Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] [OLD VERSION]

Is it blurred or have i failed miserably?

Just be careful anyone who watch it, because I never see the same Melissa I see before :pensive:

It’s success now, and don’t worry I also have same experience before dunno why

wait so crazy artery slicer lady, is supposed to be Melissa? and sophia is the one who gets murdered?

yep, Melissa the one who have knife here from how @Sophia describe it previously. I’m sure it’s not going to be that bloody…right? Because I really hope not,:thinking: maybe mc can intervene?

@Sophia can we kill melissa if she tries that

If I remember correctly, you can kill anyone, even Javier.

How did barely slicing the skin create so much blood… :cold_sweat:

Honestly I think Princess Sophia is more likely to do that (if you somehow get her to like you) than Melissa, since Melissa probably wouldn’t hurt a fly and it would dishonor her family. (Only reason she isn’t having an affair with MC)

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well then, this is going to be even more fun evil smile

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How dare you want to kill Javier. He is the best character. (Would RO if I could)

i think it severed the artery
and i have a feeling thatMelissa has some Yandere tendencies i have no proof for that, i just think she does

nah javier can stay hes cool, but vicky and marxus are going to die

I’m pretty much stating the same thing as everyone else has; research the weapons that exist in your story and how they are used different types of battle (different swords are handled in different ways after all). Even watching weapon demonstrations could help give you the idea of a weapon’s weight and effectiveness during certain fights.

Watching shows that deal with the type of setting that is more like your world’s also helps immensely. Naruto might be a interesting thing to watch, but its fight scenes could easily feel a bit out of place in a world where the most warriors likely handle their battles differently and have different weapons/mean of defense at their disposal (although if you were mainly looking at the Naruto fight scenes to get a idea of what to do with thieves like Chris/Kris and future assassins that may come up, it won’t feel as off).

(You know your characters more than anyone of us at the moment; consider their personalities, outlooks, and temperaments. Then put yourself in their shoes for a moment and imagine a particular character in front of them; how would they feel and handle that character, especially if they knew they were likely going to deal with them a good deal of the time. What may cause their relationship to change for better or worse?)

Honestly, from what the demo has offered so far, these are my guesses of what could possibly happen.

Sophia/Andus: Mixing a brutal man with a intense dislike of magic with an outspoken individual whose well practiced in magic sounds like a nice recipe for disaster. Andus clearly had some type of ulterior motive for arranging a marriage with his enemy country, so he might have very little interest in Sophia’s presence at first after her marriage with the Second Prince. But the moment that he notices a bond being created between the Second Prince and Sophia, things might end up changing DRASTICALLY. Especially if the bond becomes highly intimate; I don’t how your world handles succession and heirs, but for some kingdoms, there is a lot more favor placed on the sibling who already has blood related heir when deciding who will rule after, since it means the bloodline is more stable due to there already being someone who is able to inherit the throne after . So if Sophia were to be carrying the Second Prince’s child while Melissa has yet to have a child with Marxus himself, it could potentially cause some in power to favor the Second Prince who already has a heir (and is born from the Queen rather than a concubine), something I have have high doubts Andus would be happy about.

Sophia/Victoria: The Queen didn’t even bother to hide her dislike of Marxus much, to the point her very young child can easily notice the shift in moods his mother went through. Why would she bother to do such a thing with Sophia? It’s hard to say what it is about Sophia that the Queen dislike, but the older woman doesn’t seem the type to hide her spite easily at times and Sophia doesn’t seem the type to just sit there and let someone talk down to her. That said, if the Queen genuinely has a strong bond with her child and cares for him, she might at the very least attempt to be cordial as much as possible after a while (not that she’ll always do it successfully; just that she might try).

Sophia/Marxus: This one is honestly tricky. Marxus doesn’t seem like the spiteful type unless provoked in some way and pretty friendly in general. But that was the feel I get from the Marxus of the past; there hasn’t been much interactions with the Marxus of the present that shows if much has changed after his marriage to Melissa since he came off as just as distant toward the Second Prince as Melissa has apparently been to the Second Prince. But unless he is , I doubt he’d be all that rude to her, though I can’t imagine why he and Sophia would be interacting in the first place.

Sophia/Melissa: Another tricky thing to envision and a good deal dependent on the two girls’ relationship with the Second Prince. I imagine that if Second Prince did originally have feelings for Melissa and moved on to genuinely love Sophia, things would be a good deal tense between the two. It may become even more awkward and messy depending on the way Melissa discovered the fact that the Second Prince had moved on to develop feelings for Sophia (like if she accidentally catching them verbalizing their feelings for each other or having a intimate moment together rather than the Second Prince letting her know how things have changed himself).


Ima test it right now and tell you the results. Also what side of the neck was the cut again… I don’t want to watch that video again.

i think it was her right side also what do you mean youre going to test it?

creepy smile about time you learn that no one perfect in this world mate.

I’m going to see if i bleed that much and die in 12 seconds. DUH

@Sophia I have a suggestion related to skill development. If you will make every skill necessary to develope to a certain percentage players will have to maintain balance between their skills yo not die early, this will make even a linear story more game like. Take example from sabres of infinity and guns of infinity.


well if you change your mind then just know putting pressure on it helps slow it down

I don’t have a knife like that do you think scissors would work?

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