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Random question: Can we have a romantic relationship with Marxus…


Depending on whose playthrough, if memory serves right, you can’t do it in the prince playthrough, but you can do it in the princess playthrough.


You can’t as the prince, but like @Nightgazer said you can as the Princess, BUT you either have to kill Melissa and comfort him, or gave him love potion.


Sabby answered it. :sweat_smile:


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Marxus is our half-brother when you play the Second Prince MC. And due to the fact both he and Marxus share the same father, there’s a blood relation between them.


Understandable have a great day


Nu uh. I’m not writing a brotherly incest here. :x:

Also, it wouldn’t suit Marxus’ preference data.


Our of curiosity what is our Darling brothers personal preference is it at all like Melissa or any of the other ROs :smirk:


Considering how he pervs on Melissa when they met, I’d be surprised if Melissa isn’t his type.


This are Marxus preference :point_down:

I think i recall Pia @Sophia said that he eventually love Melissa when they married.

Wait when he like that? :thinking: at part when mc age is 15 years old?


The MC was still 14 at that point, almost 15.

Since Melissa seems younger than the MC from their introduction, when big bro is talking about Melissa being gorgeous, it’s a 20 year old man talking appreciatively on the sexual charms of a 14 year old girl.

Now perhaps in the game setting that’s considered appropriate, but to me, gross gross gross gross.

Edit: Okay, apparently Melissa is older than the MC, although I have to say she seems younger to me throughout the game so far.

Less creepy, but still gross in my opinion.


ah that, :thinking: well it is understandable.


It seemed to me that he was just teasing his brother then. I didn’t get a sense of perviness, I just thought he was trying to embarrass us in front of our lady friend. I can see where you’re coming from though.


You know, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask…what about Marxus side of the story? He’s a healthy 20 year old man at the point where he was forcefully wed to Melissa, surely he has someone he wants to marry with before, right?


Uh…no I dont think so, He was in war all the time and before that he was exiled in Duke Velas’ Kingdom for his safety and I dont think he’s charming enough to woo someone…correction anyone


Probably not.

He’s the golden child of the family, the crown prince.

Now maybe the king is enough of a jackass covered jackass with a creamy jackass filling that he’d pull this on his favored child, but I doubt it.

So I think our dear brother didn’t raise a single peep of protest. Just like he apparently couldn’t even bother with a single “I’m sorry for how things worked out, brother.”