Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)



In female it’s Jane Doe rather than John Doe :stuck_out_tongue:


In your playthrough it’s show up as Jane Doe and not John Doe? :confused: going to check it


It’s showing John Doe but I was saying it should show Jane Doe…


Made it in a rush. :stuck_out_tongue:


So just did my first playthrough. Notes:

I am an emotional wreck

I am now questioning every love in my life

Never before have I wanted to punch a man in the face so much. I restarted just to click the option to punch him in the face again. Eventually my face will win against his fist

While I feel the age jumps can be a bit extreme and time frame of choices to brief, this game has done a extremely good job of getting me hooked. Looking forward to more self inflicted emotional abuse


That… sounds so wrong. In many ways.


So am I the only one noticed that the prologue is the only playable part in the demo? Is the author @Sophia rewriting the game or something? I really enjoy the story and am sad to see most of it missing.:cry:


I believe the female part only has a small prologue BECAUSE it was added recently but the male one has the prologue plus 2 chapters although there are some parts still written


May I ask why? :smirk: silently laughing

A Melissa fan, aren’t you?

Okay, you made me laugh in this part. :joy:

The female path was added recently, sorry to disappoint you. I originally planned to split each paths but I decided to write them both together. :slight_smile:


Why do I get a feeling that you’re enjoying this?

PS. I’m new here. Sup people.


Allow me to tell you a tale of my playthrough:

I started off as a charming yet skilled with blades kind-of-prince. Beloved by all, especially by the ladies. :wink: I captured the heart of the young Melissa by freezing a flower. She was an easy prey… But as a gentleman, I should accompany the women with my handsomeness.

My mother dearest. I could say that I was truly her son, since I inherited her deceitfulness. My mc truly admired Queen Victoria for her cunning mind and deceirtful plans. But. SHE FAILED! My mc was supposed to marry Melissa and have an ally for the throne! From then on, my mc held a grudge on her failure.

My father,or should I say, King Andus. I can’t even imagine my mc calling him “father.” Euhhhh… No. Not happening. :slight_smile: I’m killing him off in the story. He is a threat for me to become king, and that shall not happen.

Prince Marxus, my bro, is shown to be kind. But I have doubts of his true intentions.

Princess Sophia, my one and only wife, is perceptive. I’ll give her that. My only problem is how to eradicate her… Her loyal bodyguard is there, and she has high magic skill. Hello, author? Did you design her as the final boss?


Since you are new i will tell you a secret - she is known as madame chaos and feeds off from chaos and torment of others.

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Hey, stop telling lies. :smirk:

evil laugh


Fancy name. :sparkles:

She denies it.


oh really. just see your profile


It’s invisible. You can’t see it. :smirk:


Your forum profile says madame chaos. :joy:




You haven’t seen anything.


The 18k comments just shows me that things went messy. :100: Knowing Pia, she is most likely enjoys annoying people.