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What if Lord Hedrick provided the education?
Kat can homeschool her for awhile, but if hedrick picked up on who they really are, he could try to be a “good uncle” by offering to have the child tutored at his place and maybe with his own children.
This would provide her with a much better education and offer chances for her to meet and make friends with other people. She may even meet an Archmage passing through or a duke’s daughter (couClithusgh!!!).
The reason Hedrick would do this is because he wants to get favors with her and build a relationship so that he can later use her for his own purposes. He would also try to slowly install himself as the soul parental figure in her life by forcing hr to see less and less of her parents.
This would make the betrayal all the more traumatic/sweet as he will be forced to kill her parents when they discover his plot and try to take her back.


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What dude I was just doing this for mutual good…it won’t make sense if she felt soo lonely even though she had childhood friends who were alive


I’ve been reading a lot of suggestions about Sophia’s magical education. Mine is a bit unconventional. How about a moral conundrum?

At some point in Sophia’s life, a a group of soldiers arrive in search of a thief, a student of the magical academy who’s stolen a rare magical artifact.

Sophia is put in the position to either out him to the authorities, earning a reward and the good will of the mages academy. Alternatively she can help the thief, earning his gratitude as an accomplished mage and thief, possibly gaining a connection to a seedy magical underworld.



found one thing

but be careful not to break any vases

Also I have suggestion

considering relationship with queen victoria decrease if baby mc vomit, I think it’s make sense if this:
#Destroy her favorite vase. It was her family heirloom, which was passed down generation to generation.
#Scratched her ruby necklace. It was given to her by the King when they first got married.

Also decrease relationship with queen victoria, if player don’t want to decrease relationship with her, they can just choose #Mess up her bed. instead.


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Alright! Thanks! :smile:


What happened to this WIP it’s been quiet for 2 days now :fearful: how is the story coming along?



The quiet is not so bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

It gives more a chance for the posters to bring out more focused ideas that are connected to the story rather than simply having RO wars and meme posts on the Kingdoms forum.

That said, there hasn’t been another update, so there isn’t really anything new to discuss at the moment and I think everyone has asked all the most burning questions they had in their minds. I have a long list of questions I might end up bringing up here, but I’m probably going to save that for another day.


The Golden Age…

I’m still writing Sophia’s POV, but I haven’t had time working on it since my school demands my full concentration. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably update once I complete all Sophia’s village scenes.

And no one sleep and wake up seeing 100+ posts. :joy:

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100+ is a blessing compared to the 1000+ I always seemed to get whenever I managed to get access to a computer. :laughing:

It’s a LONG post, @Sophia. :sweat_smile: With my own college classes to deal with, I’m certainly not going to be able to post it today (and remember, I don’t have a personal computer of my own, so my ability to make a good number of posts daily is rather limited, especially if it’s long).

What’s the post about? Well, I’ll leave you in suspense in that regards…:wink:


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But I’m going to sleep, so I wouldn’t have time answering your questions. See ya 20 hrs later!


The golden age it is indeed :face_with_monocle: lol
Just take all the time you need. Idk if someone asked but how far are you planning on writing Sophia’s pov?

PS, I fe


What do you mean? How many chaps? If so, Sophia’s POV would have the same chaps as Rein. About 10 - 15 chaps with 14k words… probably…


I think @syd969 meant “how long will you focus on the female POV before you return to developing the male POV”


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Oh, ok… :sweat_smile:

Ehem… I’ll be focusing on the female POV until I finish the 1st chapter.


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