L.A. noire&RockstarGames?!?!?


Ooooh yeah I just preorder L.a. Noire!!! Developed by Team Bandi and Produced by Rockstar Game… It’s a new Thriller game… where your a detective during the 1940’s during Hollywood goldens age…your a detective name Cole Phelps…who just came back from the war and wants a fresh starts… The game has a new feature that has never been seen in games before… Where the facial reaction of a character is so realistic… Rather then the just the mouth moving… The jaw and eye etc will be moving like a real person would… It uses 32 HD camera to capture the face of the actor to use in the game…the graphic is is a 4/5 for me… The gameplay seems good enough for me… The cases in the game are inspired by real life cases such as the Black Dahila…(the case has not been solve and I doubt will ever be solved… Due to the fact.that the case is closed.) Enough of me rambblin… Check out the trailer on YouTube and leave a comment on your thoughts for me… I would like to know what you guys think… Duces


Yeah, I heard all about that game. If I could, I would buy a 360 just so I could play it.


Us ps3 users aren’t too fussed since heavy rain got their first as far as animation and graphics are concerned :wink:


PS3 rocks the only reason to buy an Xbox is to play Halo


Well, the other reason for the xbox is the reliable xbox live network. And the price. And the fact that it is a better brand. And the pre-game screen is a lot better, aesthetically and practically. And the xbox kinect. And Gears of War 3, Star Wars Kinect, Rise of Nightmares Kinect, Project D, XCOM, etc.
Also, the new Elite-S.

There’s a lot of reasons, isn’t there?


Any savings you make by buying an Xbox is quickly taken up by the cost of the online. We have the ability to play Blue ray movies saving you the money of having to buy a blue ray player. Also have PlayStation move. Which also gives us PlayStation hero’s. Featuring sly cooper and Betly.


Lol ps3 is better… it out sold the 360 in every other country except for the US… and the ps3 is still catching up… ps3 has better lighting… xbox only has better Loading texture… lol research people research…


I don’t know much about the PS3, but I love the XBox 360 for the Fable series and similar games.



The Console Wars ended in the 90’s. If someone’s on the fence it’s fine to persuade them, but let people who prefer one over the other just enjoy it.

Yeah, I’m still bitter about the whole Dreamcast thing. ;_;


Lol its all good… I perfer ps3… Xbox is good too…but ps3 is just better…


New Xbox is exactly as good in a lot of things. It has better GPU, same CPU, Better hard drive, unless you want to spend loads updating the consoles, which you don’t want to do because both started with shoddy console making to cut corners, Disc Drive for xbox is debatedly better. PS3 does dominate on audio support and connectivity (controllers), but on audio, not by much, and the controllers it simply can do more wireless controllers at once.
Finally, the important thing about internet is that, with now internet built in, it is only £33 a year for online games. It is, obviously, £33 pounds more than PS3, but the xbox now runs an N-network, not a G-Network. Finally, in backwards compatability, the xbox 360 is so much better, able to run almost all xbox games (the previous console), and indie games, and arcade games, unlike the PS3, with only a few PS2 and PSOne games available, and only from hardware emulation.


And now I am done.


Lol dam write a novel… lol idk about all that man… but the whole internet thing… Fails cuz you have to pay but that N-network is good… But still… Not worth it…


Hahaha just pick up L.A. noire… time right now… 12:25 A.M.


The fact that it is an N-network meant that if the xbox went down, it would not have got so many people’s data screwed over.



Just started playing LA Noire. Really good writing and interesting gameplay since it is basically interactive fiction with nice graphics. I am enjoying it and recommend it, though I am not sure how much replayability there is after the 20 missions.


what is the gameplay like, really? Because, when looking at it on the adverts, it seemed like an interactive film, more than anything (almost a choice-of games, ironically).


It has a formula for each mission: investigate a crime scene, find clues, question subjects (which is really like choice of games with questions and responses). Clues lead to new suspects or locations where you rinse and repeat the above (investigate, find clues, question suspects). Throw in some Grand Theft Auto fight scenes and car chases.

You basically are playing a movie.


:-? Sounds like a good game to play for a fiver, more than anything. I’ll wait till it come out cheap, or borrow it off of someone else before I try it myself.