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Whelp the author solves all problems with magic



I’ll change it to 1 day…


What is the distance of their home and the academy?


About 300 miles, I think…


How fast are the gonna be walking?


They’re riding a carriage… Or I’ll just make the mage fly with a flying carpet…




Magic is a cheat. :smirk: :wink:


By cart or carriage is definitely longer than 1 hour. (I don’t care HOW you spell the thing up.)

Let’s pretend there are good roads between destinations you could assume the cart goes ~20 miles a day (mountains) to ~40 miles a day on flat land. If there are poor or no roads, it’ll be tougher traveling between locations so a sharp decrease in distance will be in effect.

So, at best, it would take a week’s travel between spots with the tech at the time. You could shave some time with magic but unless you have teleportation on a large scale, it’s a no-go.


Or she can just learn magic from Kat and save Money and time -_-


Let’s find a medium. If the mage stays in town for a week, perhaps Kat can meet this “teacher” who knows who exactly Kat is. Perhaps she will gain things that she could teach Sophia. However, if he is not walking the straight and narrow like @Sophia is implying, then he can carry the knowledge of Kat’s whereabouts away from there and it will eventually slip to someone.


Horse drawn carriages in the 1800s were capable of riding a distance somewhere in the range of 30-36 miles, depending on tourain, in a 10 hour period.


I’ve been thinking…

Should Sophia have friends in her village? A boy and girl, so that there will be a scene like this:

Who did ya have a crush on?


Why not? Make sense that she have friend back in her village, but you probably have to make them appear back at least once.

Besides what that scene for?


Ages 5-7. :slight_smile:


Yes but…you should kill them or make them die for the “trauma” part of her character …:dizzy_face:


You are giving me ideas, my dear legion… :smirk:


You should have her friends crushing on each other, and have Sophia arrange romantic meeting(s). If Sophia sends them to sepperate locations whichever one she doesn’t meet dies. If she sends them to the same location they fall in love and become to absorbed in each other to have time for her, causing her friendship with them to break.


Okay… You just revealed a scene in my other story… :neutral_face:


Yes! Great minds do think alike! :smirk: :triumph: :wink: