Knowledge needed/offered exchange

There’s already a professional services category (and I think people should be able to post there if they are offering services for free) but I was thinking about something a bit simpler: a knowledge exchange for those who are trying to research certain aspects of their potential stories. This thread will hopefully be sort of like zombie apocalypse resumes, but for areas of knowledge that people specifically need for their games.

So here’s my ad on the subject.

Knowledge offered:
Studying mortuary science, anatomy, and related fields relevant to thanatology. Sociology major who likes to suggest ways to create new and different societies. Aficionado of crime fiction, good at thinking of ways to pull off the required crime (if not the perfect one, which may not exist.) Huge mythology, fairy tale, fantasy buff. Survivalist/post-apocalypse fanatic. General stock of eclectic knowledge.
Added 4/4 - Working knowledge of abnormal psychiatry: first-hand experience with anxiety, PTSD & insomnia, second-hand knowledge of sociopathy/ASPD/NPD, bipolar, BPD, and schizophrenia, have read up on others. Experience with abusive relationships, families, rape and other traumatic experiences. Some experience with the legal system (as a defendant, only misdemeanors and holding cells.)

Knowledge needed:
People to see whether my non-binary gender, trans, asexual, and other paths that are not bisexual-cis female-American include everything they should. People who know about mechanics, inventing, or science in general to make sure I’m getting my facts relatively straight. Also, someone who’s good at mathematics to help balance my stats would be amazingly helpful.
Added 3/30 - Someone knowledgeable about African-American/ethnic hair care (and other race-related character input)

We’ll see whether this works. :smile:


For your stat balancing needs, I built a Fairmath calculator a while ago. Would that help?

This sounds like it might be helpful.

Here’s my ad on the subject.

Knowlege offered:
General knowledge about science and mechanics. General information about autism. Pretty much everything related to Dutch history. General knowledge about art and sci-fi stuff.

Knowledge needed (at the moment):
General information about how an army is structured.

You are awesome. That is such a time-saver!

I stopped using fairmath to track main stats in CCH mostly because manually calculating changes was such a pain.

Knowledge offered:

American government - different branches, national/state/local levels, constitution, politics, etc.

Education and Parenting -especially elementary school aged children

American law including criminal law and torts - I can walk you through the process for a civil lawsuit or a criminal charge, at least in my state - states will vary

Sports, especially football and basketball

Municipalities - how cities work

American and world history - general knowledge, but not “in the weeds” knowledge

Knowledge I wish I had

Scientific/Technical knowledge - all

How women think - all

Mechanical knowledge - i.e., “what in the heck does this thingie do?”

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I have approximate knowledge about a lot if things

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I believe you need to be a little more specific than that :smile:

We all have approximate knowledge about a lot of things.

Knowledge I can offer:

Oneirology and the Sciences of Dreams: Anything related to how we dream, beliefs and aspects of dreams, the science behind lucidity, and all that sort of stuff. Useful for Dream-esque WIP’s I guess.

Therianthropy/Spiritualism: Anything related to the spiritual aspects of reincarnation from animals and mythical creatures I suppose. Heck, anything spiritual I could have a crack at answering.

Mythologies: I know the lore of quite a few. Enough to keep a Mythos game interesting.

Mathematics/Statistics: I may hate stats, but I can help in that area.

Other Sciences: A little less so physics, and more so biology. Psychology and Neurology are my favourite sciences.

Knowledge that I require:

Demonology: I’d love to know more about traditional and modern demonology, as well as ritualism and Satanism. It would be of great benefit for SaD.

Sociology: Crafting an interesting and developed society is a weakness of mine.

Also anything that people generally love to see in interactive fiction. I’ll be honest, I don’t know of any expectations or dislikes.

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Offered Knowledge:
Anything relating to LGBT things, particularly gender identity. (I am a trans woman, so I know the most about that. I know a lot about trans men and intersex people as well, but obviously I’m not one, so my info won’t be 100% the best.) I know a lot about Intersectional feminist theory, especially as it pertains to Middle Eastern and Latin American cultures and Immigrants in the united states. I also have a lot of knowledge about the symptoms and realities of Schizophrenia and therapy, though not so much about the actual medication. I also know a lot about what it’s like to be homeless, particularly in regards to homeless youth (those with “Early Independence”), in both the United States and in Latin America. Finally, I ALSO know a lot about abuse, and have worked with victims of it for a long time. Basically, if you want to make your story PC, come to me.

