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Probably lurking in the shadows and just waiting for another reason to spread heresy and war. Huh? That’s just me you say? Ridiculous…every sane person longs to spread heresy and war.


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Right, that… I’m working on another project, so that’s why I haven’t updated the story yet. Aaaaaand CK2 keeps me occupied.


So yeah…I lost pretty much all my questions on the document I had them on, so this will only be a short post of Kingdoms comments.

Sorry in advance @Sophia; much of my remarks are to some of the older posts you and the others have put up (but in my defense, you guys typed a lot :laughing:).

Such a shame. It would’ve been awesome to at the very least have a Androcles and the Lion moment, where one beast that the Prince can interact with doesn’t necessarily become his personal pet (for understandable reasons), but ends up aiding him in some situations.

When the question about and the Kraken was brought, I was honestly picturing as the ship gets attacked by the Kraken, another Sea Beast equal in size come toward the ship itself. Everyone gets really tense, trying to prepare themselves to deal with TWO monsters now…only to see the new Sea Beast attack the Kraken instead of the ship. And only when the Prince see the creature up close, he ends up recognizing the Sea Creature to be one he aided in the past.

If I’m remembering the facts correctly, we actually know a lot more about the Earth’s moon than we know about the oceans on Earth itself.

Depends if they even like nicknames. Some people like being referred to by a nickname and others prefer only close friends to refer to them by their nickname.

Sometimes, the nickname isn’t even connected to the person’s name and more connected to person’s personality in some way. For example, my little brother actually tends to call me ‘Missile’ along with my actual nickname. :laughing:

So…Arlan is almost drop-dead gorgeous by Darvasian standards. :laughing: With his pale blonde hair rivaling the color of untainted snow and eyes as blue as a cloudless sky, you would think he’d be turning a lot more heads.

Will anyone ever comment on the features of the Second Prince or Half-blood Princess MC if they happen to have such features?

Even stories with cliches can be engaging. It’s all a matter of HOW the cliche gets handle that can cause it to be interesting or fall flat.

Not sure if I can (personally) even consider that a real love when the Half-Blood Princess MC needs to use a potion for him to like her more than Melissa or needs Melissa dead and she becomes Marxus’ ‘rebound love’. At the end of the day, it feels pretty safe to say that only Melissa has a honest claim to Marxus’ heart (as you also said yourself).

Pride is not actually a bad thing. Much like the other ‘vices’ and ‘virtues’, Pride can be a good thing…within moderation. Too much of anything is never a good thing (even in regards to ‘virtues’ like honor or selflessness).

Why give the Second Prince Javier as a mentor in hopes of training him as a strong warrior if he clearly has such little faith in the Second Prince anyway? Just to save face about the fact he pays even less attention to his youngest child than he does with his oldest? Then again, he probably wanted to make sure that he could use the Second Prince in SOME way, despite his resentment. :thinking:

That aside, Andus is quite the gambler, putting all his bets on sending the youngest son to do what he sees as nearly impossible task and hope that each time he fails, the Second Prince loses more and more influence. Unfortunately for him, I intend to make Arlan be the kind of person who was born with the devil’s luck in regards to seemingly impossible tasks (and having skills that Andus is not used to dealing with). And the higher the cost, the stronger the influence; Andus better start being a little more careful about where he’s placing his pieces. And keep his resentment in check; the Second Prince is (hopefully) not the only one who may experience moments where his influence can go weaker in the eyes of other due to his actions. :smirk:

On a funny note, considering that Clithus was raised in the manner of a male kinght…does that mean she might try to court the Second Prince as a Lucraex male would (once Sophia gives her approval to the relationship between her two possible friends)? Because I can’t think of anything more hilarious than the Second Prince being utterly baffled and trying to understand why Clithus is approaching him in a way that feels similar to how the noblemen court woman, while Kris is desperately holding back a laugh and Sophia seems equally as torn about laughing or groaning at the sight before her. :laughing:

