Champions aren’t born they’re made, they are in the gym daily working on their craft getting better and they all have one dream to be the greatest that ever laced up a pair of gloves. Do you have what it takes to be The Greatest?

Ok this is my first ever game, after just lurking in the forums I’ve decided to try making my own. So I need as much criticism as possible and don’t hold back even if it seems cruel any bit helps, so give my game a chance and tell me what you think.

Edit: Ok guys I’ve heard most of the criticism so far and it mainly deals with how the opening seems too dull so I will liven it up by redoing the opening to start with an amateur fight which will set your boxing stats and then move on with the creation part from there. Thanks for all the criticism it has helped a ton.


Kind of bit too short to really offer any opinions on this so I’ll wait until more content is added. There’s also a spelling error when picking your race, it should be “caucasian”.

Either way, thank you for writing a boxing WIP. It’s always good to have more sports content and I’ll be looking forward to this.


First complaint is that I can’t choose feather weight.

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Well as an MMA and Kickboxing fan I’m always in for a martial arts game! Best of luck to you and if I can be of any help I’d gladly help

So far it’s a little short but that’s to be expected I look forward to replying when the first matches have been added

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Alright my bad just fixed

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thanks for reading and for the spelling error

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Thanks for reading

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The stats page has me pretty optimistic. Definitely want to see this go forward

Well, so far it’s kind of barebone, and the demo has rather dry text. That being said, I really like the idea of a boxing game, so I wish you for the best.

Maybe try to make the character customization a little more organic? I know it’s not always easy do, but I always felt like the “you fill all the informations on a form” is a bit of a cop-out.

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If it fits the setting, I don’t mind. In the opening scene, you are registering for a tournament.

First of all, this is a very niche game already. There aren’t a lot of sports games on HG or COG, so this will be an interesting one to follow.

Besides the capitalization and punctuation errors, the next thing I want to talk about is the story.

Will the story be that you want to be the greatest fighter ever? If so, that probably won’t be very interesting in the long run. I think being the best fighter should be a side goal, but I really think you need a true conflict or something to make us want to play and get better. There’s nothing wrong with making a game where you do just fight and you have a lot of technical terms, but I think it’ll be hard if you just focus on that and you want people who are not into the niche to also play and enjoy.

Are you fighting to eventually get enough money or recognition to do something? Are you fighting because you think it’s expected of you? Are you fighting for fun but you also have a desk job you’re struggling to keep? Or are you just fighting for the hell of it but other outside forces are making you hard to do so?

Slammed! was a great game despite me not knowing a lot about wrestling because there was conflict and whatnot also going on in the game. I think once you determine that, it’ll be great! I also don’t mind how our name/gender/etc is asked since it does flow naturally for signing up to fight.

Right now it’s very short so I can’t offer much else in forms of critiques, but I always love when a game concept is shared that isn’t from a typical genre found in COG/HG.


I’d argue it makes for a kinda weak opening scene. Beginnings are important to grab your player right away, after all.

To make a comparison that I imagine will be made more than once, given how thematically close that game is from this WiP, just look at Slammed opening. You’re immediately thrust in the middle of the match, with customization options being spaced out as the story begins to play out and you get to interact with the world. I’d argue it makes for a pretty smooth introduction - by the time you get to choose the MC’s name, you already have a decent idea of who they are and what they want.

Now I’m not saying this WiP should ape Slammed mindlessly, and it’s important for each game to bring their own take on a genre to the table. But it’s worth looking at what works in other successful products, and see if part of those recipes can’t be used to improve your own game.

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Okay, I am now tracking on what you mean. There is no real effort to establish any kind of tone prior to having to do the “chores.” That is a valid criticism, but not one I can offer any help with since we have no idea what kind of tone the story will have.

All I know is that I am looking forward to an interesting “boxing sim” with really customizable styles based on the detailed stats. As long as it delivers on that, I’m happy.


Let me tell you, I was about to write a boxing story too, but it’s just that I’m boxing instead. I hope your story is good and maybe even inspires me so I can finish mine.

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This reminds me of Slammed! Did you take inspiration on it? Even the names are similar.

Nice I love fighting games

I smell wonderful potential, especially since your doing something, not procrastinating like me.

The first problem’s at the start; where they ask questions, yadda yadda yadda, but you need these little guys " " before and after- “Okay so your first name is majinmike, and what is your last name?” so it seems like a question.

Also, I think the options should always be Capitalized, since it looks better-Yes No

Finally, slow down. Put more , and remove unnecessary words, just to spare space.

I think this can… work out. (Get my pun?)

My sincere regards, Luke.

(Sorry if I’m acting snobby)


Ok I see what you’re saying and I was originally thinking of doing that but I thought getting the character creation and the stats set would make everything go smoother, but I’ll see what I can do.

Yeah I kindof did it was the first game that got me into playing choice games so I wanted to do my own take, but with boxing.

No you werent acting snobby :rofl::rofl: I welcome all feedback and this was good.

Hmm I didn’t think of that maybe having a lifelong rival who you want to better than could make it more interesting?:thinking::thinking:

I’ll try to make the tone more high-paced by redoing the prologue to start with your first amateur fight and yeah the matches will be based on your stats and how you use them with your chosen boxer style.


To build on what @tandra88 was saying you probably should have something else to drive the plot then “I just wanna be the best”. I personally don’t mind but it probably won’t interest others like he said. Maybe he could be boxing to escape poverty or to pay off a debt that would cost his life (similar to an anime called megalo box). Or mabye the MC can join a school boxing team and still pursue his goal…idk just stuff to think about.

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Slammed! is one of the best games ever published by CoG. But keep in mind that the conflict wasn’t established right at the beginning. At the beginning it was just you trying to make it to the big leagues as a wrestler. The premise was only created when you saw your old friend/rival on the cover and the conflict didn’t really start until you got fired /set up / betrayed.

There is nothing wrong with a slow build and a neutral opening, as a matter of fact I believe it makes the enevitable “conflict” much more personal since it’s happening to the player. If the conflict is already determined/established before you take “control” of the PC I feel it demonishes that.

So I’d say start neutral and simple like “I wanna be the very best” or “I want that Olympic gold medal” and then pile the drama on top of the player and force them to deal with it how they see fit.