Knights of Evallon (WIP) [Updated 25th Nov 2022]

I have a question - when you say that romances may not end happily, do you mean that for some romances the choice is out of our hands (as in, some will end badly no matter what), or do you mean that if we make certain bad choices particular romances could end badly? :thinking:

Personally I enjoy when romances CAN end badly if we make certain choices (even if the choices that lead to said ending aren’t always apparent as we’re playing - sort of like a knock-on effect - or if getting the good ending is really hard or requires two playthroughs or whatever). It makes sense for things to go badly if the player is not attentive or acts like a fool or doesn’t consider consequences. BUT, I dislike when a romance will end badly no matter what, especially if I’ve been playing a game for hours, am thoroughly immersed, and like that character a lot. It actually makes me feel a bit sick in the stomach (and not in a good, ‘oh, that really hit me in the feels, that was powerful!’ way), and if I know that’s gonna be the way of it in any choice-based story I’ll generally straight up steer clear of romancing that particular character to avoid said feeling.
Obviously that is not going to be the same for everybody, some may really love that kind of thing, I’m just speaking for myself here; it’s like, RL has enough sobering experiences, so it’s nice to know that even if things can end badly in a game (that I play to get away from life’s sobering experiences) because I made a bad choice, I can just start again and do things differently next time around and hopefully get the ending I want eventually. Y’know, unlike it usually is with life. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyway, just my opinion on the matter - obviously you should do whatever you feel is in the best interests of your novel at the end of the day. I AM curious to know which it is though, if it’s possible to say?


Pretty sure it’s the latter

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@Erized Hi! Thanks for the question. @Sujan_Dhakal is right. None of the romances are inherently doomed. It all depend on your choices and stats.


That’s a massive relief - thanks for answering the question! :slight_smile:


@Erized No worries. It’s my pleasure.


After talking to the members of my Discord Server, I’m working to rewrite some parts of KoE in order to fix inconsistencies and restrictive details. I am also looking to fix one major complaint—that the pace is too fast.

In the meantime, I posted a small 5000 word update for Reminiscence; MoE, and finally an announcement.

I have spent quiet a bit on art for both Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity and Knights of Evallon and will commission more in the future. To that end, I have opened a Redbubble Shop featuring merchandise of the characters. It’ll probably not cover the entirety of the commission prices, but every little bit helps. However, you don’t have to buy anything if you are unable to. I am grateful for the reads and the feedbacks. Thanks for all the support.


A update on the status of KoE:

Having received a lot of complaints about the breakneck pace of the story, I’m adding the following scenes to alleviate them.

-After the Prologue, you’ll return to Gralea.
-You’ll meet Sofia/Dawn and other SIN agents. You’ll even have the choice of already being in a relationship with a fellow genderflippable, playersexual agent.
-Condor will order you to go to Evallon. You can either be receptive to the idea or whine about it. Regardles, there’s no way out and you will have to accept the mission.
-You’ll play through your first meeting with Isabel.
-Your first mission will involve assassinating a Knight.
-For the next mission, you’ll be attending a ball at Leone’s mansion. Here, you’ll have the option to further your relationship with Amelia and start one with Leone. This will might make the choice to kill him harder.
-Finally, while there’s no death per se, but you can very well fail the assassinations except for the one in the Prologue.

Thank you, please stay tuned for more updates. Have a great day!


As if


This ball won’t save you, Leone :joy:


Lmao! No love lost for Leone it seems.


A bold assumption…


@Sneeky @Cingulum_diaboli @Zeom



Besides, if there’s a choice I’ll just spend all the time there with Amelia.


And who might that be?


A fellow SIN agent.


I’m guessing either Dawn or Sofia, unless you decided to make a brand new character

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Isn’t Dawn already in a relationship with the MC’s sister?

Not that it would stop my horny MC from flirting with her.


@Sneeky @Zeom Dawn and Sofia are the same person. And yes, she was in a relationship with Esme.





Wait, I’m misremembering, wasn’t there another Agent we were talking with?

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