Known Unknowns (twine game)

This is a really wonderful piece of interactive fiction! It is so good in so many different ways. If anyone’s interested in a bisexual romance story with over-the-top but well-written characters and some magical elements, yeah, this is it. Also it takes place in the same universe as Birdland, the previous game by the same author, and has a lot of thematic similarities.

it’s more magical realism than “modern fantasy”, but there isn’t a tag for that.


Hum…what you supposed to do when you get ‘Script error’ ? lol

Bisexual , doesn’t tell me much . Can you play as female ?

Edit: Nvm…for some reason , it isn’t working in Chrome . But work in Mozilla !

Does this site have bots?

SO GOOD. I have so much love for the Birdland universe. The writing is so hilarious and heartwarming!

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