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I was talking about personality mainly. But if what the Kingdoms find physically attractive in a male is different from the list about eye color and hair, then I don’t mind hearing that too.


WaitWaitWaitWait you guys are saying that the attraction in different kingdoms is collective to a definite personality/appearance? Isn’t it a bit ‘unrealistic’? forgive me if I misinterpreted something…


I was asking more in general; not as a whole. i know that attraction is different for each person.


Ah…Okay :zipper_mouth_face: Carry on…


I do want to bring up that culture can have some type of influence for some people in some cases.


No. I’m only stating the generally preferred beauty of each kingdom. Think of it as two different countries that has their own preferences. In other words, I’m only saying in general. Each attraction is different for each person.


:thinking: You are correct there are some cases in which people are attracted to other people of their own ethnicity or religion or country(in this case Kingdom)…

You mean like…which type of personality/appearance is most preferable…?


That was what I had in mind when I asked @Sophia about what is attractive.

I’m personally curious if any our MCs would be considered generally attractive to one of the Kingdoms.


Speaking of which, what about those from the Northren Kingdom? What do they consider generally attractive in a male or female?


Forgive me, I only thought this now. :sweat_smile:


  • Charming. May also include sense of humor in this one.
  • Passion


  • Intelligence
  • Men who are quiet or think first.

Lemme see…

  • (Appearance) Generally, they prefer muscular build in both men and women. They are warriors. They think and act like one, including women. A white skin like the snow is preferred by most of them.
  • (Personality) Assertiveness is the key to winning a Northerner. They like when their partner takes lead.


In canon…

Rein = Not in Darvasian beauty. Although, he may attract some eyes in Lucraex. First, his eyes are darkish blue and his hair is auburn, on the darker shade.

Sophy = Why, yes. She is considered to be beautiful in the eyes of Lucraex, but not the ideal one. Her hair is pitch black, the ideal haircolor, which earns her some Lucrasian beauty points. Her skin, like snow, is preferred in the Northmen. And Lucraex have a preference to tan skin.



(20 gorgeous character)


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The comments did make me laugh for a few minutes; thank you for that, @Sophia and @Drakeye . :grin:

So…going by this alone, I’d have to say that in general (personality-wise), Arlan would probably be more attractive to someone from Lucraex than from someone in Darvis. He is charismatic and playful, but that is only really with people he knows and while passionate, it’s often a quiet passion (if that makes sense). He’s often more quiet and thoughtful even with his quick-wit and sharp, tactical mind. Though anyone who mistakes ‘quiet’ for ‘compliant’ will quickly learn the hard way how that is not even REMOTELY the case with the youngest prince.

Physically though, Arlan’s a natural beauty by Darvis standards and would likely turn quite a few heads in his own Kingdom.

Then…Arlan might have a attractive personality to those of the North. Not completely sure, but he definitely far from submissive at this point (funny thing being that Andus’ own actions caused Arlan to become more strong-willed and assertive even as Arlan retained his softer personality. Andus created his own headache :laughing:).

Physically, may be at least somewhat attractive to those of the Northern Kingdom due to his fair skin (not sure about his build though; Arlan’s got a athletic build and it shows, but he’s not overly-muscled like a warrior).

It’s too spoiler-y still to ask how the ROs themselves may act when interested in one of the MCs, right?


@Drakeye, @Sophia

Although if you guys REALLY wanted a longer post, I WAS contemplating bringing up some aspects of romance to @Sophia that could be considered when doing the romances with one of the ROs (particularly with Sophia and the Second Prince).

Which I will have to save for another day, (provided that @Sophia doesn’t mind me talking about it of course) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Entertain us with your oratory skills oh eloquent one.


Hoho… I’m training my sense of humor… :smirk:

I’ll add this…

  • Northmen also find a leader attractive. Someone who powerful and respected are desirable
  • Culturally, you’ll gain their respect if you have proven your strength.
  • Muscular build. The bigger the better.
  • Take “The Rock” as an example of ideal build.

Melissa = Already visible. She is already madly in love with you.
Sophia = Will act less cold, but her sarcastic remarks will remain.
Clithus = Will state that she will court you. :joy:
Kris = Be on your bed.
Duke Jaden = Will ask you directly if you like him.

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Princess Sophia without sarcasm that would unravel the fabric of space and time.

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Then Arlan would probably be more attractive to them due to his personality (he’s got a good deal of natural traits in regards to leadership and knows how and when to be assertive). He’s got muscles but there also a particular grace to his body due to the fact he’s not over-the-top muscular.

Kris’…made me laugh more than I should’ve. Gotta give them points for their very direct actions. :rofl:

Though I was more wonder about particular actions that the RO may do beyond those change in attitudes (like if Sophia being more receptive to receiving physical displays of affections from the MC like hugs or holding hands, Cilthus starts getting protective of the MC similar in a way like how she is with Sophia but with something that makes the action feel a bit different, Kris showing a surprisingly serious side when verbalizing their affections for MC, etc).

I doubt her sarcasm will be gone; just that she’ll try and be honest with the Second Prince while not trying to be insulting about it on purpose. :sweat_smile:


Before I start writing such a post, is it OK to ask about what you had in mind about romance in your story? I would like to have a better idea of how the MC may approach the matters of the heart with a RO and how the RO will behave in return (before the actual relationship and while they are in a relationship).


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