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And here I though the awards for terrifying post on Kingdoms went solely to @IronRaptor and @Harian. :sweat_smile:

If the questions I’m asking a far too spoiler-y in general, you don’t have to answer them at all; i just wanted to figure out the best way to bring up some of the thoughts i was having about the matter when in came to Kingdoms.

Though while Melissa is ‘totally into the MC’ and it does show on a number of occasions (though your past comment about her bond with the Second Prince does make me wonder about the nature of their bond, even when a Second Prince cared about her), she is in probably the trickiest situation compared to the other ROs: she is married to another man, (the man being the Second Prince’s own brother just to add to the complications). I like to think that she might be smart enough to realize that it is too dangerous at the beginning to be too open about her feelings, but still try to get the Second Prince to understand that her feelings toward him hasn’t changed in some subtle way.


I have morphed from terror to sensei, it seems. Maybe I should make @Sophia fear me again… :wink:


Just make really long posts of questions, observations, and opinions; you’ll regain you position of terror in no time.

I don’t even have the luxury of visiting the Choice of Games forum too often for too long, and yet doing long posts alone has apparently given me a terrifying reputation. :laughing:


You know whenever I see a post more than 10 lines long I just like it without reading to show the writer his remarks are appreciated :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Like when someone end ups in a discussion that a person is passionate about to the point that the main thing clear is that the person has put a lot of thought in their response. But they’re being far too detailed for the other person to fully process what is being said. So the other person kind of just nods along to show to that person that they understand how passionate they are about the discussion, but don’t really understand what the heck they’re trying to get at? :sweat_smile:


…which is hard for someone who acts based on their feelings. As you can see, Melissa is too emotional. First, she can’t maintain her jealousy as shown in the Water SCENE. She thinks she is a damsel in distress and hope someone would save her rather than saving herself.

You can also see the “Love Is Foolish” ideology of mine in Sophia’s parents. Kat eloped with Aiden, they get to be happy in a limited of time, and they died.


Will be updating later. :slight_smile:



you not joking (again) right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




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What that going to be added by the way?

  • Spar scene
  • Javier Talk scene
  • Sophia POV childhood scenes


She lies, she is never going go write that spar scene…

(Granted, if that was true, chapter 3 would be a bust.)


that many, so that why you feel tired :thinking: I wonder how many typos there


What? Hey! :joy: I can write a spar scene! Give me 10 years…


Damnit Sab… You are engulfed in badness…



  • Removed the morality stat. Replaced with mercy/bloodthirsty

  • Grammar errors fixed.

  • Added talk scene with Javier

  • Made some progress on the Spar Scene

  • Added Childhood scenes on the Female Path

Back to writing “This Blood of Mine…”


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