Kpop rulez


who agree’s with me that kpop rulez


i do.


whats your fav kpop band


I lived in South Korea for over 6 years. Can’t say I’m a fan of kpop, although it is catchy. However, it seems to be more about the dancing than the music…


2ne1 big bang wonder grils shiny


mine is b2st


What are some good Kpop bands? the only kpop star I know is psy I usually listen to Jpop.


B2st is a good band so is super junior and ukiss are ok


What is kpop?


Korean songs


Oh. So like Oppa Gangman Style. :slight_smile:


it’s Gangnam style. Oppa is just a term not in the title of the song, though I do not care much for kpop as Jrock is way cooler I do like Nu:est and Tohoshinki and Super Junior just cuz one of them is Miyavi’s cousin, also BIG BANG TOP + GD 4eva


i like nuest too but like beast better aka b2st


I like BAP and miss a, plus all the other ones you’ve named too


@RoseQueenKamijo My mistake. Didn’t seem right though without Opp, but that might just be my opinion.


@ItalionStailon an explanation of the song~ Oppa means ‘elder brother’ and its a term of affection korean girls call older guys


@RoseQueenKamijo Oh. Thanks for the link.


@ItalionStailon welcome


Who’s with me? I’m a (inactive) Sone


I don’t listen to SNSD a lot, but I do like Lionheart and some of their older songs (Gee, Oh!, and Run Devil Run). Jessica was my bias of the group until she left. Now I guess my favorite is Taeyeon.

I typically listen to f(x) and EXO. I also like some of BAP’s, VIXX’s, and Mamamoo’s hits.