KOTOR Discussion


I bought Kotor 2…Still haven’t really played it…my PC wasn’t good enough or something like that…now I want TOR


Im not into MMORPGs.


Gasp @RRR how could you say something so unholy blasphemer we should staple you to a giant I love mmorpg poster


@HeroMaster while mmo’s are ok they arent the best thing in the world , its like Total Biscut says they are ALL pretty much the same with the quest/missions its always “fetch this item, Kill this person or group of people & Escort this person”

ToR is pretty much WoW in a Star Wars skin it may be enjoyable but it has the same combat system, same playstyle the only difference is the level of storyline ToR adds & once you have seen it then there isnt anything else to get excited about.


True I was just being funny but true though a good storyline is what makes moms worth playing if not the only reason


I love RPGs.


Man KOTOR was definitely one of the best rpgs I’ve played, I mean all the backstory they created and the way the characters meshed together was quite elegant. It’s a shame they haven’t come out with a new star wars game with the same depth and intricacy.


They need to do another KOTOR but for the console


Both KOTOR’s did have console releases. I should know, I have both. You can play 'em on an Xbox 360.


@ArchAngel950 i think that was @Brimstone was getting at was Bioware stating that ToR would be like KoToR 3 - 8, they should have just made ToR a spinoff & not tried so hard to link it to the KoToR series.


Oh. Nevermind, then. :slight_smile:


Poor Meetra Surik…damn Scourge!


Bioware’s latest projects just have really been upsetting (Don’t get me started with DA2 and the Mass Effect 3 ending. notice how I used “ending” instead of “endings”…*shivers*)

As for KOTOR 2 I personally didn’t get the sense of replayability.My first play-through I finished as a Jedi Master (light-side) AND APPARENTLY The Disciple loved me!?I mean Dantooine was the last planet I went to!!!You had feelings for me at the end and expect me to notice you!? Thats pretty selfish seeing as how I have a whole Freaking galaxy to save.


*Spoiler & rant continued in next paragraph*

Now either I’m an unemotional rock or I was too busy oogling over Atton…Which is a WASTE of time because all he ever wants to do is play and talk about pazaak AND the only time he tells you about how he feels is when he is dying in the Restored Content Mod!!If only Bao Dur was a romance option. Oh…yeah the action was good too…

*Rant ends*

Anyway the only reason why I’m about to do another play-through is because of the Restored Content Mod.


@AiEmMe KoToR 2 wasnt really Biowares fault, Obsidian made it. but i agree with you the romances were a pain to try for, Mira & Atton’s were annoying as hell, the easiest one to get by far was Visas


But i find it really easy to train Atton and Mira as Jedi and to Train Handmaiden (man gender only i think) you have to fight her in training battles and it takes forever for her to do another training battle


this discussion still live?


Since nobody had posted in almost a year, I should think it fair to say: No!