Knights of the old republic 2


The game is awesome … Could the star wars universe be a possible idea?


You would need permission from Disney, as they hold the rights for the Star Wars franchise, and that’s unlikely to happen.


Both of the KOTOR games are awesome, and whilst I’d love to see something in a similar vein to them (style of dialogue and approach to moral choices) as a CoG game, @fantom 's right, you couldn’t make it about Star Wars.


You could ask disney


The old republic is one of my favorite games eve


I played it before i really understanded english but i made it somewhere to a moon or something after shooting enemy ships


@darkstar2101 “The Old Republic” is not the same as “The Knights of the Old Republic”. The former is an MMO, the latter are Choice an D&D-Esque RPGs for PC and the original Xbox.


I know my bad mis read it but I still liked the kotor games


Both are right of Bioware owned by Ea and Disney . Ea and Disney are known for destroy denounce fan fiction so 99% negative. You lost your oportunity when Disney bought Lucasarts lol lucas was realy friendly with fan fic .


Just send a email to disney asking if you can write a story/fan-fic about star wars or in the star wars universe or about kotor2


if it´s about kotor universe you have mail Bioware first and second Disney due the authors was Bioware so they come first.


Or you could just make something loosely based on the same material, include everything you love and exclude everything you hate, then rename everything and change some descriptions and names of things.

For example:
Jedi=Space Mage
Kashyk/Wookie Homeworld (sp?)= Homeworld of the Furries

And so on and so on.


Interesting ., I have to try and find the first game !!!


@Yamamato I do not think “Homeworld of the Furries” is a good idea for a name. It may cause some confusion :smiley:

@ghostface22 steam sells KOTOR on PC via direct download relatively cheap


Wookies are those small teddy bears right? If they are, they are very dangerous because the eat people alive


Umm no, the small ones are Ewoks and AFAIK they don’t eat people alive…
Chewbacca is a Wookie.

“Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?”


Ewoks eat stormtroopers its true… :l


No its not true lol. they are mostly vegetarian.


In the family guy star wars special their ewoks do eat people lol


Those aren’t real ewoks X(