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As I stated in a number of my posts before, everything I’m posting is a matter of personal opinion; it is simply how I process the matter at the moment from what has been revealed in the demo.

That said, I do understand that Melissa was given a really crappy hand to deal with. I said it before and I will say it again: Andus would’ve likely caused some form of harm to something (or, more accurately, SOMEONE) if Melissa had objected to the marriage and I have guessed that even if she was about to, her own father would’ve likely shot the attempt down quickly due to fearing for his only daughter’s life. She has every right to feel angry, miserable, and upset with her situation, especially at the moment where the Second Prince himself is now married to another woman (made even more of a salt to the wound when the Second Prince had returned her feelings in the past). Not much time has past since her marriage to his brother either, so I do expect her emotions to be very raw and at their strongest for the time being.

Where the main issue crops up though is the fact that @Sophia had hinted that Melissa could potentially end up harming the Second Prince’s new love. Not throw-water-at -person-due-to-not-liking-what-they’re-saying, actually HARM them, possibly even putting their life in danger. I can’t think of anything that can justify that potential future action in any way. That feels too much like she’s only considering her own hurt feelings without taking into account the Second Prince’s own feelings on the matter.

Imagine being able to move past the pain of a past love that you know is nearly impossible to be with anymore and meeting someone new who you come to care about just as deeply after enough time had past (despite the possible difficulties the start had in the bond with this new person). And now imagine that your past love had caused some form of harm to them and/or put their life in great danger due to not being able to be with you themselves. As Arlan, it’s not hard for me to picture his hurt and anger if he discovered Melissa did that to his lover. He loved Melissa enough to respect her choice and step back while also attempting to help his brother bridge a connection with her. So to have her attempting to harm his own potential second love would likely make him call her out and question how much she truly cared about their bond (both as friends and past loves), when she won’t even let him find his own happiness with someone who can ACTUALLY be a part of his life.


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What is your neighbor on your left sides great grandfathers middle names, or what color is a dragons favorite thing.


I know that! It’s gold-en yellow!


We don’t have a left side neighbor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno. Never met one. \(0_0)/ I’ll ask if I ever meet one.


What is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?


that’s a easy question. The answer is 42 :grin:


Strange I thought it was ice cream .:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Although it also could be a supposed thought-provoking phrase that was expected to be seen in this particular spoiler tag blur due to the immense length that the blur’s body. But no; it’s just me taking a page out of @Sophia’s book and choosing to simply write this long body of word out of amusement. And knowing the great curiosity of humanity, this was clicked on with great bemusement, the viewer possibly wondering, “Did @Okami-Nora really take the time to ACTUALLY type of possible theory to the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything as we know it”. And I’m just relaxing with some sweets after a long day of hitting my college books and thinking “Nope! I just wrote a completely pointlessly long blur that those who possess great curiosity clicked on with expectation of something that can be thought of with deeper thinking, only to get, well THIS” I will likely contemplate for a moment why I took the time to actually write something this needless when I, more often than not, prefer to bring up something of more substance to the WIP forums that involves the story. But you know what? We all desire a day where we can be a random as a banana peel laying on the ground during a blizzard in the middle of Spring; it helps to remind us that we should never take ourselves too seriously and laugh about any form of ridiculousness that overcomes our being. So everyone embrace your randomness!..within reason. We don’t want to bother the authors with too much silliness, considering that they put their stories up on the WIP boards of to get input on how to make the story flow better and how to get players to cross into the magic circle that makes them more invested in the story’s world, along with their role in the matter. And we as readers bring in our views due to our great love for a story’s world, characters, lore, and wanting to see these visions the author has come to life. But a little silliness rarely hurts anyone on occasions. . :nerd_face:

That thought aside, I forgot to comment on this:

So good news: since Clithus will state her intentions to court the Second Prince right to his face, it’ll be safe to say that there will likely be very little room for confusion on his part and he will have a good understanding about why Clithus might be offering him a batch of beautiful Lucrasian flowers at some point in the story after getting the OK from her mistress Sophia about the relationship.

Even better news: That probably won’t stop Arlan (and possibly some other Second Princes) from staring at Clithus for a few minutes, blinking slowly, and finally let out a very articulate “…Wait, what?” as the initial reaction to the moment she states her desires to court him. :rofl: In a good number of cultures back in the day (and even now), it’s the guy whose expected to initiate the courtship in many stories that involved nobles. So it might take a bit of getting used to for some Second Princes to find themselves being the one is courted instead (especially since it’s a new role he’d likely have very little experience). Though after the shock wears off, I imagine that Arlan will take in stride and still find way to get a blush out of the lady knight as she take the first steps in the courting (though the manner of how she courts has yet to be seen).


Wow that was deep…


since there is no good emoticons i will go with this one to express myself whenever i read andus and die together…

(by the way @Sophia can you add a changelog when you put a update, to see what path you have updated… or maybe use in the title

Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Female / Male Updated Oct. 8


I will cheer when Andus dies! Even more than when Littlefinger died!


HEY HEY! SPOILERS! :open_mouth:

(Now I need 20 characters)


Things I’m found


There no choice to be aromantic? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This one kinda odd to me that there both has and is :confused: maybe use this

My father is still looking for suitable suitor for me.

Or this

My father has still looking for suitable suitor for me.

I unsure is using both has and is are correct or not though :sweat_smile:

I think it’s better to replace This with Her, this is just suggestion.


I think this one should be:

*set wedding_stand "Eddmon"
*goto look_dukes


Hmm…that’s weird, this flower here…
points at a nearby rose
Says that it’s withering due to the lack of blood in the ground, was there a lack of bloodshed recently on this forum or something?

On to a more serious note, regarding the ‘everyone can die’ thing, is it possible for a character to die because of another character or as a repercussion of our action? Or do we have to kill them ourselves?


Sophia commits suicide if clithus dies and MC can’t cheer her up


Does that work the other way around though? Will Clithus kill herself if Sophia dies? More importantly, will she seeks revenge on the killer if she dies by…let’s say…our hands or Melissa’s knife? Because as sick as it may sound, I actually have a scenario where the four main ROs (Clithus, Kris, Melissa and Sophia) would potentially kill each other, obviously Clithus won’t kill Sophia, normally anyway, but I have a chain murder scenario that ends with all four of them dead, without the MC directly involved.

Oops, looks like that flower just tried to control my mind…


It whispers things from beyond the void the chain reaction must happen the spice must, I-I mean the blood must flow


I don’t think Clithus would be that emotional to die if her Bff dies she’d instead hunt the person or find the reason of why she died…and there is a theory about Mel trying to kill Sophia and I, for one, won’t be surprised if she does so…


That’s perfect! I can now make Clithus kill Melissa, but that still leave how to make her kill herself…I know! How about we make her suffer auditory hallucination of Sophia hating her for failing to save her, and that deep down Sophia always hated her for whatever reason that would make sense and drive her deeper into despair? Would that work?

What’s this vine doing on my head?

I, for one, am very disappointed happy were that to happen. It’s not like I’m angry that my harem candidates are trying to kill each other or anything.


So, there’s been a while since the last time I checked your wip but I can already tell that you’ve been improving your writing. Your wip is like an statue whose details are getting more polished every time, it seems to be going in a good direction.