LacetheDisgrace: Betatesters needed for my entry for the CScomp

Although I’m not at the point that I need betatesters just yet, I will need 1-3 betatesters to betatest for me on my entry into the CScomp this year. All discussion of the game will be carried out in private messaging, and obviously I need betatesters to be discrete until the competition is over. I want all kinds of feedback, and I’ll definitely need people who can point out bugs.

If you have some time this month and the inclination I’d really appreciate the help!

I’ll only describe the game here as a Regency era nightmare that includes psychological horror elements and mystery. I’m not an expert on England’s Regency era, and so ideally I would love the assistance of someone who is well-acquainted with it. I’ve been doing a lot of my own research, but because of the short amount of time I have to research and create the game misinformation is bound to occur. Although on certain things I take artistic license, I definitely want to preserve the flavor of the era.


I don’t know much about England’s regency era but I do have time if you still need beta testers

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Thank you! I still need people who can squish bugs and give me more general feedback. I’ll go ahead and include you in my list of betatesters.

I’ll do it I have a lot of time on my hands this month

@Hell_Satan @masterx

Excellent. I’ll add you two as betatesters. I really appreciate the help. Even if your feedback is just going through and pointing out bugs it helps.

Yes I shall do my best

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Yes! Beta testing hasn’t started yet, but I’m getting there. I’ll add you in as a tester. Thank you

Feel free to close this thread. And to the possible betatesters: I was so busy this month I didn’t reach the point where I was able to use beta testers. :frowning: Thank you for volunteering, however. :smile: