Land of Slaves and Steel (WiP) 4.21.18



Just tried the demo, the beginning certainly quite different from the previous one (or at least, it’s different from the last time I play it), though it’s still intense all the same, which is why I love it. :thinking: By the way, does MC background also change?

Been doing some nitpicking, sorry if these already reported:


Small one, but I still found this weird how this suddenly use “I” instead “you” like previous text and after it.

If this mean to be MC thought, I suggest to have “This is where I die.” italicized :thinking:


…before you know it, you’re back at the slave pens.


glad to be of service :joy:


Just want to drop by and say that I am totally intrigue on how this will go. I do love some ASoFI moments in my games so I am looking forward to future updates. =)


I really enjoyed reading it can’t wait for the rest :grinning:


The MC backstory has not changed, but I added a little bit of a twist on it, and why you were at the monastery. I’m going to give the players free range as to choose-when you regain those memories, if they lived there, were visiting, just there for worship, etc.

I have a little something special planned with the voice you hear, resulting in the reason you were at the monastery.

I’m glad it’s as intense! I’ve been rewriting for a while, and this is the version I’m most proud of/comfortable with so I’m glad you liked it!

@resuri08 & @Ender1
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I look forward to writing more.


You’re welcome I can’t wait for what happens next :sweat_smile:


I already love this demo, it’s got a really solid start to it. Also love the fact that those around the character can react when I decide to be creepily silent, the Pitt guard really didn’t appreciate how stoic I was trying to be. xD I can’t wait to befriend Erland, he’s already one of my favorite characters! Definitely looking forward to your next update!


A wise company once told me “Silence is a valid option.”



Smol Character update

You, as the MC, can choose if Aeinar or Asger are in the game. It will no longer be determined by gender. I might even make it so that they are twins, and both will be present. This is of course your choice if you wish for both of them, but either way, it’s no longer dependent on gender or sexuality!


Just played the demo and omgs i’m loving it already. It’s got a good start to it and I think I’m in love with Erland already lol.
another question from me (i guess a weird one), are you able to romance gay/lesbian characters if your character chooses either of the ‘I was born a - but identify as a -’ or the ‘I do not conform to gender’ option?


Erland is my baby. He must be loved and adored

To be honest I haven’t really thought about it yet. My motto is realism where it counts, and as much diversity as can be.

That being said: (it got super long)


While personally I feel like whatever you identify as, you are, just not physically. I don’t want to bar anyone, but logically, even if you believe you are a man/woman, if you have the genitalia of the opposite sex, then they would not be interested. I’m all for love people for who they are not their body, but neither Erland or Sigrun are pans. I feel like while successfully making different things worn, it’s a slippery slope to brave, and on that I would rather go down later, when I have more content. I believe they will be inaccessible for the most part.

However you got me thinking. Rowan is a person of great power, and I might just add the option of a ritual. A ritual that will magically and permanently change your sex. It’s fantasy, so I can do what I like. If you choose to transition, the romances will be open to you. If not, fear not as most of them are bi/player sexual.

As for those who choose NB, I will see what I can work out. I believe it will be the same case however, as Erland and Sigrun are only romancable by their sex.

Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t add an option to choose, “My features are more masculine than feminine” or something that implies your sex assigned at birth is either male or female, but your gender is non conforming. That could very solve the problem.

I might also make Erland Playersexual in the long run. At this point it’s all ifs and maybes, I just have a vague idea which direction I wish to go. I hope that answers your questions. e.e


Are you open to input in this issue?


HELL YEAH BARBARIANS?! Finally I can put my Viking character into play. He shall be stronger than the others and much more resilient. I am definitely going to enjoy this.


Yes of course. I’m always open to suggestions.


Stats for strength and resilience. This is what makes a charcter badass when in a fight just mowing through the enemies.


kind of hope that he stays homosexual. i rarely (almost never tbh) see characters who are important to stories that are strictly homosexual.


None of the names seem to work for me unless I type it in myself. Not sure if anyone else had an issue with the names too.


Yes I am aware. I haven’t had time to get on my computer to fix that yet. Thanks tho


Okay, my two cents are in the spoiler bc it might get rambly and I don’t want to take up a lot of space.


