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Dunno. :no_mouth: Why are you asking me?


Considering that the long war ended, yes. He is a good king.


Last I checked you were the authorrr of this…right?..


Wait, if the one who become king of Lucraex is Vince son, how Reinhardt also become the ruler of Lucraex?


It was the canon version. I only spoiled the canon.

Since the Lucraesians and Darvasians co-lived in the kingdom, it makes Rein the ruler of the lucrasians in his kingdom. Basically, the two kingdoms permitted the access of both Lucrasians and Darvasians in their kingdoms.


To answer your question, @AmericanShakespeare.

“I’m not a ruler, Rein,” Sophia said, admitting to her incompetence to lead others. “I don’t have the charisma nor the skills to lead my people.”


That usually doesn’t stop kings and queens from ruling anyway.


But Sophy doesn’t have the ambitions of ruling a kingdom. She only wants to live her life fully to compensate her years of being locked in the castle.


And yet she ends up married and potentially having the same fate, And possibly stuck as a future ruler anyway.
I love the delicious irony here, while at the same time acknowledging the depressing factor there too.


Wait what? Where can I eat that? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

whispers Everything you read in the story is based from my life, especially the character of “Sophia.” :slight_smile:


It’s a popular delecacy that you can order online and get it delivered.


You still haven’t said anything about eating it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Usually in front of the tv or at school.


Now that you explained it…


Explains what? :confused:


Leaving and becoming a wandering swordsman isn’t gonna be a path I can take is it? No? That’s fine.
Needs more poetry, don’t care for charisma but in love with poetry.

Great job, this was an amazing wip so far.

Edit: sorry for errors, it’s too early.


Congratulations! You have finished the completed 3% of the story. :smiley:

PS: Yeah, I’m definitely adding more poems in the future. And thanks for checking this thread! :slight_smile:


Fixed that for you. (One land under my benevolent rule…)


The hype… is over…

All that remains is a desolate wasteland


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Where did everybody go? I would think the option to play Sophia would make this thread even more full of discussion.