Knights of Evallon (WIP) [Updated 23rd July 2022] Plus new Discord Server

Thanks. I am hoping to get it done quickly. Again, appreciate you reading.

Noted. Will see what I can do.


Doing some juicy fanart for Y! and got a question :kissing_closed_eyes: :

-do they have a snake tattoo where they conjure the snake from? If so what arm and a rough idea of the design? I don’t think I saw anything talking about any tattoos but just wanted to make sure.

Love the writing of KoE and this might be the first WIP I actually read through without skipping around :joy:! Can’t wait for more!!

Much love :green_heart:


@LainyLu Thank you for reading. I appreciate it very much. I am glad you liked it.


Absolutely @Astralise.Ink :heartpulse:!
I’m in the thumbnailing stage right now so I want to capture everything about the character before I go into my other processes of digital work. If its story immersion breaking you don’t have to tell me, I’ll just get creative with what I plan to do.


@LainyLu Thank you, but may I ask which character are you talking about?

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Sorry @Astralise.Ink , let me clarify,Yuna/Yuri :smiling_face:. I put Y! Because I was talking about them in general. There was a scene in the WIP where they were fighting the MC and they conjured an ethereal green snake from their arm (only to not use it because they wanted their death to be slow :sob:). I will be drawing Yuri and he may or may not be semi-topless in the painting lol so I was curious to know does he have like a sleeve tattoo of a snake on his arm where he conjures the green snake from or is it all from within him and/or his sword?


@LainyLu Oh, gotcha. I imagine he must have a snake tattoo somewhere. You can put your own spin.