Land of Slaves and Steel (WiP) 4.21.18



Sometimes trouble can be good ;3


Here is a little sneak peak of my favorite personality. The sarcastic one.

Dis you click——->


Your feet toe the edge of the wooden platform. You look beyond them, eyes training on the raging flames of the pit. The guards sword presses harder onto the back of your neck; hard enough to slice open the delicate flesh. You feel blood flow down the open back of your tattered shirt, seeping into the hem of your cotton slops.

“Go on,” he says, “jump in.”

(At this point you’d choose the sarcastic remark)

“Wait, wait. You think I’m going to jump willingly into the fiery maw of death?” You question.

The guard looks skeptical as you turn around and give him a pointed look. He scratches his neck absentmindedly, the tip of his sword dropping to poke your sternum. “Well, yeah…” he replies.

“Are you daft? I’m, what, just going to swan dive in? Really? Have you seen it down there?”

The gaurd peers down.

“See those flames? Burning alive is so bad for the complexion,” you sniff, “I do believe I’ll pass.”

The gaurd blinks at you dumbly.

Hue hue. Perhaps I’m putting to much of my personality into this but I can’t bring myself to stop.


I see what you did there :smirk:


So does romance play a part in it or can you choose not to romance anyone?


Chapter One is Here

A little bit about this update:

Stats/Stats Page


I have implemented a rather diverse set of stats. Not all of them will be present in this chapter and a lot of them won’t be needed until farther along in the game.

I recommend you take a look, as to get your bearings in the game. It consists of Relationships with your Compainions, your appearance, a character sheet, your personality stats, fighting abilities, and a page that will come in handy later, the measures your allegiance.

I’ll do my best to change the later chapters based on what stats you have, hopefully even changing entire dialogs/scenes based on how your stats are looking.



What is happening in this moment, and what is to come?

You are a simple slave who knows nothing about what’s going on. A mysterious man rescues you from death, leaving behind a huge plot development for later on.

I plan for things in Chapter One to come back and haunt you in Chapter Ten, choices in the game matter in the long run and hopefully will for you as well.

Next we meet Leif and his council, but not before some altercations in the prison, and outside. You’ll learn a little about Erland, and finally meet your sibling.

Bugs and the Like


I think I’ve quick tested this about 100 times, just to make sure. Any horrible, terrible things you find are probably super game breaking and I ask you pm them to me.

I did not re read it 47398493 times only like 57, so grammar and spelling errors are probably there. Feel free to put them in chat.

Also if you are a code surfer, and you find a way to make my life simpler let me know, and I’ll see what a I can do. I’m the fathest thing from a master.

Romances? What about em? Those don’t appear till later. It’d be kinda weird for you to be sitting before a pit of burning people and be like
“Damn, this man is sexy as hell.” “Smell of burning flesh really turns me on in the morning, he’s pretty bae.”
Hannibal is that you?
Tbh that’s me. Akikikikikiki


Concerning a Character, I ask for Community input.


I’m having an Issue, and it’s kind of game breaking in the metaphorical sense. I love Erland with all my heart, he’s my main character and favorite one. Then I realized a lot of his interaction is planned in his romance scenes. Character development, his past.


And I know I shouldn’t do this, but sometimes I feel like crap hitting on him, and kind of want to open him up to the rest of the community other than just the gays. I love us all very much but… he’s just my baby and I need him to be loved and adored.

So, here’s the poll. I recommend doing it after you meet him.

Thank you for reading my rant, and I hope you enjoy. Link is in the original topic.

Poll below pertains to the input I asked for above, so read pls and thank.

  • Keep his ass gay.
  • Bisexual Bae.
  • Pans. No not cooking pans. PANS.

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No one believed them, and if the did, they feared for their life too much to listen.

You never though you would round a corner and see three men holding down a young girl, far from marrying age, and tearing at her person.

You thrash until he he is forced to put you back on the ground.


Here are all the typos I found





one typo

“You say yourself in him” shouldn’t it be ‘see’?


Ughhhhhh I’m rooting for you author. Been to long since we see a well-written demo. Keep up good work!!! Fighting~


holy crap this is amazing :heart_eyes: i kinda low key fell for erland (falling for your Savior romance trope) but he’s gay sobs but its fine tho! i like having gay friends, we could scope out hot dudes, braid each other’s hair and go out for milk tea. :joy:


We not know it’s because you say yourself in him.

Did you mean “We both know” ?


I’m in the “all romances should be playersexual” camp. Outside of the MC you could always have them express interest in others, make their preference known, or even in the game description mention you consider them as X.


Awesome, love it so far.
Just a heads up I tried two names Katherine and Elizabeth? I think. Both times it didn’t work. Just refered to as ???. When I enter my own name it works fine.


I think hat might be all the female names because it does the same with Ana.



Im weeping


You sharing that lovely meal?

Thanks so much for the typos! I’ll fix those after work.

To everyone else ty for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I think for now Erland will stay, but I might guilt myself into making him playersexual.


Ty! I’ll change that. I prob forgot some pieces of code. Oops!


Awe thanks for calling it well written! That means a lot to me. :heart:️:heart:️


It occurs to me I mever answered your question. My apologies.

No you don’t have to romance anyone. You can be alone the entire game and have the same ending as if you did.


I love the demo! I love the characters and they all seem very well developed. I can’t wait to be introduced to more RO’s!:grinning::grinning: