Knights of Evallon (WIP) [Updated 25th Nov 2022]

@Cingulum_diaboli Thanks for the suggestion.

@Damnjackson Thanks! Glad to hear it.

@Empress_Nightmare Thanks, I have hunted down and fixed some of them.

@RenataC Thank you so much. Also, it’s really helpful. They should be fixed now. I have also hunted down a few others.


@Zeom Sorry you feel that way.


His cheeks flush scarlet. “How about the drink for now?”

“If you insist,” you smirk.

She continues to smile and nods, pouring a glass of dark red liquid and setting it on the tray in front of you.

I think this is the wrong gender use here.

So, can I see that sword?" Soren says as soon as you leave Condor’s office.

You proffer it, and he takes it, not with deference but with awe.

There’s the familiar metallic sound when he draws it.

“Wow! This really is something.” His eyes gleam as he examines the blade. “You know, Scarlet Night is one of four legendary cursed swords forged by Muramasa.”

“For real?”

“Yes—Scarlet Night, Azure Sky, Verdant Wind, and Golden Dawn. I would love the last one for aesthetic reasons.” She smirks as she carefully sheathes the sword and returns it to you.

A man in an infantry uniform smiles flirtatiously as she walks past

It’s her gold half-moon ring.

“The ring still looks good.” You smile.

“Of course it does,” Karlen replies. “I polish it regularly and will continue to do so until I find with Ryland and reunite the two half-moons.”

You offer a silent nod. His positivity is infectious. Despite the terrible violence of the war, he still believes his brother is out there. If only you could be so positive about Esme’s fate.

“Thank you.” She beams and prances away, her hair trailing after her like a stream of red wine.

“Hiya, champ!” Jur waves from the table overlooking the narrow alley below.

Karlen giggles as he runs to the only table on the balcony of the Spicy Dragon, your favorite haunt in the city. He and Darina embrace like children. In a way, they are children, you all are—the children of war.

Same here too.

Well if I see any more I will let you know. :grin:

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@Max_Jones Thanks. I wrote base Z with female pronouns and must have missed replacing a lot of them with the appropriate codes.


@Max_Jones I appreciate it. Also, I fixed the ones you mentioned.


Do we have a choice in what power we get?

I feel sad for my MC because they’re not even that old and they’ve already lost two loves. :disappointed_relieved:


Wow major changes since I last read it, still enjoying it; but just before the big fight my MCs gender was being referred as male and female in the same sentence, also this occurred to the end of the demo, my mc was female if that helps track down the error.


@Max_Jones Unfortunately, you cannot choose the power. And yes, you aren’t lucky in love so far.

@Zenobrighter Thanks! I’ll hunt down and fix it tomorrow. Glad you are enjoying it though.


Another question - Can I kill Mizrael?

For winning first time and for replacing Thane :unamused:


Wow the plot changed quite a bit. Is it done to match your other story?

Gunna be honest, I really like the changes you did to this since I last time I read it.

But I really hope I can put a few thousand bullets into Mizrael later. :innocent:

I appreciate and enjoy the new characters and how you did the new intro stuff. It definitely made it easier to connect with my character early on, at least to me. However, it really made me sad that Kairi got killed, does this always happen or is there a way to save them? If its intended that she dies there, fine. I get it, it would definitely be a good motivator to add onto the Revenge Deathball. But I was assuming I could save them.

As of now I’m under the assumption that they’re either not actually dead, or will come back somehow in the future.

Either way good job on the rewrite. I enjoyed it so far. :black_heart:


But for how long?

Can you put cheats you don’t have to build the game around it just make it a option and ppl who don’t like it can just not choose it


The new, slower pacing is super welcome. I also want to say I really liked Kairi in the short time we knew her, well done. There’s some proofreading issues and such but overall great rewrite. Excited to see more.


was wondering if the mc backstory was changed too? like the mom and mc true goal?

Are these supposed to be questions? They seem like statements.

Finally, you speak. The words form around your sorrow like rock-hard icicles before bursting forth like a tempest of a winter storm. “I-I’m sorry. I couldn’t save her**?**”

She offers no explanation, no justification. “Her sacrifice will not be in vain**?”**

A living Eden could be pumped for information, so it seems counterproductive to kill him.

By the by it threw me at first to see a male Eden, but looking it up, yep, that’s a thing.

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Yes, you can kill him. You can take your revenge on all four of them. (kinda) Mizrael is still walking around, Celes has become the patron saint of the Church of St Celes, Amelia is Victor Loredan’s descendant, and Y is the reincarnation of the hero.

I wanted to stretch things out. And to the contrary, the changes have instead pushed KoE further away from the elements of Reminiscence.

You can. See the blurred portion above. XD As for K, there might be some shenanigans with the rings and the twin under specific circumstances.


I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks! I am glad with K’s reception. And yeah, I really need someone who plays as a female and picks male ROs to alpha test. I missed a lot of pronoun codes.

The Greek gods are out. Going to use original deities. Mainly because of the introduction of the One True God, angels, prophets, etc. I made the choice to set the story in a completely original setting where these beings are original characters.

They are not questions. I’ll fix them. And yes, Eden is the result of my hunt for unisexual names starting with E.


Eden’s death was collateral damage from the process/ritual.


Cheat menu added. It’s accessible from the Stat page.


Oi there @Astralise.Ink, looks like save plug-in were turned off or something.