On a less funny note…Sophia’s remark about thinking (possibly falsely) the Second Prince was a beast eyeing her with ulterior motives suddenly has even more context than before. I originally thought it was simply a matter of her being very sheltered and having little experience with the opposite sex (which I still believes she has little of), but it turned out that something even worse also played a role as to why she was quick to label the Second Prince as a beast. Now I’m even more content on having Arlan take it as slowly as possible with her and going at her pace; the last thing he would ever want to do is make her uncomfortable in any way (especially after hearing about that part of her past). Of course, I’m still uncertain about how Sophia would indicate to him that she was fine with hm taking another step in physical regards (especially since I think you mentioned that the Second Prince had to be the one to make the first move).

Also I think you mentioned that Rein’s relationship stat increases if the Half-Blood Princess was willing to consummate the marriage. Why is that exactly? Was it merely because of her being OK with doing their duty with him or was there some semblance of attraction toward the girl that made him pleased that she was willing to have him? Or is because of something else?


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And that is what I consider a short post by Kingdoms of Embers standards. :laughing:

Imagine how it would’ve looked if it had the questions I was originally going to bring up.


You sure are one heck of a poster. Always making me tremble with those huge posts of yours but i guess they are important to the authors so keep up the good work.

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Lacking a home computer (and lacking a laptop) means that, if I want to bring up certain things to someone in the Choice of Games forums (especially on a forum that usually would have posts coming in at what seem to be the speed of light), I need to get out as much as I possibly can (including if new things were added in while I was typing a response).

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They have my sympathy.


Villager: Heeeeeyaa sonny! Have ya seen the Prince’s hair? It was so SHINY!

(They’ll comment about the hair and the eyes, so yes.)

It doesn’t have to be real love. All that matter is the throne. :smirk:

Life is a gamble. :smirk:


As the matter of fact, yes. SHE will court you. :joy:

Rein canon doesn’t like to get involve into complicated problems, especially since his life is complicated enough. Simply like this…

Rein: Thank you for making my life easy.

P.S. Imagine how my brain feels.


As a reader, this pleases me greatly; I can’t wait to see how this situation gets handled. :joy:

Arlan himself (in a alternate playthrough where he’s simply close friends with Sophia) wouldn’t be all that against being courted by Clithus; in fact, he’d very much enjoy the moments where his potential lover takes charge (wonder if Sophia will have such moments herself?). I just imagine that the first few times Clithus does it, he’ll just be completely bewildered about what she’s doing and go to Sophia to get a better understanding about what is going on. :laughing:

Speaking of courting, do the two Kingdoms have some similar and some different approaches to how one courts a potential lover? Is there something personality-wise that people of the different kingdoms find attractive in a partner? If there is a different approach to courtship in Lucraex, would the Second Prince be able to learn about it and try to court Sophia in a similar manner to reflect his seriousness about his affections toward her?

So apparently I’m hurting brains and eyes. Should I try to keep any future posts a little more shorter? :sweat_smile:


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I haven’t created their “courting” culture. Still have to research more about courtly romance before I can make one. :raised_hand:

Yeszy! I have an answer to that question!

Ehem… Darvasians have a preference to family-oriented women or those who give off “warm” atmosphere or the happy people. For example; King Andus’ preference in women. Lucrasians prefer women who are sophisticated. A highly educated woman is absolutely astonishing to them because it shows their discipline and diligence.


This most customary in front of those you wish to court to wail like a banshee, spin in place 3 times, and then steal their left shoe and run of to the other side of the room cackling.


What about the male side of that question? What would usually be attractive about a male partner to a Lucrasian and a Darvasian?

Each culture has a different approach to the matter of courting, so I wish you luck on that. Considering that you already have an idea about what is attractive to the Kingdoms, you can probably work off that to make a process that seems to work with each culture.

Though even considering this, the ROs available to either of the MCs may have different ideas about what makes someone attractive to them and how they want to get across their feelings for the person.


Both the personality and the appearance?