‘Biological sex’ is something that I could go on about, how it’s way more complicated than most people think and ultimately has very little meaning unless you’re religious (it’s a whole thing for me), but I’ll spare you because I don’t think that’s necessarily what matters here.

The thing is that not wanting to have sex with people because they don’t turn you on is fine, that’s absolutely understandable and acceptable, but you’re putting a lot on what sex means in a relationship. If you believe that transgender people are actually what they identify as, then the only thing keeping the LI’s from romancing them is that fact that they can’t comfortably have sex.

Maybe there are characters who think sex is really important in a relationship, and that’s fine because there are people who feel that way, but it seems odd that all the relationships should be like that. If you say that sex really is a big part of the relationship, then I believe a good question to ask yourself is, “Would this character also leave a cis person who just happens to not want or like sex?” If the answer is no, then there’s a problem.

Also, the implication that only pansexual people can fall in love with transgender people is both hurtful, and (I hesitate to say) somewhat transphobic. What you’re saying with a statement like that is that transgender people are ‘other’, not what they really say they are, and therefore could never be with the True gays or lesbians.

I’m not trying to attack you btw, I love your writing, this just happens to be somewhat personal to me. Sorry if this is too rambly, I’m sick right now and just woke up. probably not all of this is coherent so if you need me to explain something I meant I will.


Well let’s see here:
I’ve never really liked this discussion as everything I say comes off as an attack, so instead of agreeing/disagreeing I’ll give some background and Vikings and their culture pertaining to such things.


First I wasn’t trying to offend. What I meant by “pans” does not apply today. While today trans people would not be called “other” the hard truth is, in ancient times, they would be. Sadly there was no safe procedure in ancient history that allowed a transition, unless you count Eunuchs. While many eunuchs were esteemed in some cases, a lot of them were considered sullied. A lot were hated. A woman to a man would be even less possible. Thus they would still have what they were born with, and most who weren’t what we call “pans” or “bisexual”, would not have been interested.

In all honesty, the option to be trans is a stretch. What I mean by this is Vikings were pretty okay people, but even they had limits. Trans people in Viking culture was tricky business. If you were a woman, who wished to be a man? Right on! You were a strong and honorable person by wishing to be a man and a warrior. A man to a woman? They are shunned, and disliked. Who would leave the glory of fighting and death to be a social/house woman? While not outright executed, most were driven to death, or abandonment of society. Even though sheild maidens existed, a lot of women just fought to protect their children/homes. So I’m being kind, suffice to say.

As for sex, most would shy away from this issue. If you are a woman and your husband was born a woman, how are you to have children? You need children to work your land, to carry on your legacy? Sex was an important part to Viking life. Their courting rituals consists of it as a certainty, not a maybe. A woman would say, “I made you a shirt, let me braid your hair.” And then they would have sex and get married. There was literally no other way. While this is fantasy, I’m trying to face the facts.

The prospect of me having trans people was an interesting one, as I planned for different scenes for them, from romance, to some special ones with other characters. That why I made a lot of the RO’s either bi or playersexual, as to avoid issues. It just doesn’t make sense to me for a gay person(who would also be shunned btw, if they were on the bottom) to like a certain genitalia, and be romancable by someone who does not have it? Not having sex is an option, but in Viking society that would lead to, not bothering, Adultery, and very likely divorce ( one of the reasons for divorce was if they liked cross dressing? Lol?).

In the end lack of science and present day society/culture is the deciding factor for me here.

It also wouldn’t be fair to gay men/lesbian women, to force a relationship on someone who respresents them, they they normally wouldn’t have. The same goes for straights.

In the end that’s my reasoning. I’d rather not say more of it on this thread. I’m glad you enjoy my writing, but that’s also what this is for. If you want to continue the conversation in pms I’m more than happy, id just rather not have it cluttering up the thread. Sorry e.e

Fun fact, if you were a bottom or the one recoeving, if someone called you a slur, or dishonored you, you legally had the right to brutally murder them.

“You’re Erland’s bitch!”

“Say whaaat?”

axe to the brain hoe!!