L Leader out there, Hear me out

So I created a topic about space wonders and ideas and stuff, Before it was changed to Off topic By @AletheiaKnights I could post. But now that it is changed and because I am still a basic user I can’t post.
And thatvreally hurts coz I lovevtalking about space
Anything you can do please, one that doesn’t involvle me waiting till I am a member ,which I want to be.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to exclude you from the topic, just to put the topic where it belonged, since it isn’t actually about interactive fiction.

I know and understand ,I saw the tag when I was choosing. So what should I do.

@moderators Can you help us out here? @Stargazer created a topic about space in Other Interactive Fiction, which I moved to Off Topic because that’s where it belongs, but Stargazer doesn’t have a high enough user level to post in Off Topic threads.

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Should be able to now.


Yep, that’s happening, thank you.

You’re able to post in the space thread now?

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