help! We are just one step away from success!

Bruh did u use Google translate for the Hindi :rofl::rofl: as a hindi speaker it was seriously funny and cringy at the same time reading it but seriously speaking if u want any help improving and making it sound less googly Id be happy to help. But still that hindi was seriously funny to read :joy:

@Prabhu your help is truly appreciated.

The help the project needs most now is from a native English speaker to improve the overall readability of the text .

Please let me know if any native English speaker is willing to help.

Hmm I think I could have helped with the English if you just want to refine it a bit but I guess a native English speaker would do it way better but if u want I could help if u need it

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