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20 your so dead characters



What’s this 20 characters about?


Yes she does. Immensely. :joy:


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Yeah, once I made that post, I ended up thinking about again and thinking to myself “Who am I kidding? This is Melissa we’re talking about; the girl who I’ve said on a number of posts harbors a selfish, unhealthy love”.

I’m not saying that Selfishness itself is a bad thing to have (as I’ve always brought up with my thoughts on vice and virtues). But considering what Melissa is being selfish about and her past actions, all I can really do is shake my head at this point. As I said before, I doubt that Andus would’ve reacted well to her rejecting a marriage with Marxus and she had every right to choose her duty over her love (something her father hinted at early on). But that’s where the major issue comes in: she CHOSE to not to put up even the slightest bit of objection to the marriage with Marxus (even when the Second Prince returned her feelings) and then CHOSE to avoid the Second Prince after said marriage. Much like Andus, she’s sitting there feeling bad for herself due to unexpected misfortune in her life and isn’t intending on moving on from it with her own two feet. It sort of feels like she gave up her favorite toy simply because she was expected to play with a new one and is now throwing a tantrum about it because her toy isn’t hers anymore (even though she herself chose to give it up).

At the very least, it will be very interesting to see how she reacts to the Second Prince calling her out out on her mindset and how selfish it inherently is (even more interesting if Melissa is someone they still care about in some way).


Hey I’m a long long time lurker and don’t usually post anywhere, but I have to say I absolutely love your story. The characters felt real and it wasn’t a straight forward story. I’m not used to reading WiPs with this kind of emotion and can’t wait for updates and my chance to support any release. Good luck!



Let’s see, the king is a petty tyrant that threatens his own wife with execution for treason in this game.

If Melissa doesn’t marry the first prince, that is treason. If her father doesn’t force her to marry the first prince that is treason.

Yes, how horrible of her to not give the petty tyrant an excuse to do god knows what, up to execution, to her and her father.

Hey, maybe they could get lucky and he’d only imprison them, exile them, strip them them of their titles and wealth to leave them beggars on the street.

Or hey maybe she could have encouraged her father to defy the king and start a civil war, that would be sure to work out great, especially with the war still going on.

Or try to elope with the second prince, which would undoubtedly end with the prince being disinherited and her family being left to the King’s nonexistent mercies.

She was screwed the moment the king made his announcement, she just chose to not drag her family down with her.

As for throwing water on Sophia, that wasn’t classy, but I imagine seeing someone else get her fondest wish and treat it like shit stuck to the bottom of her shoe left her feeling peevish.


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It has been stated multiple times in the forum that melissa is a yandere by multiple people including @Sophia (I’m pretty sure she did at least) which is (possibly) why people believe melissa is so selfish because yanderes do not care about the person they are attracted to (their feelings i mean) and only want them for themselves.
Ps. Sorry if i seem pissy its been a bad day.
Pss. if you didnt know about her being a yandere then I’m sorry for being pissy.


No need to apologize, you didn’t offend me.

Just the claim that she she doesn’t love the second prince because she didn’t commit treason is a rather unfair scale.

As for her being yandere , well thanks the ambitions of the queen, she was basically raised to love the second prince, and then thanks to the King’s cruelty that was snatched from her, forced to marry a man she doesn’t love while the object of her desire will be just out of reach her entire life.

If she were planning on killing the king I for one wouldn’t blame her. She has every reason to be very angry.


I understand what you mean i dont agree but i understand


Yeah, I agree with you. Melissa could have either A) Chosen to reject the marriage and have her entire family punished terribly, or B) Accepted the marriage and save her family from the king’s wrath. In my opinion, Melissa made a selfless act by not speaking out against it. Option A is selfish and unreasonable since it’s obvious that the king has absolute authority over everyone. Also, about her avoiding the Second Prince after her marriage, it would be extremely painful for her to be evermore close with the one she loves without being able to show her true feelings. It’s better for her emotionally to avoid the Second Prince as much as possible. Also, I agree about the water scene and how I don’t really blame her for being upset with Sophia’s attitude (especially if you drink from Sophia’s glass during the dinner). Melissa is probably in one of the worst situations we see so far throughout the game, in my opinion.



more of what I found

Unnecessary space here.

Also I want to mention something, I choose to type my own hair color and I choose “black”, so what Aiden said about preferring his child to have Katarina hair color didn’t make sense to me since Katarina have black hair.
Not necessarily didn’t make sense now that I think about it, just that I think it’s worth some more dialogue if that the case :thinking:

If not having black hair and is important, you might want to make it not possible to have "black", "Black", "BLACK" hcolor

Unnecessary space.

This is suggestion:

Why not add choice “Remain silent”?

I think there should be *goto_scene fan_arts here.

I also have question,

Why there two baby_princess.txt here? :confused:


Thank you. :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t officially state that she’s a yandere.

H-how can I repay you for your diligence?


You could start by telling us a spoiler. :stuck_out_tongue: Just saying.



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is there a way to kill Andus later on? i really want to watch a brutal execution of that guy


As I have mentioned thousands of comments before, all characters may die, depending on your choices. So yes, Andus may die.


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No, I’m not mad or anything. :slight_smile: I totally get you. I too don’t scroll up and read all the comments. Feel free to ask me anything.