KOTOR Discussion


So…anyone play Knights of the Old Republic???


I did.

I am shocked and appalled about what LucasARTs did to the sequel.


GOD! So much missing content! Thank God for the Restoration Mod. (If you are lucky enough to have the game for PC)


I am not so fortunate. My laptop isn’t good enough to run it. But I do have it on Xbox.

I still can’t beat the first game. XD

I keep getting stuck on Korriban, the part where you have to fight two or three of those big green monster-Jedi-killer-things, or do that stupid puzzle.


Try the puzzle. It is much more simple than the stupid Hulk things.


youtube does exist


What really irks me is that Obsidian WANTED TO FIX IT. They were perfectly willing to release a patch to restore ALL the content they had to cut, but LucasARTs TOLD THEM NOT TO.

I hate those puzzles, though. I always fall back on brute-forcing them until I accidentally find it, the odds of which are VERY long, or just trying to bypass it (which in this case is just fighting the Hulk Beast Things.


(Youtube has all the answers)


Anyway, have you played KOTOR 2?


We don’t always have access to YouTube, Zach, and the steps aren’t always easy to remember. Don’t get sarcastic with us.

Yup, and I even managed to beat it, but sadly without the Restoration mod. As it is, the ending sucks.


Me no I think


Sorry and this is what I do go on youtube when I am playing.And PAUSE IT WHEN I SEE THE NEXT STEP


Freakin Krea!


Yes. She’s one of fiction’s greatest liars. XD


Kreia was mean to Atton. Atton was my 2nd favorite character (1st being HK-47) so I basiclly treated Kreia like shit.


@ArchAngel950 an easy way to kill those monsters is stealh outside of the room then go in & plant mines in 3 rows of 5 then adhesive grenade one of them & have the other chase you through the minefield,


Kreia was very wise. I must give her that.


Man Those are fun games i have both of them for my Xbox beat them each Evil (sad part is in the first one i found it really easy to kill Malak) the second one took me ages and i’m not fond of the last world you go to to where you meet Kreia but it was really interesting


The first KOTOR…was insanely difficult.


I like eating pie in kotor