Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] [OLD VERSION]

I’ve began working on my first project titled Two Kingdoms. It’s my first time posting a demo here in the forum. it is set in medieval ages, but I added magic stuff. :grin:


In the west is Lucraex, and on the east is Darvis. After 3 centuries, the war between the two countries hasn’t died out yet. To put an end to the severe war, the two countries’ royal families set a marriage contract. But that pact failed years ago. This time, It is you who will wed the enemy…

There are 2 different POVs you will play as:

  • The second-in-line Prince of Darvis. Original name is Prince Reinhardt.

  • The first-in-line Princess of Lucraex. Original name is Princess Sophia.



King Andus III - The King of Darvis and Prince Reinhardt’s father. Skilled in arms and leading his men, he has won the respect of his kingdom, despite his cruel and heartless ways of winning.

Queen Victoria - The Queen of Darvis and Prince Reinhardt’s mother. Quite the beauty, and outstanding charisma which would make the men swoon at her will. All Reinhardt’s life, she has been encouraging him to become the king.

Prince Marxus - The first-born son of King Andus III with his low-born concubine, Aless. Ridiculed by all due to his status as the son of a concubine. He is 5 years older than Prince Reinhardt, and one of the commanders of the kingdom.

Melissa - The daughter of the most powerful duke, Duke Clarent, and the wife of Prince Marxus.

Princess Sophia - The first-in-line princess of Lucraex, and the one who was arranged to become Prince Reinhardt’s wife.

Prince Reinhardt - The second-in-line Prince of Darvis and the husband of Princess Sophia.

Ser Javier - The guardian of Prince Reinhardt. Dependent and lovable, he became his father-figure rather than King Andus.

Clithus - The guard of Princess Sophia sent to protect her from all harm. A lady knight who was named as a man, despite being a woman.

Kris/Kridus - The peasant who shows an outgoing and open personality.

Prince Vinceliot - The crown prince of Lucraex. Full of ignorance and pride, the King of Lucraex has still not seen him worthy of the crown. He is the cousin of Princess Sophia.

King Elyon IV - The 20th and current King of Lucraex. Despite being in his sixties, his shrewd mind is still there. He is the grandfather of Princess Sophia.

Common Questions:


Why is there a character who has the same name as you?
Haha… You know… The author also wants to be in the game. That character is also a duplication of my personality.

What is your inspiration?
My life. This story is technically telling you what happened in my life.

Why is this thread so active?
I also don’t know why! :joy:

When is the next update?
First of all, that is against the forum rules. I will comment when I will update, but I mostly update if there is an event that will happen.

What are your plans for this project?
There are 3 books in total. Book 1 part 1 is this one, and the part 2 is when you’ll play as Princess Sophia. Book 2 is when you’ll play as the Hero King, and Book 3 is when you’ll play as the heir of Book 1.

So… RO wars?
Right. I’m fine with the RO wars, but avoid insulting each other. :slight_smile:

I saw an unrealistic scene, grammar, and error in the game. What should I do?
Comment it! I am totally open to critiques and suggestions. :grinning:


Which RO are you most interested in?
(Male Path RO Here) (Female Path RO Here)

  • Princess Sophia (Wife)
  • Melissa (Childhood Friend)
  • Kristin/Chris (Commoner)

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Welcome to the WiP community @Sophia

There are references and tutorials linked in the following for CS scripting help:Master-List Links For Beginners by FairyGodFeather

I’ll be watching your project, it sounds like a fun read.



<<< RO polls >>>


  • Princess Sophia (Wife)
  • Melissa (Childhood friend)
  • Kris/Kridus (Peasant)
  • Clithus (Lucrasian Knight)
  • Duke Jaden (Darvasian Duke)
  • Team Heretic (Prefer 2 or more ROs)

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Sound like an interesting read, I was looking for something new and I like the summary.

Is it ok if we make questions about the plot, the characters or the gameplay? or would you prefer for us to wait until the project is more developed?


Pretty neat.

Peace by marriage. I guess the situation between both kingdom are pretty fucked up to the point the solution that can be think of by both royal families is through marriage. Marrying your enemy. :laughing:

In Indonesia, we have a saying “foe under the blanket.”


:heart: RO POLL :heart:

Female Path

  • Prince Reinhardt(Husband)
  • Prince Marxus(Brother-in-law)
  • Prince Vincel(Cousin)
  • Clithus(Bodyguard)
  • Kris/Kridus(Peasant)
  • Team Heretic (Prefer 2 or more ROs)

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*gasp :scream_cat:
Ok. I shouldn’t marry the princess of Lucraex. There’s nothing worse than being stabbed while sleeping on a fluffy first-night bed.

But since the story is based on your already-completed comic, how do you wish to implement choices and story branching?


Ok, so what does this game focus on?
Is about the strategy of managing the relationship between the two kingdoms, is it more like a character starting an adventure or a quest, something in between?

Also I would like to ask about the stats, particularly the morality:
Does this mean that we can play as an evil overlord or a kind king if we want to?

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That’s where the complications will begin. I still don"t have an idea how to approach this story. I would like the ending in my comic to be similar with the story here, but that would simply destroy the freedom of choices.

All of what you said. This story will include romance, fantasy, politics and strategy. I started writing a few hours ago and a lot of features are still missing. Don’t worry. :slight_smile: I will be very active in updates.[quote=“MockTurtle, post:8, topic:27494”]
Also I would like to ask about the stats, particularly the morality:
Does this mean that we can play as an evil overlord or a kind king if we want to?

YES! :smiley: This is the beauty of ChoiceOfGames. All your choices will have a consequence, including how you can manage the kingdom. To be the king is your choice. You are the SECOND prince. Your half-brother is still the crown prince, unfortunately.


hmm. In that case, you’ll have to plan the plot first before getting too far, IMO. :confused:
Decide how many paths can be taken by the player. Good path, Bad path and Neutral path are the basic concept of branching your story.

And then plan and pick which parts of your story that can be used as the “branching point” so you don’t have to write a whole independent plot for a single playthrough.

Finally, the best way to learn how to Choice of Games is through example. Read several CoG/HG titles, take note of how it ends for your playthrough, and imagine what other kind of ending does the story can be.

That being said, good luck with your writing! :hand_splayed:
Oh, and don’t force-write everything in a day. Let your inner-subconsciousness lay out all the plot to you.


It could be inner consciousness or sub consciousness what’s inner subconsciousness

Back to topic

Two Kingdoms who are at the state of war with each other how can they propose a marriage between them and you said treaty lasted 5 years and wife killed husband on wedding night now that was a pretty long wedding night like 5 year long (:laughing:)


I really lack explanation in the current version. :disappointed_relieved: The first marriage ended up as a murder. The next marriage is also a failure( can’t state the reason why). The third marriage is the one that lasted for 5 years.

Looking at my future wife

Okay now I’m a little scared … just a little


Okay so happy married life in advance

And if there isn’t any major (like MAJOR major ) differences b/w you then there isn’t anything to be scared of

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Clear nothing like waking up every day next to a psychopath … that’s true love:wink:[quote=“DUNGEON_MASTER, post:14, topic:27494”]
And hey jesus I thought you died.
Oh talking from heavens .
Can you make it rain it’s pretty hot here :smile:
I’m sorry, dungeon I can not do it… I need to save energy for something else.:innocent:

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Well if @Sophia does not bother I think we could continue

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