Knowledge Needed:
Shit, anything. I write all of my things in a huge extended universe so chances are, whatever you’ve got, I’ll need eventually. The only specific thing I know I want more info on is life in prison, especially women’s prison. Also: extreme cold weather survival (think the Arctic) and the effects that kind of weather would have on contemporary infrastructure.

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I am trying to do all of my stats in 5s, and wouldn’t want to just multiply any fairmath adjustment by 5 for fear of ending up with skills in the hundreds.

Does anyone know a way to just keep perfect track of what the maximum possible stats are at any given time, so you can add more or remove some opportunities to change them by hand?

The max your skill can go up to is 99.9 with fairmath. Btw you should probably be using fairmath only for opposing stats …

I am not at my best lately. I have been troubled by the past, craving the opportunity to share my ill-gotten knowledge in a productive way. I could really use someone to listen to me and help drain the venom. It would be especially symbiotic if someone needs to research criminal methods, abusive dynamics, or trauma-related mental disorders, all of which I could shed light upon by venting.

I’d be willing to listen. I don’t explicitly need research on any of those, except perhaps trauma related mental disorders, but I have a few story ideas swirling in my head that could do with me knowing a bit more on criminals methods. Aside from all that, I’m always glad to learn, you can’t always know how useful something might turn out to be.

Oh, I hadn’t seen this thread before. It’s definitely a fantastic idea.

Knowledge Offered: Philosophy PhD student here, so I’m not the worst person to ask if you have questions about that. I’m probably a little better for contemporary trends than historical figures, but the cool thing is, I know a lot of people who have knowledge I don’t, so I can also outsource questions to people in other areas.

I was also an anthropology major in undergrad, so there’s some stuff there. I went to one of the liberal-artiest liberal arts colleges to ever art liberally, which mostly just means I have a lot of nonspecific, non-experiential knowledge on how to be PC. You should always prefer the advice of actual [insert whatever group you’re attempting to represent here] over mine, but there are worse secondary resources than I, I suppose.

Areas in which I have incidental/trivial/hobby-based knowledge include: mythology, pre-gunpowder weaponry, criminal psychology/profiling/famous American serial killers, some trial procedures (American criminal courts, mostly), the Japanese and Latin languages (ish), English grammar and linguistics (to some degree), formal logic, the American university system, the experience of depression/bipolar disorder, poetry (but definitely not the writing thereof), and a smattering of mammalian biology.

What I will need help with if I ever have to use it in something: Science, especially anything concrete. Mathematics. Most historical periods I would potentially want to use. So, pretty much anything and everything.

On a related note, I’m always willing to learn stuff, so random messages containing informative venting are always welcome if needed. :smile:

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Knowledge Offered

Science. I’m not a scientist, more an enthusiast, but as long as you don’t necessarily need complex physics equations I can summarize and elucidate on most corners of physics and some of the more ‘out-there’ stuff (multi-dimensional interpretations of string-theory, an overview of quantum mechanics, General and Special Relativity etc).

Historical knowledge including technological and sociological breakdowns of your chosen time-period. Anything I don’t immediately know I can brush up on relatively quickly.

World Buildah: I can produce examples of the sort of complex documents I’ve put together for others, as well as my own works, I generally work best in far-flung science-fiction or high fantasy, inverting or re-purposing more tired ideas to give them modern relevance. PM me and I’ll provide examples.

Proof Readah: Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to go over your work before you want to release it to the public? My eyes are all over that shit.

Skills Needed

I would mostly enjoy having people read over my works for feedback on consistency and humour, so anyone who feels they have an hour or so to waste could probably do worse.

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@Sashira, what’s your preferred technological method of venting—post, mail, message, “the skypes”?

For my own edification, I’d be interested to know what would cause someone physically capable of talking to not talk, ever. (I read this is called “alogia.”)